Top Stories of 2012

Last week you voted and we heard you. Thank you all for chiming in! We’re so excited to share with you your (and our) favorite stories of 2012. Hopefully it will give you some good, reflective reading in the next few days before the new year.

Top 12 Stories of 2012

1. Going To Hell with Ted Haggard by Michael Cheshire

2. Honesty, Lust and My Responsibility by Emily Maynard

3. I Don’t Wait Anymore by Grace for the Road

4. Reflecting on the Two Different Spirits Guiding the Christian Church by Donald Miller

5. Invisible by Max Dubinsky

6. On Homosexuality: It’s OK to Fight by Christy McFerren

7. An Open Letter and Bricks: Final Thoughts On An Open Letter by Heather King

8. Silently Single by Annie Downs

9. A Love Letter to My Body by Megan Gahan

10. We Almost Didn’t Get Married by Allison Vesterfelt

11. Love In a Taco Shop by Emily Maynard

12. More Than You Can Handle by Addie Zierman


Honorable Mention:

Church Stories: A Plea to Engage in Racial Reconciliation by Grace Biskie

Uncovering: I was Abused as a Little Girl by Allison Vesterfelt

How To Not Miss Your Real Life Calling by Ann Voskamp

There Is Holy Work in Compassion by Sarah Bessey

What It Means to Love Unconditionally by Jeremy Statton

Today was supposed to be the day of my wedding by Katelyn Beaty

Mopping Haiti by Jen Hatmaker

On Getting Tested for HIV by Alece Ronzino

The Worst Part of A Redemption Story by Ed Cyzewski


What did we miss? What were your favorites of 2012?

  • Megan Gahan

    Wow! Thanks so much for including my piece. I feel very humbled to be in such company.