She Yelled And Called Me Names


Pulling my car into the drive-thru line at Starbucks, I wondered why it was a dozen people deep. It wasn’t raining, yet it seemed everyone was driving through today. I was transporting three dogs to the groomer, and there was no way I could leave two wild Shih-tzus and one crazy Bichon alone while I went inside for my daily dose.

Millie, the Bichon, sat on my lap licking the window.

As I peeled her away from the glass, I saw the woman.

She sat across the parking lot, leaving just enough room for a thoroughfare, as she too was waiting in the Starbucks line. I smiled, and gestured to her. It went something like this: “Are you next, or am I?” Really, I was fine either way.

She was not.

Thinking I was trying to snag her spot of next up, she gunned her Suburban, rolled down the window, and let out a string of expletives that made me blush. Millie barked back a retort.

“Go ahead, please,” I said. “I wasn’t sure who was first.” I pulled Millie back onto my lap, so she could see I had been dog-distracted and truly didn’t know who was next.

She didn’t buy it. She continued with the name calling without taking a breath. I won’t write them down here, but the main mantra shared initials with the number one social networking site.

Then something really strange happened.

Instead of getting mad or yelling back at her, a sense of empathy invaded me. I looked at her again, and this time I saw someone different, someone who wrenched my heart. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her hair was pulled back in a natty ponytail. She held her phone in her palm, glancing down at it every few seconds. And she was driving that big ole’ gas hog of a Suburban, my own car of choice when I had three kids at home and a carpool.

Dear God. I was looking at myself ten years ago. Same car, same ponytail. Same frustration.

We’ve all been there. Dog vomits on the sofa. Both kids have strep throat. The garbage disposal chooses today to break, when you are trying to disintegrate moldy fridge leftovers.  Husband is mad because you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning and he’s going on a business trip. Sound familiar?

And by the way, was that him she had been talking to or texting?

She gunned forward, just to show me that she could.

I left her a wide berth, smiled at her splotchy face. She shot me a sideways scowl, mouthed the mantra again.

Pulling up to the loudspeaker behind her, I said “I want to pay for whatever the woman in front of me has ordered. And please tell her I hope she has a better day.” I meant every word.

The woman idled in front of me for a good four minutes, talking to the barista who had leaned out the window. She shook her head and handed over a bill. She drove around the side of the building slowly, this time no gunning. Hmmm.

“No takers, huh?” I said to the barista as I pulled forward.

“Nope. She said she couldn’t believe you wanted to pay for her drink after all the names she called you. She said she couldn’t allow it, and said to tell you she was sorry. She felt really bad.”

“Did you tell her I hoped she had a better day?”

“Yep. She said thanks— that she already was.”

“Good to hear.” I smiled and handed her a dollar to put in the tip jar.

As I drove away, I began to cry. Not because I had been called so many terrible names, but because God had answered my very recent prayer—which was that He would allow me to see people as He sees them, not as I see them.

That I might be able to see the hurting inside, instead of just the hurtful outside. And maybe a few tears were of gratitude and amazement that He always shows up with an answer when I sincerely ask.

Have you ever had an experience that made you see someone in a new way?

Photo Credit: shinji_w , Creative Commons

  • Scotty

    I love this post, but I also saw in it a very sad illustration of how our shame can keep us from fully experiencing grace. The woman couldn’t accept your gift because she didn’t believe it, because she wasn’t worth of it. I relate to that.

    • Grace

      Terribly sad, I agree. Just like so many people don’t believe God’s gift of salvation is free. Instead they want earn it on their own. They are good enough and don’t need Him. But they are so wrong.

      • Tykian

        You are actually the one who is wrong. The story made me smile but it’s sad that once again logical, happy human beings are attributing goodness in this world to your fake god.

        When they should really be finding that unity and harmony within each other. Religion is just another device, an evil device, and it’s purpose is too separate us.

        You, too, are now the one who is lost. It is not that I do not need “Him”. It is that even if he does exist, he created me to some day walk on my own strength. I am doing that now, while you, years and years older, can at best hope to break your neck when you fall from the nest.

        • Jo

          So sorry…..praying for you today.

          • Killashandra

            You dont need to pray for him, he’s fine. :) He moves on his own strength, and that is admirable. Maybe your God made him that way, did you ever think of that?

        • Bro.

          Some people are just so sad and angry with their lives, they can’t understand how just knowing the grace of God by faith can let you see through the veil of doubt. I truly pray that you may someday see the light and not the fire.

          • Kelley Howard

            I used to be one of those people, but GOD saved me from my past, my pain. Something my family members did not do. I am glad for what I have been hearing him say to me, that MY past does not define my future!

            • Majora Luna

              god didn’t save you, you just sucked it up and made things better for yourself and are too much of a spineless coward to give credit where credit is due: yourself. Your own inner strength.

              • Kelley Howard

                Wow…. I am far from a spineless coward. I used to be one, until I found GOD! say whatever you want. All I can say and do is pray for you.

                • Majora Luna

                  A wise man once said, “A single pair of hands doing work does more good than a million clasped in prayer”.

                  Actually there’s more than just praying that you could do. Which is literally ANYTHING. Prayer? So, what, you’re asking the creator of the universe to do something for you? Sounds kind of like witchcraft.

                  The best part though is that apparently you think god has committed some kind of error so now you’re telling him how to fix it. Yeah, good luck with that. It becomes even more silly if you believe in “god has a plan”, because if your prayer is not in god’s plan, it is futile. If it IS in his “plan” then it is redundant, so prayer is pointless no matter what.

                  Lastly though, without humoring your fantasy, prayer is basically “I want something to change without any effort whatsoever on my part but if people know I’m praying they won’t think I’m a lazy coward”. I bring up that last part because that is ALL you wanted to accomplish by broadcasting that you are praying. Instead of just like, silently doing it.

                  Whether you broadcast it or not, nothing will change. But if you HAVE forgotten to take your schizophrenia medication and sincerely believe your prayer will do anything, then please, direct your magic thinking powers towards helping the hundreds of people who are alive now but will be dead in an hour because of war or famine that your god seems to care so much about

                  Have fun in your little fantasy world. the rest of us know what accountability is. So yes, you are smack dab in the middle of what being a spineless coward is. You hide behind fantasy to avoid responsibility. You are sad.

                  • Blessed1

                    Majora Luna….You are a true Douche Bag.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Judge not lest ye be judged.

                      Love thy neighbor (and enemy)

                      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

                      Oh wait but you’re the kind of christian who forgets what jesus was all about the instant anyone challenges your flimsy beliefs right? Yeah, stellar integrity there. If there is a god, it would see right through the two-faced hypocrisy the vast majority of christians are guilty of and cart your asses into the depths of hell lickety-split.

                      Why am I a “true douche” though? Because I don’t act like ideas are immune to scrutiny? That is all christianity and religion are: systems of ideas that have not aged even remotely well. Just because they’re important to people doesn’t mean anything.

                      If ideas are rooted in logic and not “because it makes me feel better”, that would be a different story.

                      Faith is the coping tool of those too weak to handle the nature of reality. That is all. Believing in something JUST BECAUSE it makes you feel better. What kind of modus operandi is that? Rhetorical question, because the answer is simple: the coward’s modus operandi.

                    • Ibelieve

                      Satan quotes scripture as well as Jesus Christ himself, so spewing scripture with a heart like yours is from Satan himself. That is also in the Bible. We are all praying for you with hands clasped and on bended knee. The first sign of weakness is denial.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Please seek the psychiatric help you so desperately need. You are speaking incoherent gibberish.

                    • k2

                      I feel sad for you.

                    • Kamerie

                      Aren’t you, too?

                    • JJ Helna

                      Majora Luna believes in Majora Luna. How shallow and egotistical.

                    • Majora Luna

                      coming from someone who believes they are best buddies with the alleged creator of the universe, you sure have some nerve calling other people shallow and egotistical.

                    • delahaya

                      Really, that is kind of what everyone is thinking about you Majora.

                    • Kate

                      First, this comment has nothing to do with religious beliefs. My concern is that we are labeling and suggesting that someone sees a psychiatrist. This is so much stigma placed on those with mental illnesses and mental illnesses are not something to joke about. I think that it is disrespectful to those who do suffer from a mental illness to suggest it because of their religious beliefs that are shared on a post

                    • Kate

                      Correction, there instead of this.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Well duh!

                      When one person has a delusion, it is called mental illness.

                      When millions have the same delusion, it is called religion.

                      Your post basically reeks of the political correctness plague. Religion is nothing but socially accepted delusion. There is even some slight momentum in the scientific community (specifically, the mental health sector) to have religiousness classified as a mental illness. You know, those people who REALLY 100% sincerely genuinely believe that thousands of years ago some jewish guy who is also his own father came back to life to cleanse from their soul an evil force that is present ever since a rib-woman took dietary advice from a talking snake.

                      AKA the whackjobs.

                    • Christina_UP

                      Faith is a personal belief system. if what we believe could be proved, then faith would serve no useful purpose. As an example, many evolutionists believe that we started as a single cell arriving on earth out of some primordial goo. At some point, that creature determined that it needed a nose, an eye, and one finger. And over the course of 10 trillion years (one year for each dollar of new Obama debt), the rest of the organs and appendages were added for balance. Yet these folks are convinced believers without any evidence whatsoever. Seems to me it takes a lot more faith to believe the latter !

                    • Majora Luna

                      Why do religious/retarded people insist on reducing complex concepts to mindlessly simply phrases? Abiogenesis has nothing to do with natural selection. Maybe if you spent less time mumbling to the sky like a schizophrenic and picked up a book besides the bible you’d have at least a rudimentary understanding of biology and evolution.

                      As for the obama bit, if you genuinely think mitt romney would’ve fixed the debt overnight you’re even more stupid than I can fathom. Every republican president before obama did nothing but expand government and tack on to the debt since reagan, including reagan, while every democrat president has done the complete opposite.

                      You’re entitled to your opinions but you’re not entitled to being stupid.

                    • Guest

                      Psychiatrists and psychologists have all signed a document similar in intent to the Hippocratic Oath which physical health professionals take. It prohibits them from tampering with any person’s belief system, so sending us all to “…seek the psychiatric help [we] so desperately need …” might have no effect whatsoever, indeed, you have made people think through what they believe and have strengthened their arguments against yours.I would challenge you to understand that at one time, you also believed in God, but as you grew up, you turned away from Him, as all the children of Adam have. Scripture tells us that Christ “…was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world” (John 1:9). At some point in your early childhood, you turned from that light to do your own thing. You have been looking for a way to escape the punishment you have earned by unrepentantly turning from God. I would suggest that You are the one in denial, not us.

                    • Jerry Wescott

                      Psychiatrists and psychologists have all signed a document similar in
                      intent to the Hippocratic Oath which physical health professionals take.
                      It prohibits them from tampering with any person’s belief system, so
                      sending us all to “…seek the psychiatric help [we] so desperately need
                      …” might have no effect whatsoever, indeed, you have made people
                      think through what they believe and have strengthened their arguments
                      against yours.I would challenge you to understand that at one time, you
                      also believed in God, but as you grew up, you turned away from Him, as
                      all the children of Adam have. Scripture tells us that Christ “…was
                      the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world”
                      (John 1:9). At some point in your early childhood, you turned from that
                      light to do your own thing. You have been looking for a way to escape
                      the punishment you have earned by unrepentantly turning from God. I
                      would suggest that You are the one in denial, and not us.

                    • Majora Luna

                      If holding a belief dearly is all it takes to shield it from scrutiny then I’d like to introduce you to the various inhabitants of mental asylums. You’re quoting the bible at me as if it carried any significance. I could pick an arbitrary book to quote at you and you’d shrug it off exactly as I am right now. Taking an archaic collection of fables of dubious origins as some kind of code book to live by is about as insane as fashioning wings out of cardboard and jumping off a skyscraper.

                      It never ceases to both amaze and sadden me when people act as if the 100 billion neurons packed into their skulls serve only as decoration. “Hey! This arbitrary set of mythology is the true religion! Even though there’s no difference between it and all the others that say they’re the one true religion!”

                      I mean imagine if people started a cult over like harry potter? You’d think it’s crazy right? Because in a practical sense that’s all it is.

                      In short, I reject your supernatural claims on the basis of a lack of compelling evidence that cannot be attributed to the flaws of history, the flaws of human psychology, the inconsistencies and contradictions present within itself even ignoring the fields of astronomy, biology, and chemistry.

                    • Katie is a Christian

                      I think you make a really good point. Prayer is just words if we aren’t willing to DO anything. There is wisdom in your post, but the question begs to be asked, why are you visiting a Christian site and using the comment section to insult its readers (who are obviously Christian)? For someone who is screaming out for harmony and peace, you sure are abrasive. Who cares how they go about living in a civilized world if they are willing to be civilized?

                    • Majora Luna

                      Hey, if christians (no, I’m not accusing anyone here of the following.) insist that creationism be taught in science classes, then churches and christian websites are fair game for atheists/secular folk.

                    • Kamerierose

                      “Einstein was then asked if he accepted the historical existence of Jesus, to which he replied, “Unquestionably! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.” Wikipedia

                    • Majora Luna

                      And this is relevant, because? Hitler was exceedingly christian and the leader of a country. does that mean you’re gonna agree with him?

                      I swear, you christians have absolutely zero concept of what “think for yourself” is.

                    • Kamerie

                      Of course, this man of science who scientist say used more area of his brain than any other man, unquestionably accepts the existence of Jesus. How do you know we are not thinking for ourselves?

                    • Majora Luna

                      Because you’re basically grasping at straws in order to validate your nonsense.

                      Here’s a tip, take notes. Any idea that is worth believing, can stand on its own merits and does not need celebrity endorsements. I could sit here and quote the founding fathers and their disdain for christianity at you. Which would only have a point if you’re american, but regardless, JUST BECAUSE the founding fathers said it doesn’t mean anything. WHAT they said would be the key here.

