Travel Stories

There’s something about traveling, don’t you think? It has this way of changing you. Maybe it’s that it takes you out of your comfort zone, or that everything you see and experience is new and exciting. But it seems that no matter where you go, and no matter how long you’re gone, it’s difficult to go on a trip and not come home different than you were before you left.

Today we have asked some of our blogging friends to share their favorite travel stories, and talk about why it matter. They’re talking about where they went, how long they were gone, what happened to them while they traveled, and what they learned while they were away. We hope you’ll check out the links below, that you’ll find time to read them, and that they’ll resonate with you.

Do you have a travel story you want to share? We want to hear from you! Submit your travel story below and we’ll select our four favorite submissions to be featured on Prodigal the rest of this week.


Allison Vesterfelt, It’s Not Glamorous

@allyvest: Wife to @dvest, writer and editor-in-chief of @Prodigal. I believe that there’s more to life than meets the eye and I’m not afraid to prove it.

Ben Reed, Washington DC Changed My Life

@benreed: Christ follower, husband, father, writer, pastor of small groups @GcomChurch. Communications director for the Small Group Network.

Bethany Suckrow, Missing Trains

@writesnrights: Writer, artist, blogger. Author : Staff writer for @Prodigal. Wife of @MatthewJasonBnd.

Christy McFerren, The Summer I Learned About Revolution

@christymcferren: Founder of Thoughtful Revolution. Storyteller & Digital Director @Prodigal. Passionate about inviting people to ask the questions Truth came to answer.

Cory Copeland, New Mexico Made Me New

@cory_copeland: Writer, creator (@StepBroLove, @tmfspouse), once described as the Carrie Bradshaw of bloggers. I always forget the napkins.

Ed Cyzewski, What Could Be Worse Than a Car Bomb?

@EdCyzewski: Author of a Path to Publishing and Coffeehouse Theology. My imperfect thoughts on following Jesus are at

Krisi Johnson, What Am I Doing Here?

@krisirj: Krisi is a twenty-something writer for Prodigal Magazine from Texas, spending the summer in Portland.

Ruthie Dean, Moving Abroad, Chicken Feet, Lifelong Friendships

@Ruthie_Dean: Publicity @ThomasNelson. Writer. Wife to @MichaelDean10. Runner. Redeemed Daughter. Mandarin Speaker.

Sarah Bessey, In Which You Are Not Forgotten

@sarahbessey: Wife. Mum of 3 tinies. Happy clappy Jesus lover. Advocate for @MercyCanada. Writer. Simple living/social justice wannabe.

Sarah Markley, Travel Stories: Joy

@sarahmarkley: Blogger, Freelance Writer and Speaker. Contact me at

Shawn Smucker, The Question I Couldn’t Answer

@shawnsmucker: Author of the new E-book, Building a Life Out of Words. Husband to @mailesmucker. Father of four. Lover of ice cream.

Tyler Braun, Beauty in the Brokenness

@tylerbraun: Writer-Musician-Seminarian-Church-PDX-Runner-20something-INTJ


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