What Is A Story of Hope?

Photo Credit: Suzanne Gordan
Written By: Darrell Vesterfelt

Not everyone has the power to live a good story.

It sounds unfair and the truth is, it is. Some people are blocked from living a good story because they are suffering under injustice, racism, slavery, injustice or abuse. Their good story has been stolen from them.
They need hope.

It occurred to us as we were brainstorming about people who are living good stories that we can’t forget about those who aren’t able to, for one reason or another. It occurred to us that many of those we  know who are living good stories, are doing so because they’re giving others the freedom to live theirs.

Those who are fighting for justice aren’t just living a good story themselves, they’re helping others live good stories too. They’re offering hope to suffering individuals. They’re using the resources they have to make sure everyone has the freedom to live the story they were made to live.
Do you know stories of people who are fighting injustice? Stories of people who are bringing hope to unfair circumstances?

We want to hear those stories.

A story of hope is any individual or organization who is helping other individuals or groups of people live good stories. You make know one of these individuals. You may work with or for one of these organizations. We want to hear your stories.
What has your experience been with this story of hope? Why do you support what they are doing?

Finally, most importantly, how can we join you?

Will you write your story for us?

  • http://www.OurStoriesGodsGlory.blogspot.com Elise Daly Parker

    Really appreciate this magazine…and this thought–not
    everyone does have the power to live a good story. True and so important to
    remember. I am so aligned with your passion. Our stories have the power to
    change us the teller and those the hearer/listener as we hold them up to the
    light of God looking at them through the lens of God. To Him be the glory!

    • http://prodigalmagazine.com/ Darrell Vesterfelt

      I am so glad that we have people like you around this magazine!!