                      Christianity? the belief that humans are SOMEHOW vile, evil, dirty creatures inherently (that is, just by existing is the criteria) because the ALL-LOVING god loves everyone unconditionally (as long as some conditions are satisfied, can you spot the irony?) and created a special place of suffering JUST IN CASE his creations don’t love him back? That tooooootally makes all the sense in the world!

                      Take your pick: your god is either


                      Because FOR SOME REASON, the ALL-POWERFUL CREATOR finds it a little hard to defeat the devil, but have him appear on toast or his rape victim appear on a tortilla and HOLY SHIT GOD’S POWER!

                      None of christianity makes any sense. And it’s all a clusterf*** of re-branded paganism.

                      A far more worthy doctrine to adopt would be something along the lines of “We are human. We are flawed in many ways, but that does not mean we should not strive to be the best. We create our own destinies. That is our purpose. We must strive to always lessen the suffering of others where we can, and know more tomorrow than we do today. Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood. Be skeptical of everything, question everything.”

                      You know, something that MAKES SENSE and is an attempt at a guideline to better humanity. not “Yeah listen to the guy wearing a funny hat who speaks to the magical man in the sky that has a list of all these archaic and outdated rules because if you do he will reward you AFTER YOU DIE and even though there is zero proof you should totally believe in it anyways otherwise he will punish you AFTER YOU DIE and why risk it?”

                      Any idea that can be destroyed by the truth (facts/logic and so forth) deserves to be. Did “jesus” exist? Hey, I’m sure there were a lot of guys named yeshua in the middle east circa 2000 years ago. Was there a guy named “jesus” who went around raising people from the dead, turning water into wine, walking on water, and yelling at plants that were out of season (the fig tree comes to mind)? Well, yes and no. Anyone can yell at a fig tree. The rest is just plain insanity.

                    • kamerierose

                      Aren’t we humans capable of evil? That is what God is saying. Because we have the free will to do anything, we have the capacity to do evil. What you understand about God is incomplete. This is the problem with the bulk of Christian thoughts. Most of the bible is ill-explained. That is why you cannot reconcile what you say is the irony. it is ironic. have you ever really seeked to know the truth? You have an impressive grasp of Christianity. It tells me you probably were brought up in a Christian family. Or maybe not.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Nah, not particularly. I was sent to catechism (catholic parents but like most other christians, in label only and not in practice) and whatnot but I mostly spent my time goofing off and being bored.

                      but again: your god’s existence would mean he is either evil or incompetent.

                      Is your god “all-powerful”? then why not simply create a universe in which free will exists, but not evil? forget your own logic and reasoning for a moment and remember that you worship an entity who, by all accounts, is fully capable of rewriting the laws of existence which “logically” (in the context of supernatural gibberish) means god COULD create a universe where 2 + 2 = potato and it would make sense. That is the problem. He “could” do all these things, but instead he conveniently chose not to and instead follow this archaic, backwards system that could only be conceived by ignorant, fallible men.

                      Why is this concept so difficult to grasp? No one “believes” in god. They simply believe in what they have been TOLD by people wearing funny hats or who have been dead for centuries. It’s all second-hand.

                    • Kamerierose

                      Unless, they have experienced God and His love.
                      I was born Catholic, went to Catholic schools from elementary to college. I didn’t find the truth there. i dropped out of Catholicism. I read Greek Hellenistic books and believed in some of what they were saying. But I didn’t experience my wholeness in it, either.
                      And, because as you said, life sucks, I had my share of life. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was helpful. I’ve learned. But, I couldn’t have learned the way that I did, had I not experienced the love of God all those years. I didn’t get the experience from my religion nor from knowledge. i got it from my heartfelt, humble calling out to God for answers.
                      God is a practical God. His name had been abused, misused, ill-represented by He knows how many people, entities, religions, race.
                      But He answers our heartfelt, humble, prayers for answers.
                      The reason why you don’t understand that is that you haven’t experienced Him yet.
                      Like a mother explaining to her son what wind is. The son will have a hard time understanding if he does not experience the wind.
                      But, like what Yeshua’s relatives did, you did not believe yet that is why you do not experience.

                    • JJ Helna

                      Perhaps, just perhaps, the oldest church in history really has the truth, but because of it’s truth, it is the target of the evil one. What is painfully obvious is usually shoved into a dark corner.

                    • Banaanna

                      Why didn’t God create a world in which free will exists, but not evil? Let me tell you why. God gave us the ability to choose. He wanted us to have the option to follow him, or to live in sin. Why would he do that and provide us with a way to sin? Imagine what it would be like if you were forced to follow someone. You would be forced to love them no matter what, and you wouldn’t have any other choice. He DID give us free will, we just choose to drown ourselves in sin and sadness. As a leader, would you want your followers to follow you just because they have no other choice? Imagine what that would be like.

                    • JJ Helna

                      There was only ONE church that Christ founded until the reformation. When there is ONE truth, all others coming afterwards are protestors of the truth, therefore not of the truth, but only the result of men’s ego. Wrap your head around THAT one, please.

                    • Katherine

                      however, calling the alternative path of non worship and not following god a sin or equal to being lost or wrong, kinda skews your argument. it’s like saying you have the will to choose: this the right choice and this is the wrong choice. if you choose wrong, you damn yourself in the afterlife in hell. it’s a shotgun choice and not really free will. why can’t i choose not to believe and worship god, but still live a life of goodness and harmony with my fellow men and be a good productive member of my society? with all due respect. i’m an atheist and what turned me off god (having been a catholic born and bred girl) as defined by christianity and catholicism (2 faces of the same coin) is the notion that this god wishes nothing more and nothing else than for a legion of worshippers. doesn’t that sound incredibly narcissistic to you? as a parent, wouldn’t your fervent wish for your children be to have them grow up compassionate and decent human beings, who are productive and independent people, who are empowered to determine their own futures and destinies? it is not for your children to come to the realisation that in order to be happy and fulfilled they must bow down and kneel before you in worship.

                    • JJ Helna

                      Take your hatred of your parent’s religion and turn inward to forgive. You wreak of hatred. You need to be reconciled.

                    • samuraipolitics

                      You know, I don’t have a problem with Atheist believing whatever they want to believe. What I don’t get Major, is why you are so invested in attacking religion? If believing something makes someone feel better, what, exactly, makes you a better person for being so invested in taking that away from them? What is broken in you that you want to push your beliefs the other way? You think that makes you any better than Christians who want to foist their belief on others? There is Religion, there is Atheism and there is Narcissism, I think you practice the third more than the second. Have a great day.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Skim through my comment history on this article and answer your own questions. do your fucking homework and investigate all the harm religion has caused and continues to cause.

                      But if I MUST respond to your inane, childish drivel, to put it succinctly:

                      Encouraging people to think critically about their idiotic beliefs is the first step to bettering society and focusing energy on things that MATTER.

                      Also, please don’t use the word “Think” if you have no clue what it means. You clearly don’t.

                    • samuraipolitics

                      A dick wrapped in atheism or Christianity is a dick just the same. And that’s what you are, a dick. It is obvious to anyone reading that you have no interesting in “encouraging” anything but more opportunities to make yourself feel like the smart guy in the room. It’s really pretty pathetic.

                    • Majora Luna

                      wah wah wah name calling. oh nooooo, I’m a dick! How ever will I live with myself? Your words cut me worse than the acid thrown on women’s faces across the globe, worse than burning jet fuel on a sky scraper!

                      Now I’m going to go reevaluate my life because some sniveling idiot did little more than call me a name which is sooooo significant.

                      Kid, go home.

                    • samuraipolitics

                      lol The depth of your lack of self knowledge is impressive. Thanks for the laugh.

                    • samuraipolitics

                      And Majora, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Kid…lol.

                    • Adam Rodrigues

                      I understand where you are coming from. There are many reasons one can use to criticize Christians, religion, etc. And yes, many times many of those reasons are justified.
                      But, I think the problem with reasons is they typically don’t get at the root of the issue. Beneath our reasons are our emotions, experiences, and mainly, our presuppositions. With that in mind, to me it seems you are very angry with Christians. However, I understand you have reasons for your frustration and I get that. So, I simply want to apologize on behalf of Christians who have given you good reasons to be irritated with them. I know I personally have been guilty of it so I am not excluding myself from that. So, with that, I hope you are able to find a Christian who will have a fair conversation with you. I have recently taken on some extensive responsibilities in my life so I don’t know that I have a large amount of time. However, I imagine I could get you in contact with someone who would welcome rather than criticize your questions if you were interested. If not though, I understand.


                    • Terry-Lynn Roberts

                      Religion is not GOD! I feel sorry that you had a bad experience as a child growing up in a religous family that didn’t even practise what they were trying shove down their kid throuts..No wonder you have a lack in the faith area.. My prayers are with you and I know God is going to reach you…he has seen it all.. Nothing goes unnoticed with the Holy Spirit. He loves us all unconditionally.. His ways are not our ways.. thinking with a logical mind about God is useless…he is a spiritual mattter not a logical matter.. We are made up of 3 parts.. body, spirit and soul. We feed our bodies with food, we feed our souls with desires and we need the Holy Spirit to feed our spirits..
                      Lord cause the blinders to be removed, allow the ears to be opened to your spirit and call this one by name so
                      he can truly experience your great Love.. Sending Love your way today…

                    • Majora Luna

                      I didn’t have a bad experience, it just makes no sense. I like how you dare to presume your god cares more about an unconvinced individual than the millions of suffering people world wide. If you think your magic thinking powers will do anything then tell your god to stop being a cunt. Or carve “GOD WAS HERE” into the moon out of solid uranium or something. You know, something obvious. All this subtlety is just a bunch of mind games created by the men in funny hats to keep you coming to church and throw away 10% of your income.

                      Have you noticed how any question regarding your faith is always elusive? “oh you just have to have faith” “god works in mysterious ways” “salvation can be yours if you whisper a few magic words to yourself”. Yeah, that sure builds confidence. “Say a bunch of gibberish meant to sound profound that is really just meaningless.”

                      The bible is full of flaws and inconsistencies. Both within itself and with regards to history. It’s pretty hard and/or insane to play the “context” card when two different parts of the bible talking about THE SAME THING don’t SAY the SAME THING. If that doesn’t shred its credibility to zero you’re either a coward or an idiot. Or, as is often the case, both.

                      Also, you ARE aware that christianity is a copycat religion right? Your god is based on zeus. the “virgin” mary is based on a babylonian goddess (who may have been fertility related, I can’t remember). The concept of a virgin-born man-god sent to save mankind via gruesome death is also not exclusive to christianity. The ten commandments aren’t either. Many an ancient civilization already had a group of “core” rules that often included things like “don’t kill” or “don’t steal”.

                      You worship the copycat version of a dead god. Your constant rationalizing about “god will open your eyes” and all variants basically tells me that you don’t care if something is actually true as long as you get to believe that it is true. Because intellectual integrity is a disposable commodity right?

                      “spirit” and “soul” are basically the same thing: non-existent. They are abstract labels assigned to sentience in mankind’s attempt to understand himself and his origins.

                      god is essentially a security blanket for grown-ups. Unlike god, however, a child’s security blanket actually exists.

                    • Jerry Wescott

                      This is a common complaint. Consider please that IF (and I say that for your sake) … if the God of the Bible preexisted mankind, and if Satan was with Him and aware of His plan of salvation, then perhaps all the other religious arrangement of gods and demigods were designed by Satan to confuse the atheists of the twenty-first century, including you.
                      Mere human logic is insufficient in matters of God. We believe Him to be eternal and infinite, and to operate according to His own plan. Yes, I “notice” that the Bible’s answers to questions regarding God always rely on faith. Your human-logic mockery of my faith does not damage my faith, it just makes hell hotter for you. But I for one am done with arguing with you, and I think we should all ignore you. I think we are too close to the line Jesus drew in Matthew 7:6. I will ignore you for what you have chosen to be.

                      “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”
                      ~ from II Peter 2

                    • CThomas

                      God certainly does exists. Look around you at all the beauty He created. You are wrong in being so bitter in life. God will forgive you, if you only ask and are sincere about accepting Him into your life. Otherwise, we all know where you will be going when you draw your last breath.Let’s all pray for Majorie and her salvation.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Salvation from what? you speak as if your convoluted mythology carries any significance. Your god knows what is required to convince me but has failed to provide it. Furthermore, even if it did, its behavior is entirely unjustifiable and I cannot in good conscience as a sentient being blindly worship an oppressive, incompetent tyrant.

                      You are welcome to keep your fantasies but know that you are the laughing stock of the civilized world.

                    • tere

                      So happy that you got the attention you u need thru this site. Hope it fills up the void youve been having in your life.
                      Too much been said. Hope you find your peace.

                    • Nannietomany

                      Attention to all of you who are answering Majora’s long winded gibberish regarding God and the Bible. He is an ignorant , self righteous, twerp who has studied the Bible so much(so he can make people think that he is educated)that he has a become a babbling idiot. It is time that he comes out of the think tank and see that there is a real world out there. This real world had to be formed by someone with fortitude not with hypothesis. Time will tell for you, me and him. I will pray that his soul will rest with God one day he cannot and will not change my beliefs. With that said when it is your time to leave this world may you all be standing on the right hand of God and Jesus saying I died for your sins pass thru my son or daughter. Bless you Majora.

                    • Hillary Haynes Chaney

                      have you proven your point? Were you trying to piss off Christians or disprove faith? Hopefully not the latter, I am sure you know what the bible says about leading His children astray…yikes!
                      I am curious, if you were to read the bible without the skepticism you read it with previously, if you would allow the blinders to come off and allow God to reveal is majesty?

                    • Smitty

                      Well first off, your whole premise you’ve been repeating your entire argument that God is “A security blanket” is entirely ignorant. Calling out ignorance is NOT failing to show love as the Bible calls us to, btw. To think it is, is only more ignorance. A lot of people -myself included- have made their own personal, intentional, adult decision, after literally years of research, observation, thinking, and finally praying, that Christianity IS real, and DOES make sense. In fact, a lot of the time Christianity’s Truths are actually very hard to accept. So no, it’s not a security blanket. That is just nonsense.

                      Going in no particular order, but another point: you obviously have NOT done your research as extensively as you have claimed to think Zeus etc. were existent concepts prior to the Torah. And even if they were, you’re operating on the preconceived idea that it’s all fiction, “so who copied who?” Well, in science, we don’t say whichever theory came first is more accurate; it’s the exact opposite. If religion is just as true as science, then why would the first attempt at explaining the Divine be more accurate than later attempts? It just doesn’t add up.

                      Now that’s just from an earthly perspective, but even taking into account that God Himself inspired the Bible directly: even IN the Bible there are examples of God allowing something to happen first, and then “reacting” to it. Who’s to say He didn’t allow someone to attempt to explain the things of the spirit and the supernatural (and get it sort of close, because there are REAL spiritual principles that can be observed JUST LIKE SCIENCE) and go “No, no, no. Here. Here is My inspired Word of how it REALLY is.” ?? This concept of God “reacting” also ties into your argument about prayer. And that’s an entirely other deep subject to get into that is even disputed amongst Christians.

                      But the point is, circular logic on both sides; “God is real, because He wrote the Bible which says so” or “God is NOT real, therefore The Bible was only written by man, therefore only a copycat of what other men wrote first, therefore God isn’t real.” So an irrelevant point to even bring up, ultimately.

                      You over-simplify religion and overlook what you would call “coincidences” relating to prayer and things happening, miracles, etc. where I could just as easily over-simplify evolution and say “So you believe we came from monkeys? And this happened by random chance?” Without context, that sounds just as silly. You only don’t think it does because you’ve been spoon-fed that ideology and forced hypothetical logic to try to explain it for literally decades now.

                      It’s funny how that’s what you accuse us of when it’s literally THE EXACT SAME THING. When you really step back and analyze the whole ID Vs. Evolution debate for what it really is, evolution has ALWAYS been on the defensive: “It is SO possible! Here’s how…no, HERE’s how…” So what if it IS even *hypothetically* possible? How do you know that historically it is what actually HAPPENED? They are so far from proving it as a fact, and yet continue to insist that they already have. And THEN, even if they could, how do we know the 7 days was literal? That God didn’t guide evolution? At least then it irradicates the whole ridiculous random chance thing.

                      I don’t personally subscribe to that, but just saying…everything is openly debatable. What makes you think you can come in here and make the statements you are as if it wasn’t, and trying to use insults to do it? And then insist after all that language that you’re not angry? You obviously don’t even want to listen. In the name of Yeshua of Nazareth, depart from this place, Satan. You have no right. Attempt to stir up doubts and conflict no more.

                    • Landon

                      Slander has no place in the presence of God. Stooping to someone’s level, no matter how low, is not glorifying to God.

                    • delahaya


                      As far as “thinking”, I think most of us would be more than happy to put our IQs up against yours any time.

                    • delahaya


                      Your incredibly childish “all the harm” religion causes is so lame. Wars and such existed before Christ came and afterward. The atheist communists of the 20th century murdered around 100 million people.

                    • Chelita Gitana

                      Great point. They are not atheists, but anti-theists. Despite their appeals to rationality and logic, it’s senseless to expend so much time and energy in something you do not believe exists. I don’t believe in aliens, big foot or wood elves, therefore, I don’t spend time and energy seeking out believers of wood elves and arguing with them.

                    • Landon

                      I understand what you are saying, and I would like to inquire or define what you mean by “all-powerful”

                      Being all-powerful, although contradictory in name, has it’s limitations. The character and nature of God cannot contradict itself, or He would no longer be God. Being intellectually consistent, someone can be all-powerful without being contradictory. If there were contradictions, he would not be God.

                      I would like to address your comment about no one “believes” in God.

                      While you do have a point about being second-hand information, isn’t that how everyone is taught? We read Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Kant, the classical historic writers from centuries ago… and that is all second-hand information. Is there room for corruption, sure. But couldn’t we look at all of life through this lens?

                      I challenge you to research the process of the Bible’s construction. All of the manuscripts (in comparison to the classics), writings and structure of the new testament, etc. I challenge you to research this with an open mind. After all, isn’t that what you’ve been wanting us to do this entire time?

                      There is another great resource I will leave you with. Before you start squirming or immediately rejecting this series, my pastor J.D. Greear in Raleigh, NC has been going through a series addressing false claims or skeptics. You can listen/watch them here:

                      Again, try to do some research in spite of your background. That’s what a truly open-minded person would do.

                    • Terry-Lynn Roberts

                      Many people believe in God… Sounds to me like you have had a bad experience with religion…. True believers know it is not about religion…Religion kills… It is about relationship with the living spirit of God.His Holy Spirit who was sent to us when Jesus left the earth.. Religion has done nothing but turn people against God. Try inviting the Holy Spirit to be part of your life and watch as you begin to learn more about the truth of God.. If ur so sure there is no God what do you have to lose? Ask the Holy Spirit if it is true there is a God? He will answer you if you are willing to hear …

                    • Terry-Lynn Roberts

                      Believing only what others have told us is not truth.. The word of God says that the Holy Spirit will remind us of all truths.. When you have had your own experience with the Holy Spirit and see how real God is then and only then will you become a true believer..God is God and his way will and has won the war over evil… What is evil? It is the absence of LOVE! What is Love? GOD! Simple…

                    • CThomas

                      God created a perfect world. It was humans that messed it up. God gives us a choice. Love Him or not? If you deny Him, He will deny you on judgement day. You are wrong – many believe in God and they are the ones who will inherit the kingdom of God. As for you and people like you, you are all in for a shock when you die. I will be in heaven happily casting my crown at the feet of Jesus while you and the like will be begging for one drop of water on your tongues. I pity you and those like you. However, I will pray for you. You are SO LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • Majora Luna

                      oh hey that’s cool completely ignore what i said and just insert your own mindless irrelevant gibberish that I’ve heard millions of times and makes just as much sense now as it did the first time: zero.

                      //”you are all in for a shock when you die”//

                      I may not have a degree in psychology but I’ve been around christians enough to detect a pattern. Your statement strongly suggests you are trying to convince YOURSELF more than anyone else of this garbage based on how desperate you sound when you say it. There is some tiny part of you that knows it’s all mindless nonsense but you are too cowardly to acknowledge it.

                      That is fine. The human mind is fragile. The only thing that can reconcile your irrational fear of death is a randomly chosen set of ancient mythology, for some strange reason.

                      If you bothered to use your brain and the internet to do a little research on your religion, you would discover that it is little more than an obscure cult that ballooned into a massive political ploy to control the masses. It is a collection of plagiarized pagan myths and traditions in order to more easily conquer and control the pagan masses. Your god is a copy of even more ancient deities. Your savior and his alleged mother are both also copies of even more ancient gods. Gods who had followers as devout (and ignorant) as you.

                      Zeus. Remember him? He used to be top dog. Now he’s a disney cartoon. Your god will suffer the same fate down the line, and dine with other dead gods like those of the norse pantheon, greek pantheon, et cetera.

                    • Sidnafziger

                      God takes us as we are. You suggest creating a world where there is no evil, and yet people still have free will, in doing that, we would not truly have free will. So your thinking is clearly flawed. God even accepts you.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Free will does not exist, regardless, in your fantasy. Imagine an abusive husband who tells his wife “You’re free to leave me at any time! I’ll kill you if you do but you have the freedom to leave at any time.”

                      The fact that you cannot comprehend this issue with your mythology demonstrates how deeply enslaved and blind you are.

                    • anonymuse

                      an interesting thought: if free will truly existed, truly free will, would it not mean that a person was free to choose any sensical (as opposed to nonsensical) possibility? even evil? a place in which free will exists, but not the possibility for evil seems to me to be illogical. people always assume that all powerful means “can do anything”. but even an all powerful being couldnt create a non-entity. a tree that was not a tree would be no tree at all. same as a free place that isnt free.

                    • kamerierose

                      The devil is not God’s enemy. It is man’s.

                    • JJ Helna

                      Kamerierose has no clue. Evil hates good. God is good. Put two and two together here, please.

                    • Banaanna

                      First off, I would like to go back to what you said about prayer. You basically said that prayer is what people do when they want something to happen but don’t want to do anything themselves. You speak as if EVERY single christian who prays has these intentions. You are very incorrect. While a lot of people may call themselves Christians, they do not live out what they speak, so you do not have the right to judge a whole community based off of a few members.

                      As a christian, I do not pray because I want God to do all the work. Prayer is not something that you do just because you want something. You pray when you want to talk to god. You also pray when you want to thank him. And you pray when things are out of your control. For example, when I wake up in the morning, I don’t sit in a state of self pity and laziness, and ask God to make my coffee for me. But if I woke up late, found myself in a rush, and had to run out the door without any sort of sustenance, I would ask God to provide me with the energy I need to complete the tasks I am required to do. I’m not saying that God is just “there” to help me when I need Him. I don’t take Him off the shelf and put Him back when I feel like it. He is not only my God, but my Father, friend, provider, and savior.

                      You may think that it is a “fantasy” that we escape to because we can’t “cope” with the real world, but that is simply not so. We believe what we do because we have experienced his endless and enduring love in a way that is impossible to describe. I don’t know what kind of things you have experienced in your life, and I’m not judging you for anything you have expressed, I am simply trying to supply you with the truth that you seem to lack.

                    • JJ Helna

                      Faith without works is DEAD. Did you know that Martin Luther tried to have the bible re-written, excluding JAMES? This is because he, PERSONALLY believed that you are saved by faith alone. He didn’t want to actually DO anything good, just pray.

                    • Ben Benny

                      BTW, prayer in not exclusively the practice of Christians. I am Jewish and I pray with fervor and intent, not with a “grocery list”, but with a list of

                      People need to learn how to pray. There are very effective ways to communicate with the Eternal. Also people need to understand the essence of G-d, and G-d is not the man in the sky. G-d is each and everyone, every creature, every rock, the multiverse itself…

                      Apart from blessings that have been repeated for thousands of years –and those have power, too, Jews do pray with our hearts.

                      I am blessed to have finally understood the essence of G-d and of prayer.

                    • Jerry Wescott

                      This is pantheism – not real Judaism. The worship of the creation, rather than the worship of the Creator. You are taking the position of any shaman.

                    • JAL

                      Amen. Well stated.

                    • Silah

                      I really love how you lead by example with all your attempts to “lessen the suffering of others” here… not. The Truth is Jesus not only did all those things but He rose from the dead. The gospels are eyewitness accounts. And yes God chose this way of doing things as THE Creator and you reject it. So how would your reaction be any different if He chose different way? It is your nature to rebel you are proving that point.

                    • Daniel

                      Always a religious debate eh? Let’s not get sidetracked by the compassion demonstrated here in this article. God or no God, the entire WORLD could use more people like this admirable woman. Let’s learn to be like that, eh?

                    • Julie

                      Couldn’t have said it better myself. If someone doesn’t like the post, either don’t read it, get a hobby, or moved to a country with dictatorship who will tell you what to believe, what to do and when, not to mention they most likely will kill you and your children. Thanks for this awesome post that inspires people with a heart. Religion excluded. I think the person who had nothing better to do with their time than retaliate should do what I mentioned above. Maybe that person should start here own dictatorship, but not in this country. Get a life. We have enough problems caused by people like you. The good, honest, and humble will prevail. Like it or not. Get over ur self.

                    • Librakat7

                      Hey, You are funny! LOL I always wondered about the fig tree thing too! This conversation is very interesting! I like stimulating conversation! It makes me think! Sorry the way they attacked U back there! That’s not very Christian, now is it? Not saying I don’t believe. That’s what my life is all about! I think I/d be homeless; if “God” or someone had not stepped in to put it all in motion! Long story short. Was living in a motel, for 2nd time, with $1000 left. Had suffered a long time, moving around from house to house living with mean, crazy people! I was PRAYING constantly, and finally told God , “you gotta help me, I only have $1000 left!” I finally picked up the flyer newspaper, got brave and called about a mobile home for sale? Scared to death , I rode my bike down to talk to owner of park! Had no credit, not much income, and not good criminal history, which by the way were things I was falsely accused of ( could not pass in any apts, I tried!). Anyway I passed , and with only $1000 down, I moved into my own home in about 3 days! Will be paid off in 2 yrs. w/ NO interest! Very nice home 14×60, w/ all new carpet and linoleum, new stove and all new doors inside and newly painted! Also very large carport w/ shed. Anyway, I don’t see how this could happen w/out some kind of supernatural intervention! Praise be to God!! Now I have to pray to keep it , because my stupid husband has stopped his court ordered alimony,( which I had to fight for, while going through all this) cause he claims to have had an operation on his wrist! He’s a carpenter. Anyway, seems like there’s always something! Please Pray for me, so I can keep up my bills and not lose my home!! Thank You !
                      Did not plan on saying all this, but couldn’t help it!! So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

                    • lee proctor

                      I am starting to think that your not a christian or that you have a hard time believing in the word of God.

                    • Faiza

                      what does this article have to do with God, anyway? Because the woman mentioned it in the story? This is why we can’t be happy. Instead of reflecting on such a beautiful and inspiring and heart-wrenching story here you guys are debating if God exists or not. You can’t prove He/She does and you can’t prove He/She doesn’t. So calm down. If people don’t believe what you believe why is it such a big deal?

                    • Majora Luna

                      Actually this article is terrible. It’s basically saying “I only did a nice thing for a person who I was able to project myself through and then posted it on the internet for a pat on the back”.

                      And if you’re honestly asking why it’s such a big deal then you need to put your computer in a wood chipper because you’re clearly not using it correctly. The internet exists. Use it.

                    • JAL

                      Wow…you must be really angry inside. Just like the woman who was screaming in the story. I am sorry that you feel the need to attack somebody for a sharing a story that encourages people to be kind and gentle even when they are unfairly attacked. This story was encouraging for me, mainly because I WANT to do good. I want to have goodness in my life because that is one of the characteristics that God planned for us to have…along with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are all things that come from God. If you do not know God and do not follow his will, then you will not have any of them. Without these characteristics, our world would be a horrible place to live. And that, Majora Luna, is the place you seem to live in. Each of your posts screams the opposite of those Godly characteristics. I’m sorry for you about that because life on this side is much more pleasant and full of hope. I wish I could share that with you. I realize that you think that my ideas are foolish and archaic, and that’s okay. If you insist on thinking the way you do, God will allow it. Because that’s the kind of God He is. He loves you anyway, and he is waiting for you to (hopefully) figure it out.

                    • Majora Luna

                      I like how you’re basing your preaching on what is basically a plagiarized sun god who’s entire mythology is also just plagiarized paganism, and acting like its the “truth”. I can see why “faith” is so heavily stressed. Without it, any sane rational person using their brain for half a second realizes how nonsensical this insanity it.

                    • JAL

                      What do you mean by “a plagiarized sun god whose entire mythology is also just plagiarized paganism?”

                    • Challo

                      Good feeling gone…

                    • Majora Luna

                      Good! That’s called growing up.

                    • delahaya

                      Yep, growing up – you should try it Majora.

                    • chngrffn

                      You have it wrong. People are inherently good. God created us that way. Our own free will allows us to choose good or evil thanks to God’s tremendous love for us. And you are wrong on another point too. God has already defeated Satan. You are correct on one thing. There were alot of people claiming to be the savior but only one that truly is and proved it.

                    • Landon

                      While I understand what you mean by this comment, it does not line up with Scripture.
                      All of Romans 1, Romans 3:23-24 (ONLY justified through grace, not “inherently good”), Galatians 2:20 Ephesians 2:4,1 Peter 2:10, and other passages. Man is completely deprave, meaning he canNOT save himself. It is only through the redemptive work of Christ that we are saved. We were, at one time, created perfect. God created us in His image of perfection, but Romans 5:12, 14-15 clearly says that man has been apart from God since Adam. If we believe that man is inherently good, we must take out these passages in Scripture so that we can be intellectually consistent.

                    • tere

                      Wow. Why exert so much energy of being angry at those who have real peace in trusting God? Cant you just be happy for them that they have peace and are capable of loving and forgiving? Too much energy wasted for hating people who believe in God. Can’t you just believe in what you believe in and sleep well at night?

                    • lee proctor

                      You sit here and say your a christian but all I see is you bashing on others and the way they believe in God. He gave us free will to pray and worships the way we feel is the best way we can talk to him. A true christian does not talk bad about others nor do they belittle them either. We are too come together for fellowship and be able to love each other despite where each of us come from.

                    • chngrffn

                      Hitler was not a Christian. He may have been raised with Christian beliefs but he rejected them. Hitler was an athiest

                    • Jerry Wescott

                      Not a Christian – true.
                      An atheist? Then why did he send people out to collect objects deemed to have spiritual power? He believed in a different god, though he may not have known it’s name.

                    • CThomas

                      NO . . . You are the one in denial. You “think for yourself” before it is too late.

                    • Daba

                      Your quote does not mean what you think it means. Einstein was undeniably an atheist (though not a hard core one), and certainly not a Christian. He respected the teachings of Jesus, along side with the Jewish Prophets, teachings of Buddha and other religions traditions. He was a humanist who believed that all religions offer much guidance in how people should treat each other and live together. He did NOT believe in the supernatural parts of Jesus’s history (such as the resurrection or afterlife or the miracles) but did not need these parts of his story to believe that what Jesus said and did was meaningful.

                      “a person who is religiously enlightened appears to me to be one
                      who has, to the best of his ability, liberated himself from the fetters
                      of his selfish desires and is preoccupied with thoughts, feelings and
                      aspirations to which he clings because of their super-personal value. It
                      seems to me that what is important is the force of this superpersonal
                      content … regardless of whether any attempt is made to unite this
                      content with a Divine Being, for otherwise it would not be possible to
                      count Buddha and Spinoza as religious personalities. Accordingly a religious person is devout in the sense that he has no doubt of the significance of those super-personal objects and goals which neither require nor are capable of rational foundation … In this sense religion is the age-old
                      endeavor of mankind to become clearly and completely conscious of these
                      values and goals and constantly to strengthen and extend their effect.
                      If one conceives of religion and science according to these definitions
                      then a conflict between them appears impossible. For science can only
                      ascertain what is, but not what should be…[39]”

                      Einstein, Albert (1930). “Religion and Science” New York Times Magazine (Nov. 9): 1-4.

                    • IslandGirl

                      At first I thought Majora Lunie was a true person who wanted to have a conversation. But no, ML is just a TROLL who wants to argue. Don’t feed the TROLL and the TROLL will GO AWAY! Ba Bye!

                    • KodaCrest

                      I’ve quoted this to people of atheism and people of religion alike. No one ever seems to understand the wisdom this man had, regardless of his religious beliefs or lack thereof. You are a wonderful person for bringing this up.

                    • Chris Shirah

                      You are truly amusing and have to be very young or just plain naive. Creationism and science have been considered one and the same for a lot of years. Well let me clarify that, I’m sixty and for fifty of those years, that’s right since I was ten, I have heard this put forth as a truism. Also I for one would welcome any and all atheist to a church or a religious website. The trouble is that I have never met one. All the folks who I know that claim to be atheist seem to be more informed about God and his works than the Christians I know. Their attitude of superiority in the matter, though distasteful, leads me to believe that they are hungering for much more then has been revealed by the various religious beliefs and their God, science.. Believe me science will one day give you this revelation if you live that long. If you aren’t around when this happens then you have wasted your life on juvenile pettiness.

                    • William Robert Guerra

                      why are you afraid of an opposing view? what’s wrong with presenting both ideas intelligently and letting each person decide for themselves what they choose to believe?

                    • Majora Luna

                      Because it presumes that mythology carries the same significance as established scientific knowledge.

                      If you want to teach “opposing views”, why stop at teaching one specific set of not-science in a science class? Teach the controversy!

                      Alchemy, flat earth, the stork, everything revolves around the earth, young earth, astrology, the idea that everything is made of a combination of air, earth, fire, and water!

                      Because all these ideas have the same scientific merit as creationism. i.e. zero.

                      Though if schools wanted to teach christianity in a theology or mythology class, that would be fine by me. The crime is presenting gibberish as ideas that rational human beings should base their lives on.

                    • William Robert Guerra

                      the tolerance of the intolerant….
                      what comforts me is that regardless of whether or not YOU choose to believe doesn’t change the Truth – it is still the Truth…
                      Praise God!!…

                    • Forever gratefule

                      Exactly how I feel. Sharing the story to my friends. I would probably advice them not to read the comments and just stick to their own interpretation of the story. May they be blessed in the process.

                    • I dont think your anything

                      You hate when people push religion on you, but your pushing your crap on them. Be a true hypocrite and push your fake philosophy on people who care. I dont believe in religion as well but I understand what an asshole looks like. Ill see you on the other side. Hopefully you can keep your unwanted opinions to yourself. Oh but wait. You think you can make your own heaven. Who can take such a freak like you seriously. Mess with people that think like you. Maybe you will see how self rightous and fake you sound. Tell your counselor that you need more happy pills cuz your a freak. A freak who thinks they are better and thinks they are above everyone else. I hate you. Selfish bitch.

                    • Landon

                      Can you please elaborate on this comment?

                      While I understand your frustration with Christians, keep an open mind about how the media portrays Christians. I cannot speak for the rest of the world’s population, but I know many devoted Christians who are NOT blind in their faith. You’re probably thinking “how could it not be blind faith if they cannot see their God?” or “This guy needs to see a psychiatrist as well.”

                      Whether we agree or disagree, the objective fact remains that there are natural laws (gravity, barometric pressure, etc) that could not evolve. There had to have been SOMETHING that set it all in motion. At least we can agree that (I hope). If we cannot, we must be intellectually consistent.

                      I would love to have a sober, non-bigoted discussion about this if you would like to comment back.

                    • Majora Luna

                      The entire definition of faith is “to believe without being given any reason to believe”. It is blind. It is fueled by the human brain’s innate desire to know. Or to put it another way, for obvious reasons, living things tend to fear death. Moreso on an instinctual basis. As humans, we also fear the unknown.

                      The ability to actually THINK about death is something PROBABLY unique to us (don’t quote me on that. Maybe dolphins and other relatively intelligent species can).

                      Think of how stressed out people get when awaiting medical test results. Now apply that on a larger scale, and thus religion is born. People freak out about death, and what happens afterward. They cannot accept that it is the end of the road.

                      So what do people do when they can’t find the answer to a question? Be it big (our existence, and so forth) or small (lightning! lightning caused by scary god! we must appease!)? They fill in the blank themselves. This is human nature. A child has a security blanket or a teddy bear, adults have a god(s). There is literally no difference except for the fact that a security blanket conclusively exists.

                      Yes, I see what you’re getting at. “I don’t know the answer, therefore a big scary man in the sky!”. People felt the same way about earthquakes, solar eclipses, and various other natural phenomena. Wondering why gravity exists is no different. The conclusive discovery of the Higgs-Boson is progress to that end. Not specifically about gravity, but about why certain things have mass.

                      You speak of intellectual consistency while (I assume) clinging to an arbitrary piece of classical-era mythology that has undergone countless rewrites and edits and is otherwise also a collection of plagiarized pagan myths and fables? The concept of a virgin-born savior who had to die to redeem mankind is not a concept exclusive to nor invented by christianity. Among other things. The ‘virgin mary’ is essentially a rip-off of a babylonian goddess (who may have been fertility-related, I don’t remember). Your god is a rip-off of zeus, and ignoring the fact that every single supernatural account in the bible is not referenced in any other texts, jesus christ could very well have just been some mentally-ill nutjob who liked to yell at fig trees or was a composite of multiple individuals.

                      Isn’t it strange how christianity never addresses questions and instead dodges them? With things like “you just need to have faith” or “god wants you to love him and it is entirely your choice and never his fault whatsoever because free will” or some other elusive, quasi-philosophical nonsense?

                      It’s to keep the peasants blindly believing while those in power manipulate them. The fact that most people here cannot see this is just further proof that, despite the ages, nothing has really changed. These people are beaten into blind subservience and, to add insult to injury, believe that it is GOOD for them. Though it is true what they say, “it is hard to free fools from the chains they revere”.

                      Sure, I get accused a lot of “being angry at god” or variants thereof. You know what this tells me? That people would sacrifice nearly anything for the sake of a little psychological comfort (back to the whole “fear of death” and “fear of the unknown” things. As well as a “Fear of change” which is why fundies tend to hold science with much contempt because it is “always changing” as if that detracts from its credibility. Yes, correcting mistakes and adapting one’s views as the data dictates is sooooo dishonest! Not like holding the same belief regardless of what data is present or isn’t present! That is totally honest. Leg’s broken? No it’s not. I have faith ,therefore you are lying! That sort of thing)

                      And well I got kind of rambly there but you (hopefully) get the point. I say hopefully because of the rambling nature of my post.

                      So, yes. People who GENUINELY, SINCERELY, 100% LITERALLY and un-ironically believe that the world is 6-10 thousand years old and was created by a tyrannical genocidal sky wizard with a penchant for rape and torture, who raped a virgin to impregnate her with himself so that he can sacrifice himself to himself to cleanse from mankind an evil force that is present (that he presumably created) because a rib-woman took dietary advice from a talking snake… these people definitely need to see a psychiatrist.

                      The human brain’s worst enemy is the human brain. There is virtually no limit to its capacity for tricking itself. One day people believe jesus died for their sins, the next they’re strangling their dogs because they heard a voice telling them to kill satan’s minion.

                      Thankfully, the human brain is also capable of remaining mostly intact. These people who cherry-pick the bible and selectively follow it shows that deep within their minds is a tiny bundle of rational neurons (metaphor of course) screaming in agony from the abuse they are suffering under the indoctrination of religion. The screaming being loud enough to keep the fantasy from spiraling out of control.

                      … again, more rambling. I tried to be civil at least! It’s cute that you call it “bigoted” though. Actually, more naive than cute. You get to complain about people being ‘bigoted’ when your property is spontaneously seized, you are jailed without reason, your house is burned down/property vandalized, you get acid thrown in your face, or you just plain ol’ get shot for being who you are (like basically 90% of all gays, women, minorities, and those who are not of the dominant religion in a particular age or region, throughout the ages).

                      Imagine two children, one bullied remorselessly at school, and the other is the bully. Now one day, the child finally decides he’s not putting up with it and tells off the bully, who has inflicted untold amounts of psychological and physical abuse on the child. The bully then exclaims “stop being so bigoted and trying to take away my freedoms!”. That’s basically what it’s like when a christian plays the persecution card. It’s an insult to those who HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN PERSECUTED.

                    • CThomas

                      Creationism was never taught in any of my science classes. Science cannot prove many creations from God. That is where FAITH comes into play. Scientists will never prove how the world began. They are wasting their time. God said “created everything” and that is good enough for me. Wake up before it is too late. You may die tomorrow or 10 minutes from now. Where will you spend eternity? Wonderful Heaven or in burning hell fire? I will pray for you but the decision is yours.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Faith is nothing but the glorification of ignorance. It ultimately amounts to little more than the psychological equivalent of snake oil. and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

                      //”God said “created everything” and that’s good enough for me”//

                      With this you have basically admitted to willfully being stupid and intellectually lazy. You miss the entire point of being Homo Sapien. The point of life is not cheap, easy answers. The quest for knowledge is unforgiving and endless. You treat knowledge as if there was some threat of it running out, so you choose not to learn.

                      The very nature of religion results in what is essentially a vicious plague of the mind that propagates by taking advantage of the human psyche’s flaws. Fear of death, fear of change, fear of the unknown, falling victim to hubris.

                      I do not fear death because I accept it as an inevitability. Once I die, I will cease to exist. End of the road. You can cry and scream all you want but we’re all in the same boat, and no amount of magic sky wizardry or jews on a stick will change that. Heaven and Hell are imaginary places created by con men to steal your earthly wealth with ease. Sin is an imaginary disease invented to sell you an imaginary cure for much the same reason. The fact that you cannot see this furthers the point that you miss the point of the “Sapien” in “homo sapien”.

                      Lastly, I am familiar with the “god of the gaps” fallacy. I freely admit that science does not know everything. Science knows it too, otherwise it would stop. Lack of knowledge only provides an opportunity to expand into it. By providing fake, cheap answers like god or heaven you are doing a disservice to yourself.

                      May you find reason and abandon your unfounded, irrational faith someday.

                    • Crasher

                      But the point is, you go out of your way JUST to tear people down. Atheists tell others that they should find their own strength and find unity and peace of man, not of God, and then we have people like you who come in and do nothing but tear down, making themselves a sad little hypocrite. Why? If you are so secure in your own strength and life, why do you have to resort to tearing others down?

                    • Brittany


                      Worth the watch. Will give you a whole new perspective.

                    • Kamerie

                      You, yourself, are judging others. And you are the courageous one? It takes more courage to let go of ego to a God you cannot see but believe in. Take courage to meditate on God. I think you are trying to get through life alone? Honestly, do you feel alone?

                    • Majora Luna

                      You have no idea what courage means. “let go of ego to a god you cannot see but believe in” is basically saying “turn off your brain in order to believe that you are worthless trash without a tyrannical sky wizard to justify your existence.”

                    • kamerierose

                      Is that what you learned how God thinks of you? Worthless trash? Who told you that? Is that what you still believe in? How courageous have you had to be, or maybe forced to be?

                    • Majora Luna

                      Do you even christianity? I forget that often the most faithful are the least informed in their own nonsense.

                      the concept of original sin, for starters.

                      all the idiots constantly saying things like “without jesus/god I would be nothing!” or variants. otherwise the emphasis that sky daddy is a critical part of every person’s existence for some strange reason.

                    • kamerierose

                      Yeshua’s name means God saves. Save us from what? Everything that do not help us – enemies, human tendencies to be evil, catastrophes, situations that do not help us grow even though they are pleasant, and so on.
                      I do not believe that everything that you set forth to do, you have accomplished. Even though you believe in yourself.

                    • Landon

                      This is an extremely general comment. I would like to see what evidence there is to back this up, besides personal opinion.

                      “the most faithful” Christian men that I have seen are actually the most informed. Men who devote their lives to study and attaining knowledge so that they can share it with others. Knowledge is not the end goal, but Christ is.

                      Please explain the gap between ” without Jesus, I would be nothing!”
                      I could say the EXACT same thing about Oxygen and it would be true. There are necessities in life that one can try to deny, but are objectively true. I could say that I don’t need oxygen, but my opinion about it is irrelevant. If I give a subjective answer to an objective question, I will never survive.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Cute. A christian asking for evidence. I could give you all the evidence in the world but your christanity plainly speaks that you care for neither logic nor reason, so there is no logic or evidence I could present that would make a difference.

                      Comparing the figurehead of an arbitrary mythology to a component of biology is like comparing the diet of your/a child’s imaginary friend to the gasoline your car needs. They are not related nor relevant to each other.

                      Without oxygen, your cells would all starve. Namely your brain. Neurons would start dropping like flies, and boom! Death.

                      Without jesus, depending on how mentally weak someone is the worst that happens is that they are plagued by unfounded fears of post-humus punishment until it results ins some kind of psychotic breakdown. Yet they continue to chug along, their biological processes occurring unhindered.

                      Of course that’s the realistic description. The jesus-y one basically amounts to humans being vile, worthless, filthy creatures who are paying for the sins of their ancestors unless they telepathically accept the son of the tyrant who made humans what they are as their lord and become subservient to him which is somehow supposed to represent love. Yes, god/jesus love everyone unconditionally! but with conditions that must be met beforehand.

                      That’s like saying I’m gonna give everyone 1000 dollars if they give me 1000 dollars first. Sin is just an imaginary disease created to sell everyone an imaginary cure. Like cooties (and subsequent cootie shots)

                    • Kamerie

                      Anger is another coping tool of those who don’t have control of their lives, and thinking that they are not like the “hypocrites”.

                    • Majora Luna

                      You mistake anger for passion. Is a person no longer allowed to be livid and enthusiastic about something because they will be labeled as “angry”? Do christians only have like 3 (or some other arbitrary low number) of emotional states?

                    • Kamerie

                      Your passion show your anger. Like the angry woman in this article, there is something more to this passion. And it is targeting the Faith and the faithful.

                    • Majora Luna

                      No, she was just being an irrational asshole. Calling the woman names for no reason other than to lash out.

                      Me? Sure, I’ve been calling people names. the difference? I have posed questions and presented logic/problems that hopefully have caused people to think. You know, the difference between say, “you’re a stupid moron!” and “you’re a stupid moron! Because ______________”

                      In a way I envy the faithful. Some times I wish I could turn my brain off and become willfully stupid in order to get a little rush of dopamine whenever shit hits the fan. But I don’t, because that is a stupid way to live. Believing in cosmic jewish zombies who are their own fathers as the imaginary solution to all problems without actually being a real solution is a dangerous and destructive method of thinking. No, the only rational course is to become accountable for my own actions, embrace my mistakes and learn from them, and become a better person as a result. Not just magically-but-not-really make them disappear with a cosmic genocidal psychopath.

                    • Kamerierose

                      Do I detect an anti-semitism here? You are, I think, an empathic person. And it hurts to see humanity being destroyed for reasons you cannot understand, where you are now. There is a space out of the box, where there is light at the end of the tunnel.

                    • Majora Luna

                      nah I’m not anti-semetic. I have a low opinion of jews who practice judaism overtly, like I’d have a low opinion of any person who practices their particular flavor of superstition so seriously (wearing crucifixes or funny hats or partaking of ridiculous rituals, et cetera).

                      I keep bringing up that jesus was a jew in case some particularly ignorant christians happen to be lurking who somehow think jesus was a “christian” (because, you know, ‘MERICA!) or to a lesser extent think jews killed jesus. The jews didn’t do anything during those times but sit in government as far as I’m aware. It was roman soldiers who carried out the actual alleged execution.

                    • Ethan

                      Why is it that people can demand tolerance without in turn tolerating?
                      I have full respect for those who are atheist; I do not agree with their beliefs, but I will not shove mine down their throat. My actions towards those around me and the One that I attribute my conscience to are the sole method to convince them of what I believe to be the truth.

                    • Ethan

                      Please, do realize that I’m not making any accusations here, just pointing out an overall lack of tolerance on this page.

                    • Silah

                      Jesus did not hesitate to call the Pharisees a brood of vipers from their father the devil. Unbelievers dont understand that faith is not some blind pie in the sky belief to “make you feel better” Faith is a verb and something you do all the time. You have faith that a chair will hold you so by faith you sit in it. Believers believe what God says in His Word and if they truly have faith they live accordingly.
                      You are a douche because you choose to rant obsessively on subjects you know nothing about (by definition as an unbeliever) and are unable to comprehend but you take pleasure in cutting others down to “make yourself feel better”. Your’s is the sadder religion in how it has you live and also how it cannot help you better your lot in this life and certainly not the next. I pray the Lord have mercy on you.

                    • Guest

                      I think a more appropriate word for Major Luna is behaving like a troll. This is not meant as an insult; more like a description. Remember James 3, specifically verses 9 through 12. I’m sure you’re familiar with this passage.

                      With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. 11 Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? 12 My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.

                      Although I myself am guilty of it, we are not supposed to be vulgar people. If we are to be imitators of Christ, and if His Holy Spirit dwells within us, then we should not, in good conscience, hurl insults and curses at people. Instead, remember what Christ said:

                      Matthew 15:14; Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

                      Matthew 10:14-15; If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. 15 Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

                      Lastly, remember Psalm 14:1; For the director of music. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

                      It is in our hearts that we believe who God is and who sits on the throne of our hearts, whether it be ourselves, or some intangible, mystical energy [ex: "We can't know who or what 'god' is"], or some other deity, or the God of the Bible.

                      I once knew a devout Christian who told his story of how he used to be an atheist. It was very moving, and showed just how personal Jesus is. This man deeply wanted to know the truth, and God faithfully and graciously showed him that He is I AM.

                      Jeremiah 29:13; You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
                      Again, the emphasis is on the heart. Who is the king in the castle of our heart?

                    • JJ Helna

                      YOU try to cope when you are on your death bed and realize you had the chance to know the living God before you meet Him face to face!

                    • J Eitzen

                      So superior you are. What actually makes youu less a fake than those who believe in what you consider a fake God? If you believe the sun is going to rise in the east every morning and set in the west every night you have faith. What is so telling about your kind is the fear and fight response which you hide behind you tough exterior.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Um, no I don’t? Unless you have faith that 2 + 2 = 4 now. The sun will rise and set the same way it has been for the past five billion years or so.

                      I mean you’re just some stupid cretin throwing words around that don’t mean the things you’re making them mean but okay. Skim through my comment history on this article and you’ll answer your own questions.

                    • delahaya

                      LIfe is more than just being a bitter, hateful troll Majora.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Life is more than believing the most comforting fairy tale because you don’t have to use your brain.

                    • ムジュラ

                      Life and belief. We all have to go through life believing in something. Faith and works go hand in hand. Faith empowers me to act in a world that has bitterness, despair, cruelity. Hope allows me to see something better than what is and strive for it. Love is a dividend on what awaits us. For a christian that has experienced God’s Love, it is that love that allows us to show that love to others without receiving in return. Prayer is connecting in relationship to God. It is like talking to your husband, wife, partner about your concerns, your joy, and your pain. It is connecting to the source that empowers us to act. Consider James 2:14. Our “comforting fairy-tale” is a cautionary tale and story by 100s of authors over 1000s of years of God’s relationship to his people. It is a story of love but also serves as a warning

                    • CThomas

                      You are a sad case! A true Christian never forgets what Jesus is all about. A true Christian feels love for Jesus deep down in their hearts and will defend Him to the end. Where are you going to spend eternity? Sad . . . so sad!

                    • Majora Luna

                      Look up “no true scotsman fallacy”. I take issue with forcing the erroneous notion that someone needs to believe in a magic sky wizard (who doesn’t even follow his own rules) for morality to exist. No, morality is derived from empathy and compassion.

                      However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a “true christian” in this day an age. A person who would sooner preach love and never an ounce of hate. Never judge others and never attempt to deprive others of rights because a dusty old book says so.

                      As for where I will spend eternity, nowhere! Or at least, dead in the ground, wherein my constituent atoms will return to nature and feed other living things, just as living things have fed me.

                      I plan on getting my ashes put inside an urn that contains a tree seed so that I can metaphorically become a tree after I die. Note I said metaphorically.

                    • Crasher

                      Again, you have come out of your way just to try to tear people down. Find security in your own life so that you do not have to come and belittle others. THAT is strength, not being an atheist internet troll coming in and trying to inflame Christians.
                      Go find your own world and leave other’s alone.

                    • Majora Luna

                      So, let me see if I understand you.

                      Imaginary security (i.e. the false promises of religion) is strength? What universe do you come from? Think before you speak. Thinking is something you are able to do, but for some reason choose not to.

                      “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

                    • Crasher

                      Oh, oh, oh, let me get the last word in, that means I win! Just because the words sound good to you, it doesn’t make them correct. You are an internet troll. Nothing more than that. You will have the last say, because I refuse to argue with someone whose sole entertainment in life is to tear other people down and spew hate. Goodbye internet troll.

                    • Lizzybee

                      Majora Luna. You are exactly the kind of person the author is talking about.

                    • Amy Schneider Esquivel

                      Please do not call someone a douche bag, but pray for them.

                    • joyceken

                      Blessed1, you have missed the point of this article if you can reply in the manner that you did. This whole article was about looking beyond the surface and seeing others the way that God sees them. Your name-calling was crude, unkind, and name-calling on a post about a woman who was name calling is truly ironic.

                    • Landon

                      Although there might be some truth to what you said, this comment surely is not sharing the love of Christ. If you are a “Blessed1,” let your love for God permeate how you treat others (word AND deed).

                  • Amy Schneider Esquivel

                    Prayer has been a very big part of my life. It gives me solice and knowing when I may have no one to turn to I have GOD. I have seen many prayers answered. Prayer is just communication with God the Father. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. I hope you find peace in your life. God created us in His image, so I believe that to have that relationship with Him I need to communicate with Him. I pray when I talk to Him and read the Bible to receive His communication to me.

                    • Majora Luna

                      “prayer is good because it makes me feel better”

                      So does heroin and crack. The prayers that have been “answered”, if not through dumb luck/coincidence, appear answered because of OTHER, HARD WORKING people doing their part whether with you in mind specifically or not.

                      If god created us in his image, why aren’t we invisible?

                    • Kamerie

                      When was the last time you “you felt better” but then things did not turn out to be what you have wished for?

                  • Noah

                    theyve actually done studies on it, and if a 2 people are sick, and a group prays for one of them, that one heals faster

                    • Majora Luna

                      Um, no? A large study conducted revealed that:

                      People who KNEW they were being prayed for fared the worst. Regardless of whether or not they were actually being prayed for. (healed more slowly, developed complications, etc.)

                      People who did NOT know they were being prayed for, but were prayed for, fared the same as

                      People who were NOT prayed for were the control group.


                      Sure it’s from 2006, but you people worship a book written from like 1006 and beyond, so it’s not like the time frame here matters.

                      It’s cute when religious people try to do science. Like a child playing with a fake tool set pretending he’s doing house work.

                    • Kamerie

                      Who are these religious people in your life, Majora? How have they scarred you?

                    • Majora Luna

                      The rabid zealous christian lawmakers constantly seeking to regulate and oppress those their ancient myths condemn, to start off.

                      What is it with you christians and this “me me me” attitude? People are allowed to care about issues that do not directly affect them. It’s called being altruistic. I would not expect christians to know what “altruism” means when most of the reason they’re christian/religious in the first place is to believe that they will be rewarded after death for kissing their god’s ass enough. If you haven’t noticed, the vast majority of christians are colossal un-christlike hypocrites.

                    • Kamerie

                      And what of the non-hypocrites? What are they?
                      We cannot be saved by constantly kissing God’s ass. That is called “works”. It has to be “faith”.
                      Why care about the hypocrites? We pray for them, and love them anyway. We are not better than those hypocrites. Hypocrisy is their sin. Ours is just different. But they are all sins.

                    • Majora Luna

                      The non-hypocrites (christians I assume) are simply people who mean well but are going about it in a hilariously outdated and inefficient manner.

                      Overall though, as long as a person puts good works above faith, and faith is merely the wrapper through which they spread their kindness, there is no issue. But any time a person puts faith first, there is an issue.

                      For instance, the current pope started spreading a message of “compassion instead of condemnation”. I don’t know if you take the pope seriously but despite him being super religious, his message MAKES SENSE. So props to him for that. Yeah they’re still on about gays being sinful and abortion being wrong but, you know, baby steps. It took the vatican hundreds of years to “forgive” galileo for his blasphemous theory of heliocentrism after all.

                    • Kamerie

                      Do you have faith in being good? I believe you do that is why you do good works? I believe in faith first before works because without faith in Him, who has the all-encompassing love, I won’t give a shit for anybody.
                      If you did not believe in good works, would you even feel joy in helping others?
                      It has to start from faith – believing in a God who I could not see and in what He stands for, only if I knew what He REALLY stands for. Yeshua said that we have already known God if we know Him. I stand for what Yeshua stands for. And then I follow Him to the best of my ability, not because I will go to heaven but because I believe in Him.

                    • Kara Marie

                      This article is a good representation of the restoration of hope in the human race. A human being saw another human being in distress and, instead of reacting in a negative fashion, decided to turn the tides by doing something nice for the other human being. This is how it should be, if we want the world around us to change.
                      I am a Christian and I see the beauty of the influence of the Holy Spirit that helped this human to see the other human in a different light and opened her heart up to a positive reaction, instead of a negative reaction.
                      That being said….everyone who is giving Majora Luna a hard time because he/she is an atheist are perpetuating the cycle of what is wrong with Christians and organized religion today. As Christians, we are supposed to open our hearts and our minds to everyone, not just those who believe as we believe or do as we do. We are meant to walk a “Jesus like path” in our life. This does not mean to look down on and judge those who believe something different than we do, it means to listen to them, give our opinion on faith, profess ourselves are Christians and be there for others, no matter what they believe. Just because a person is an atheist, or agnostic, or Jewish, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or Muslim does not mean that they are lesser human beings. We are all human beings. There are Christian extremists, just like with every other religion, who think that Christianity is the ONLY way. How are we to know that Christianity is the correct religion? Yes. We have faith that we are following the right religion and this faith brings us inner peace, but it is the same faith and inner peace that other humans get from practicing their religion/beliefs.
                      Please, I implore you, beore you cast judgment on another human being, look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself “Am I truly without sin and able to judge this persons actions?”. I understand that the laws of man ask us to judge those who have broken the law, but even then we are presented with evidence for both sides of the argument/issue at hand. We are not supposed to, simply, look at a person and what they are charged with and say “Yup! You’re guilty!”. There are too many people who misinterpret the bible, and any other religion based book, and take it to mean that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Please, please, please (I beg you, on my hands and knees) help to break the vicious cycle that is giving Christianity such a bad name. Try to take a look at life out of someone else’s eyes. Open your eyes and your minds to the possibility that there might be more than one correct answer. In mathematics and science, are there not more than one way to get to the same answer? When driving, are there not more than one route you can take to get from point A to point B? Then why must there be one correct answer to what the “right” religion is?

                    • Skye

                      Major Luna,
                      I appreciate your attempt to get people to think about what it is they really believe and why, and I appreciate your posing questions to get people to perhaps think of flaws in logic… I might however suggest that if you expect people to use logic and an open mind while reading your posts, it would perhaps be better not to hurl meaningless insults while posing your points.
                      You say that the truth of a statement can stand on its own without help of celebrities. I say that it should be able to stand on its own without insults as well. You try to present points that are seldom logically discussed, yet insulting the people holding those views will only turn them away from what your saying and make them wish to dismiss it as a pissed off guy who’s mad at the thought of God because if God were to exist, God isn’t the way he likes…
                      As to science, I find it interesting how you say that when religious people do science, it is like a child playing with a fake tool… What is science? Science is seeking to find answers about the world through empirical evidence–also namely through the scientific method. For anything to be scientific, it must be observable, repeatable, testable, and falsifiable. There are many things that science cannot prove. For instance the theories of Evolution (relative to origins) and Creationism are equally un-scientific, as neither are observable or repeatable, and science fails to absolutely prove things–science is merely a tool that allows one to remove doubt regarding a theory. If something is a law, we regard it as true because it makes sense and has shown to be reliably observable, repeatable, testable, and falsifiable with consistent results.
                      I think do you people who hold religious beliefs an injustice by throwing all of them into one category without regard for differences in individuals. I believe you misunderstand some of the bases of true Christianity, and while I agree that most religious people seem ignorant, hypocritical, and self-absorbed, I know several who are open-mindedly seeking truth from an evidential standpoint from as objective a position as they can.
                      What are your scientific standpoints and biases (everyone has a bias no matter how objective they try to be)? Are there things that you believe that are unscientific. You seem to be attacking the people and not the belief. As how celebrity endorsements do not make anything more or less true, the hypocrisy of those who claim a belief does not reflect on the truth or falsity of the belief itself. It would be much appreciated if you could present a case that is actually objectively an evidence against Christianity or religion.
                      I have some questions for you regarding many of the things you’ve stated, namely regarding the question “Why?”
                      Why, if there is no God, do so many insist on believing in one?
                      If there is no God and the world is ruled by the laws of survival of the fittest (do you even believe in the survival of the fittest?) then how did devolution occur to create some higher power?
                      In the case that you do believe in survival of the fittest (I’m not saying you do or don’t, but as I don’t know where you stand on the matter, I’ll use this as an example), where is your basis of morality coming from? What does it matter?
                      I have many questions because I would like to better understand your position, because I realize that it is only in understanding your position that there can be any sort of logical conversation.
                      As to the altruism, it seems that everyone has altruistic tendencies.

                    • Merrill

                      Well said Skye. I appreciate your style and tact! Most responses on a forum are a knee-jerk reaction. This was very well thought out.

                      This comment thread reminds me of a heated rivalry in football where one fan degrades the opposing, almost trying to convince the other why their team is better, or makes them a better individual…when in all reality, both are entitled to their opinions – and bickering never convinces the other of their point.

                      Truth is, if everyone’s “discussion” on this thread were to edify all parties involved, all parties would need to be receptive. I don’t see that happening with specific individuals in this thread…

                  • Kamerie

                    What had happened that you became hateful of believers in God’s providence? Do you really know who God is? Or are you just expressing your own Schizophrenia?

                  • Matt

                    You have given a lot of thought to your argument Majora, and I respect that. I don’t know what the truth is. None of us may ever truly know. I know what this guy believes in though, that is God hears our prayers.

                    Prayer is not pointless, my good sir. It shows faith. Faith means believing in whatever you believe in, even when everything in the universe is telling you not to, including you.

                    You have the right to say and believe whatever you want. And you have every right to believe that you’re better than every so-called ” spineless coward” of a Christian. But that doesn’t make it true.

                    Remember that when you’re burning in hell.

                    • John Thom

                      This was great until the last line. I really, really wish atheists were going to get the chance to say “I told you so.”

                      C’est la vie.

                    • Majora Luna


                      “I want to see you suffer for eternity” jumping backflipping christ Jesus himself is weeping from how inadequate he is in the face of your christlike behavior!

                      Yeah you’ve definitely got this “be a follower of christ” thing down-pat. Yup, biiiiiiig promotion waiting for you in heaven for sure.

                      So, tell me then, what good is there from “believing in whatever you believe in despite everything else telling you not to”? which you worded in a sloppy fashion. The wording assumes it will be people telling you not to believe. You know, you can have all the faith in the world that 2 + 2 = potato but faith does not equal nor change facts.

                      This is the problem with you sniveling cowards. When you are unable to face the music you hide behind a sickeningly smug sense of superiority with your voodoo bullshit. “yeah you’re stupid because my cherished beliefs cannot possibly be wrong and because you say they are you’re gonna burn in hell!”

                      Who decides who’s gonna burn in hell. You? or your genocidal psychopathic tyrant of a god? Better not do his job for him or you’ll get sent to hell if you make him jealous of your power!

                      So yeah, based on this I feel no remorse for calling you retarded. Come back when your argument isn’t based on petty fear-mongering. Telling someone like me they’re gonna burn in hell is like a hippie telling you they’re going to punch you in your aura, or a child telling you that santa won’t bring you any toys this year.

                      Have fun in your pitiful little fantasy land. As John Thom above me (or below? however Disqus orders comments) said, in my own words, “My only regret as an atheist is that I will not be able to tell you “I told you so” after we’re all dead”.

                    • Yousodumb

                      Dude, I’m not even a christian and you’re just being a f*cking asshole to these people. Leave them alone.

                      You accuse them of being stupid, but you’re being quite stupid yourself by sitting here and yelling at them. I mean seriously…if you go to a farm and start screaming at the horses to stop eating grass, they’re going to look at you like you’re crazy. Who’s the stupid one? The horse who’s just doing what he’s able to do? Or, you who knows the horse won’t change and chooses to scream at it anyways?

                      You’re just being a childish bully in this thread, and you look stupid. Yes, even to fellow atheists.

                      Idiot. Just leave it.

                    • Matt

                      How hypocritical and pompous you are… Ya know, you’re no better than what you are accusing us to be. The good that comes from faith is something I would never expect someone like yourself to understand. The thing that makes me the saddest about your whole little charade here is that you, for whatever reason, seem to feel the need to use the almighty power of your keyboard to get on the Internet and tell all these strangers how “retarded” we are for believing in our own choice of religion. You seem to feel that we are “blinded” by our beliefs and somehow that makes us retarded. While you, the wisest of all people ever to exist, see the world perfectly for what it is. I don’t know what kind of miserable life you’ve had that makes you feel the need to do all this, but I pity you.

                      Also, you should know that I most certainly do not wish to see you burning in hell, nor did I say I did. I’d never wish that on anyone. And it is not I who decides if you go to hell or not. You do that.

                      Oh, and “Do you even christianity?” is a quote from one of your comments above. Before calling others retarded, you might want to do a little proofreading.

                      Now, I’ve already wasted enough time in this pointless argument, so I won’t be posting again. I hope one day God softens your heart so that you may find peace and happiness without feeling the need to belittle others with petty insults and “facts” based on your twisted, illogical way of thinking on the Internet. Good day.

                    • Karen

                      I find it interesting that you spend so much time debating on this forum if you are truly so self- assured. Perhaps your doubts could point you to truth instead of back to yourself. Praying for your heart to be softened and your eyes to be given sight.

                  • Kamerierose

                    How many more lucks and coincidences could happen without prayer?

                    • Majora Luna

                      All of them? did you know that it completely possible to flip a coin a million times and have it land on the same side every time? It may not be likely but it is possible.

                      Prayer has zero effect on anything. Consider that people are constantly praying for contradictory or impossible things? I’m sure many people pray to win the lottery but that isn’t going to happen. Largely because of the 1 in 175 million odds, and also because there is not enough money for everyone to win the jackpot.

                    • Kamerie

                      Why would you pray for a coin to land on the same side a million times?
                      Thought is powerful. If you you convince your mind not to believe in Christianity anymore, you will not believe in Christianity anymore. Collective thought is more powerful. A group of people praying about one theme is moving that collective thought to action. A person praying for one particular thing over and over again is moving that power of thought.
                      Yeshua’s relatives already convinced themselves that they will not believe in Him. That is why only a few miracles happened in His hometown.

                    • Majora Luna

                      And yet, for the entire first century AD, not a single scrap of paper mentions a magic water-walking jew. None whatsoever. Not a single source can be found outside of the bible that mentions any miracles or the supernatural happenings that occurred at the time of jesus. The earliest ones date to anywhere from 60-110 years after the time of jesus.
                      People have mentioned how “biblical prophecies” came true but assume that the bible was written at a certain time. Instead, consider the following.

                      Say I’m writing a book, right? Today is thursday. now let’s say I am writing it from the point of view that it is monday. but since I’m trying to fool people I will write that on TUESDAY, something will happen. since it’s thursday, it already happened. but if people BELIEVE that I wrote the book on monday, they will think I predicted something. this is how prophecies come true.
                      Of course, another way prophecies come true is if I make vague generalized statements that can fit a variety of contexts or are simple conclusions. This is how horoscopes work. and biblical prophecies. For example some idiot told me that the bible predicted that there would be people who would hate christians and christianity. That is a pretty simple concept, no? no elaborate hocus-pocus. It’s not a hard stretch of imagination to suppose that christians will be hated. So that “prophecy” is as mysterious and divine as saying that the sun will come up tomorrow.

                      The coin example flew over your head. I was mentioning it to make a point about how “improbable” is not the same thing as “impossible” and that when the “improbable” occurs it does not mean supernatural workings.

                    • Kamerie

                      I have to research that for myself.
                      Consider this, what ancient culture survived until today? Jewish culture survived all forms and manner of devastation. The Israelites are going back to their land from all corners of the world, and this was prophesied in the bible.
                      Where are all the ancient cultures gone?
                      Aren’t all good laws derived from the Torah? Ten commandments? aren’t the ten commandments and Yeshua’s teaching of loving God and others good enough for mankind to live well?
                      Why is it hard for man to follow such simple rules, which is beneficial to himself, anyway?

                    • Rob Hopper

                      Hi, I’ve been skimming through some of your comments. While Im not one to usually meddle in “chatroom” discussions like these, I did want to chime in on this one. I apologize for the careless language of some of the “Christians” on this site. I appreciate your willingness to dialogue. Here is thoughtful article on the “Historicity of Jesus Christ” with a number of secular, or extra-biblical sources validating the historicity of Jesus…many of them 1st century.


                      I’d love to continue this discussion, I probably wont be checking this blog again. My email address is

                  • Tiffany

                    Prayers are not just sending up requests but having a relationship with God. Talking, listening, following. We aren’t insinuating God has “messed up” when we pray. He helps align our thoughts with his plan through this communication. Allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us during that time. Also, good works come through our faith. It’s not just sitting around hoping for a miracle. God calls us to “Go”. When we are feeling bitter, angry, hurt, we can ask God to heal our hearts, to open our hearts to hearing from him. Many times he will call us to action to apologize, forgive, extend Grace or to serve. There is no witchcraft involved. Just committing ourselves to opening our hearts to having a relationship with a perfect, loving, Holy God. Our creator, our Father. p.s. He Loves You too. Even when you deny him. Praying you welcome him into your life. You won’t be sorry you did, He will transform your life.

                  • sockbunny08

                    So spot on Majora. Thank you.

                  • Blessed

                    Who says that being humble, grateful and prayerful is not courageous and a lot of effort. Evil calls evil good and good evil

                  • HumbleOutsider

                    tell me, what have you done for these helpless people you speak of?

                  • Crafty

                    Faith without works is dead – it says so right in the bible.

                    I grew up as a Christian and became an atheist in my late teens and twenties (although I hate the label atheist). After becoming a mother I have found my way back to my Christian roots. I have a very different view on Christianity and religion. I pray for people and I let people know that I am praying for them…it’s pretty much the same thing as telling someone you are thinking about them. Praying for God to give people peace and understanding in difficult circumstances. Praying without working is not going to get your mortgage paid…but maybe God will help you see an opportunity to get a job.

                  • Just saying

                    Not all prayers are asking for something, many are giving thanks for all He has given us. I am sorry you have not decided to follow Jesus. He died on the cross for you and loves you. Someday you will learn this because all you have to do is believe that Jesus is the son of God and that He died for your sins.

                  • Mia Hampton

                    Regardless of whether or not I agree with your perspective, I am saddened that, for such a beautiful story, the comments are so hateful and divisive. Live and let live…if someone makes a humane choice and decides to give “God the glory”, so what??? They still put benevolent energy into the world, so why discount that simply because you view the source of that benevolence differently. Our minds, hearts and experiences all vary, but deep down most of us want the same things. How about we focus on what we have in common rather than how we differ?

                  • WesMar856

                    That name!!! Are you referring to your posterior???

                  • John

                    Stop throwing your pearls to the swine people.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Ah, that good christian love. Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor”? Is there an asterisk? Like “unless he challenges your beliefs then get super petty and cover your ears and go ‘lalalalala’ really loudly because if you can’t hear otherwise, then your delusions are true!”

                  • Jerry Wescott

                    ML – You do realize that no one’s mind is ever changed on internet posts, right? We just take shots at each other and think how cool we are to have been so clever … but personal attacks and assaults on a person’s beliefs have proven historically to be pretty useless, and sometimes have the very opposite effect. See, Christians believe that their God is not a human; “not a man that he should lie,” and is actually so totally above us, that we cannot, with our simple three dimensionally-constrained minds comprehend Him. He is sovereign, and beyond our judgments. Consider:

                    “6. Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
                    7. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
                    8. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
                    9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
                    ~ from Isaiah 55, KJV

                  • CThomas

                    Majora, I will pray for your soul. What in life has made you the bitter person you are? Find and believe in God. He will open your world to happiness with Him. Only believe and choose not to spend eternity in fire and burning hell. It can only come from you and your heart. Wake up before it is too late. Again . . . I will pray for you.

                    • Majora Luna

                      All I read was “just turn your brain off and pick this arbitrary set of mythology as the true one for no other reason than I said so! and I believe it is true therefore in my mind it is true!”

                      No, I’m not going to make myself stupid just for the sake of warm fuzzies. But I see that intellectual integrity is a disposable commodity for folks like you.

                      I like how you think praying will do anything. But hey, if you genuinely think your magic thinking powers will sway your god and achieve an earthly effect, then focus your efforts on all the children and in general people worldwide who will be dead within the hour because of disease and poverty.

                  • Sidnafziger

                    I feel sad for you. We do not pray so that God will do what we want, we pray asking for strength to do what we know we must, for hope, love, justice, to make us see things differently, to help others get the strength they need. It is not Ike we are praying to ask God to take out the garbage or do the chores. By praying, we are not just sitting idly by, we are taking action, and by praying and feeling closer to God, we find what we need to do what we need to do. It allows us to be kind to one another, instead of speaking harsh words to strangers we do not even know. It allows us to be tolerant of people who act like young children who think they know everything. It makes us stronger people, because we have faith.

                    • Majora Luna

                      So prayer has gone from witchcraft to an unnecessary middleman? Do you lack so much fortitude that you need cheap empty rituals to accomplish what any normal person can do? I feel sad for you.

                  • Crasher

                    All you do is tear others down. That is the sign of a weak, sad individual. Why would you go out of your way to come to this site and make this comment? You are the sad individual, not those who come to share a faith that makes them feel better about their lives.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Are you so weak that you value a cheap high above anything else? Heroin makes people feel good too but I don’t see you championing that. Come back when you’re grown a spine.

                    • Crasher

                      You assume you know me now? I do not champion anything. I do not champion Christianity. I think organized religion in this world is flawed and mistaken in its methodology.

                      You totally miss my point: that you have come to this site to for the sole purpose of tearing people down. You are here to insult and belittle. So many atheists talk about finding strength within themselves and building unity and peace among humanity. And then we have you. Someone who takes joy in insults and arguments. YOU are the lowest form of life on this planet. YOU have no spine. You proved it when you called me spineless. You prove it every time you go out of your way to visit a Christian website just to spew your vial rhetoric. You can call me all the words you want, knowing you are safe behind the anonymity of the internet. I am secure in my own life and my own strength, I have no need insult and belittle. I came here to point out your own weakness and hypocrisy and see if I could get my point through. Instead, I see you will only resort to the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” rhetoric of a three year old.

                      Have fun with that.

                    • Majora Luna

                      Ohhh, I see. Shaking people’s delusions and being an asshole about it makes me a lower life form? If it’ll satisfy your bloated ego I could always go throw acid on someone’s face. Yes, you have no spine. You’re playing that sniveling “political correctness” rhetoric where any kind of affront is equal to any other. Call someone a retard? Yes! THat is just as bad as blowing their brains out! Ask people questions and challenge their fantasies? Oh shit! I’m making stalin blush. You’re an idiot. A blind, misguided idiot. All your red herrings and straw-men won’t hide the fact that you’re just picking at insignificant portions of a situation to prop yourself up on some imaginary high-horse.

                      Come back when you have something relevant to say.

                  • Sarah’s Daughter

                    Prayer is more than asking God for something. It is communicating, relationship, talking; like you do with a good friend. It is one of the privileges that we are given when we ask Christ to come into our life and His Spirit comes to live within us. It is real. I have been walking with the Lord for 40 years and have amazing stories and testimonies of what He has done for me, my family, friends, county, state and country. Many times while I have been praying about a situation the Lord shows me what I can do to help out. I hope that you will come to know Him, too. All good comes from God.

              • Kamerie

                And our inner strength is not enough to make us joyful. What have you done lately that made you JOYFUL?

                • Majora Luna

                  Tsk tsk, so selfish. Always with the “my own joy”. you know where I derive my joy from? the joy of others. I provide companionship to a friend of mine and they give their thanks for it, which is what brings me joy. I assist people whenever I can with whatever they need assistance with, and successfully helping them is what brings me joy.

                  My happiness is derived from the joy of others that I am able to bring them.

                  • Kamerie

                    And so with me. This is conscience and heart and all the good stuff that Yeshua has taught. It gives Him joy to heal the sick ,and teach the unknowing, and feed the hungry.

              • Blessed

                Such anger!!!!!

              • Ben Benny

                Yeah, Majora Luna, right you are. But what you call “your inner strength” IS
                G-d. One of the great gifts we received from the Eternal was to have the strength to fend for ourselves.

                • Majora Luna

                  I like how you think that “the truth” is a set of classical-era mythology which is specifically derived from or an otherwise altered version of mythology from even more ancient cultures.

                  It’s also conveniently why “faith” is constantly stressed as an “important virtue”. Because how else are people going to buy this nonsense unless they’re tricked that “believing it anyways no matter how many red flags your brain throws at you” is this positive thing when really it’s just a tool to ensure the myth survives.

                  Nevermind the fact that for decades beforehand the stories in the bible were oral traditions. Passed down verbally. Subject to minor alterations until you end up with a considerably different story than what you started with.

                  So! A tale that underwent oral modification before being written down decades after the events told, that is overall re-branded pagan myths and traditions.

                  You bet your ass faith is essential. Essential to staying dumb. Have fun with your batshit insanity. :)

              • John Paul Ramos

                Spineless coward? So angry. You want a latte?

            • Nick

              If you think god is talking to you, then you need to see a shrink.

          • Nick

            How condescending. I’m not sad or angry; I’m just rational. In fact, I’m happier now that I’m god-free than I’ve ever been, because I don’t have to worry about a magical sky daddy getting angry over things that don’t even matter.

          • Treavor

            I, for one, love my life and do so freely with no god. I do good, I am charitable, I have a loving wife and family. I own my own business, I am successful, and I share that success with those closet to me. I have no doubts, no qualms with others, nor do I fear my future. My life is quite good, and I see no fire ;) It isn’t having god or not having a god that makes people angry. I’ve known plenty of “godly” Christians that were a lot worse off, and angrier than I have ever been.

        • iGuessimaTrollToo

          You can’t be serious, dude. You are on a Christian website, stop trolling with your negativity. And this is coming from a non-Christian who appreciated this article because even with my “atheist” views I know that with or without God being a good compassionate human is a priority in life.

          Right now, you look silly and you are making the rest of is who do not believe in God look silly too.

          I hope all of these people pray for you.

          • Love

            Beautiful answer. Thank you.

          • Paulita Selene

            Excellent response..Now go to an Atheist site and ask them to stop talking like that to Christians that read and comment on the articles they approve Texas girl wins Scholarship etc. Only one and I mean one out of hundreds of responses to me was like yours, the rest were mean and nasty insults and I am now carrying on a descent conversation with an Atheist. While right below my comment was the comment..You piss us off because your an @ss&hole..It seriously proved my point about being good and nice. God is like air. You can’t see it but you know it’s there, your grateful to have it because without it we are toast..I don’t have to prove God exists because he just IS..I can’t explain it..All I know is I’m a completely different person in life now than the ugly person I was without Jesus..

            • dot dot dot

              You’re* not your. Also, typing $ymb0ls does not make a curse word any less a curse word.

              • A regular guy

                Don’t pick on people over petty things when that not the main point here. It makes you look petty.

              • David

                spelling nazi, is that all you can take from the story?

              • USMC5053

                ‘You’re not your’ is not a sentence. Try, ‘The correct spelling is ‘you’re’, not ‘your’. Don’t you just hate nit-picking commenters like me that get off subject? By the way, most comment software will not allow the use of ‘foul’ language, thus the insertion of symbols. Wrong again, I’m afraid.

                • Paulita Selene

                  Read comment below.

              • Paulita Selene

                Read reply below..Thank you.

            • Beth Brown

              As Christians we are called to be different, so I’m glad to see the response on this site was difference. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case & I’ve seen Christians post some very offensive things too. We are all human. Just like the article above we don’t really know what people are going through in their lives & what led them to the point of posting such things.

              • CACondor

                Why is it when someone says they are Christian “a follower of Christ” and consistently act and speak otherwise we say “Look at that Christian”. Jesus replied to those who claimed to know him and do wonders in his name “Get away from me I NEVER knew you” Many claim to be Christian because they were born that way – Does not work that way. You cannot be a follower of Christ and be a “hater”.

                • sproberts10

                  “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.” First John Four: Twenty

                  Just like other commandments, we often get off track. I love the point of this article, which is to say on our own we cannot love people the way God does, and without that love we cannot love Him. But because He already loved us so much (John Three: Sixteen) He gives us that love for others. As an explanation to anyone who can’t understand why people rely on God so much for this instead of the unity of humankind, I offer this: I am not physically capable of loving someone who belittles me, judges me, interrogates me for the sake of proving me wrong, who despises me, and who can’t treat me with respect…but God does. And as the author points out, if I can simply humble myself enough to know that I can’t and that I need help, He is quick to supply what I need to love others as He does. Thank you God :)

            • CrazyforYeshua

              Amen, well said

            • rachelspurgeon

              I agree that God exists and that he is seeking a relationship with each person who trusts in HIm … but Paulita Selene – you should be ashamed to be posting about being a christian who believes in God and using curse words. God is not pleased with that act. You might as well have not said anything – I think you should pull the beam out of your eye before pointing out the splinter in someone else’s eye.

              • kc

                Paulita was quoting the person who posted on her comment – she wasn’t using the curse words…..

              • Majora Luna

                If it’s in the bible, it’s not a curse word! Stop being so pedantic.

              • Paulita Selene

                Read comment below..

              • Terri DeBruler

                there’s the judging thing again….. bet you didn’t even realize you did that ! everyone is Human no one is Perfect !

            • Jessica

              looks like you’re the one this article was about, swearing at others. Give it a break and lets just talk about the goodness in this article. Aren’t we here because we want and need to hear the “Good News”? Your post should be deleted for swearing, and I’m sorry but using symbols instead of the real letters – to me it’s one in the same. God bless you, as you seem to be the one having a bad day. May I pay for your coffee??

              • CACondor

                Petty – She quoted what was being said – If that offends you I am sorry for you

              • Paulita Selene

                Finally got back to this..It was a quote. That is the words used. Not my words but words shared to make a point..There is no other words to describe those for insensitive people the word rectum is offensive..The symbols are necessary in order for them not to be deleted..I’m normally not so petty as to criticize posts for spelling, grammar or anything else but, the message it contains..Not all of us are such superior beings as yourself with an all knowing mind..Be patient and kind..It just might make a difference in your day and mine..

            • Jerri

              Paulita, I know some atheists like that. I also have two very close friends who are atheists. One of them and I have the agreement we don’t talk religion much, but we talk about scuba and he knows I pray for him. He says he knows my heart and intent and thank you. :-) The other listens to me talk about my faith and has no problems with it at all. If you were to talk to them, I think you would find a different atheist, and just imagine, if they are that groovy as atheists, imagine them as Christians. ;-)

            • CACondor

              Right on I do not see anything wrong with your comment at all. You stated what was being said as discreetly as you could. Rachelspurgeon – We need to take care of our own logs before we tell someone else to.

          • Porkchops

            hahaha awesome

          • Ciara Raven Blaze

            I know plenty of people who identify as agnostic or atheist… some of them are like Tykian and just HAVE to ruin the good vibes of things like this… most of them, though, are more like you. thank you for speaking up–the world needs to know that not all atheists are jerks, just like not all Christians are the doomy and hateful “you’re going to hell if you don’t believe what I believe” type.

          • Tami Collup Scheinman

            Good for you!

          • Majora Luna

            Ah, a conservative atheist. The kind of spineless coward who recognizes the bullshit but is still mired in it deep enough to fully break free. Cut that shit out.

            • KC

              Majora, in what do you believe?

              • Majora Luna

                What do you mean? Do I choose to accept things as true without any evidence behind them or in spite of any contradictory evidence? No. Do I choose to subscribe to a certain way of thinking just because it is comforting in spite of it not making any sense? No.

                I “believe” in logic and reason. I “believe” in the pursuit of knowledge. Real knowledge. Not just empty answers designed to placate the ignorant man’s superstitious fears.

                I recognize/acknowledge the harm that religion has done over the ages. I recognize that to this day, nothing has really changed about it. It is still a force of control, manipulation, and subjugation. A machine of hate and intolerance. Yes, hate and intolerance. If you fail to recognize a cult for what it is when those adhering to it the most strictly/fundamentally are the bad guys, that speaks volumes of one’s own selfish desire to preserve the fantasy.

                To claim that a piece of classical-era mythology is any more valid than the hundreds and/or thousands of mythologies conceived by man over the years is the pinnacle of arrogance. How curious that the more religious someone is, the less they’ve often bothered to do any significant research on it?

                Every single time I’ve engaged with a theist in serious debate, I always see the same things: A fear of the unknown, intellectual laziness, the erroneous belief that ideas are immune to scrutiny merely because they are “treasured” by the individual. It’s all the same dance, people just perform different psychological acrobatics (Some Cirque Du Soleil type freaky s***) to preserve the fantasy without any desire to change their way of thinking.

                Yes, life sucks. Nature doesn’t care. The universe is big and mostly empty. No one knows how the universe started. The explanations put forth by people pursuing knowledge for the origins of life, and the origins of man, has not sat well with mankind’s hubris.

                Crying because you don’t like facts/reality does not make a belief any less idiotic or facts any less true. Refusal to accept this is a large part of what has kept religion going.

          • Green ribbon

            If you do not believe in God why do you believe in prayer?

            • Majora Luna

              Because he, like all cowardly people who strive for a “middle-ground” for these sorts of things, lacks integrity. The human mind is its own worst enemy when people choose to utilize it incorrectly.

          • Frenesi

            Agreed. I’m an agnostic who found this site via Facebook and thought this post was lovely. Why come on this site and insult the readership? Aren’t the lessons from Susan’s post applicable to us all, no matter what beliefs we hold?

        • Gregory Walker Levitsky

          He created you to live and breathe Him. Walking “on your own strength” may mean that you do not need to rely on others or be a burden, but every human being relies on God for every breath and heartbeat, even if you do not care to recognize it. No one was designed to walk without God – there’s no shame in that. He is the fuel we run on, and His love brings us together. If you let hatred divide you, that’s your fault, not God’s. May He grant you the wisdom to see it.

          • Majora Luna

            Actually, every human relies on biochemistry to keep on truckin’. Those cellular interactions don’t carry themselves out!

            • Gregory Walker Levitsky

              No one debates that. I’m not sure what your point is. Christians do not disbelieve biochemistry, nor are they ignorant of it, sorry…

            • nexg

              A lot of christians are just lazy people who want to leave everything to God and not do anything themselves to change themselves.

            • American White Dude

              You seem angry at Christians. Fair enough. But what is it you are after here? A few laughs? Someone to keep you company? Did you even read the blog or do you just troll around while at work looking for a cyberfight? I’m confused.

        • eagle

          WOW, tykian,u sound like a low information liberal, or maybe ur jus a moron…

          • Frustrated

            You feel the need to call him a liberal within the same breath as a moron because???? I’m praying for you, “eagle”.

            • CACondor

              There you go put them down with spirituality – but do keep praying for all of us

            • Susan

              Because eagle is a total douche, that’s why.

              • Nosebleed

                I feel edified, i did not know this was a christian website, i’m not a christian, i’m on here quite often, forgive me for tresspassing, oh, and i do not feel as i am a douche bag either, Is this the new thought pattern, if you’re not a christian, you’re obvoiusly a douchebag, Actually i’ve always kind of liked the word douchebag, has kind of an international ring to it. I suppose i’m also now a traitor because i disbelieve certain political doctrines. After reading this enlightening diatribe i will certainly be more careful in the future of denying or ascribing to anything lest i will automatically be designated someting else altogether. HHmmmm.

          • Ciara Raven Blaze

            hey now–there are plenty of wonderful people who are Christian and liberal. your assumption that all liberals are atheists is disgusting.

            • JohnC

              And there are many atheists who are also wonderful people, so it should not be “disgusting” to be accused of being one if you are.

              • Ciara Raven Blaze

                that too–having good morals has nothing to do with your religious upbringing or lack thereof. :)

                the only thing, by the way, that I think is disgusting about being accused of being an atheist is the sweeping generalizations part. to me, it’s disgusting to assume that ALL people of a certain type are exactly alike. it’s equally disgusting to assume that all Christians are super-conservative. some are, some aren’t.

                • JohnC

                  Exactly. As an agnostic atheist that came upon this article elsewhere, it pisses us off to be accused of being Satan-loving and hateful and I can only think it feels the same for moderate Christians. I’m fine with what anyone believes as long as they don’t try to forcefully impose those beliefs on others.

                  • Ciara Raven Blaze

                    that’s what I believe too. I personally identify more as a deist than anything else (to put it as simply as I can because it sounds more complicated than that), but one of my closest friends is an atheist. does that mean he’s a bad person? no. another friend of mine is a Mormon–does that mean she’s a hardline conservative who hates liberals? no. I also have a friend who converted to Islam a few years ago–he’s a white kid in Ohio. does that mean he’s part of Al Qaeda or the Taliban? nope. you get the idea.

                    • JohnC

                      Agreed. One thing I would like to see now is more of a diversity in our government- politically, racially, in gender, in age, and religiously. Most of the government is comprised of white, protestant, older men who just go with whatever their party says. Sadly, the feasibility of election of other groups seems to be low. It would be nice to have more women, some Muslims, atheists/agnostics, Jews (well, more, because there are some already), some more underrepresented minorities, and some younger people, and more moderates so more compromise can happen. Sadly, many people don’t want any more than Christians in office because they feel it’s a “Christian nation,” which Jefferson himself said America is not officially affiliated with any religion. Minorities seem to be getting more traction but I think they could help with perspectives on racial gaps if there were more. I don’t think many people would go for younger people because they think they’re inexperienced, but I think younger minds would be of benefit because they grew up in more similar times to today than the 50+ majority. As we go along, we will have to see, but the status quo of partisan politics is a huge mess.

          • Majora Luna

            The way you wrote this really doesn’t do much to hide the fact that you are a colossal retard.

        • akamber

          Deeply praying for you by name.

        • Monique

          Tykian, I am so sorry you felt the need to lash out with such extreme anger. God does exist and is not Fake!! He is our Creator, Sustainer, Owner, Ruler, and Redeemer of the world and ALL that is in it, and that includes you and me. You are right about one thing, you do need Him we all need Him!!!!! What is fake is the idea (lie) that we can walk and become fruitful in our own strength.

          • Tykian

            Just thought I’d reply once, it has to be to all of you.

            I once believed. This religion was just another divide between the HUMAN RACE. I just thought I’d do to you when your kind does to me on a daily basis. Which is comes in and disvalues everything I believe in, tells me I’m going to hell. Whatever. Just to see the reactions. Next time you turn around to lecture me, remember this. And for my records, when you pray for me, what outcome do you ask for? I’m just curious.

            Oh and for the record. Notice how many votes that post got, in the end, you can have your faith, but I’ll still be right. When I give the homeless man outside Tim Hortons change for coffee in the morning, your GOD had no part of it. I was the one who decided to do that. Just as GOD takes no collection from the plate.

            “How weak is a faith which rejects and limits it’s deity’s most prized creation” ~Anonymous

            I still wish you all a great life, however you may choose to lead it.

            • ibnt

              Actually, Tykian, I’m afraid that on atheism the homeless guy is just a “random collocation of atoms”. Helping him may be your preference, but your preference is not “good” because “good” is a moral judgement and on atheism, morality is non-existent. You might like atheist Arthur Leff’s classic essay ( or Andy Bannister’s paper (

              (We’ll save the fact that on atheistic naturalism, your mind is just a chemical soup, fizzing, so your thinking purely illusory, for another time :-)

              • ibnt

                And Arthur Leff’s URL broke. Try:

              • MoralAtheist

                Your implication that atheists lack morality is truly disappointing. Not solely because that’s really what you believe, but because you chose to spread hate and judgment on a post that was filled with the opposite. Honestly, shame on you. Who are you to criticize someone’s beliefs or lack of? What happened to the loving gospels of Jesus? One verse I remember well, and try to share with my fellow atheist-hating humans is:

                Matthew 5:43-48 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

                And yeah, that comes from an atheist.

                • JustSay’n

                  According to the actual definitions of naturalism and atheism, ibnt is correct, though he could have tried to make his point in a more respectful manner. Morals don’t exist in atheism, unless taken from Christianity or another theistic religion or maybe even from a transcendental religion.

                  • JustSay’n

                    And I do not believe he was “hating” with that post, but only being a disrespectful “i’m better than you, i’ll show you up” kind of person. And tykian’s post was not “just the opposite”. She/he criticized the Christian’s beliefs, so as naturalists, shouldn’t we expect to be criticized if we ourselves criticize? Please look at both sides of an argument without preconceived ideas beforehand.

                  • Trish

                    Morals actually are not based on religion. They are based on humanity. We all learn our morals from our parents. Not from a God or Gods, or a book. I find those who NEED religion to be humane or kind lack conscience, compassion and empathy. And that is where religion or spirituality IS needed. I don’t begrudge those who do NEED religion to stay humane. Whatever works to make the world a better place. And before you start telling me what Atheism is, I am not Atheist. However, I have many lovely friends who are, and they exemplify what makes Atheists and Atheism great. Just like I have wonderful Christian friends who do the same their own faith. Oh, and, for the record, I am not Christian either.

                    • JustSay’n

                      Morals actually are based off of religious writings. For example, people living in a place like America where the Christian bible is more influential, both religious and nonreligious people are influenced by the defined “morals” in the book. On the flip side, both religious and nonreligious people in places like Saudi Arabia are influenced by the “morals” written about in the Quran. In America, killing a woman for cheating on her husband is morally unacceptable, but the same consequence is morally sound in Saudi Arabia. Two completely different moral outlooks, but both influenced by a religious writing.

                    • Trish

                      influenced, I’ll give you that. but not necessarily in a good way, most of the time. the old testament which Jews, Muslims and Christians read and follow to differing extents has a lot of what I would consider morally repugnant things espoused. the quran mostly preaches love and acceptence, even of women, just like the new testament. but humans will do as they will even with a written testament saying otherwise. and, to be very clear, there were definitely morals before there was writing or books. my religion has no books, yet we have very high morals as a people.

                    • JustSay’n

                      Ancient religions and writings influence and set a basis for newer ones. That’s how it’s always been. And yes humans will do as they will, but the sense of moral right and wrong comes from religious influence or the rejection of such. Actual “right and wrong” is nonexistent. Why is something right? Why is something wrong? What makes it right or wrong? Is it all in our minds? This is something I would like to understand…

                    • angellgirl

                      As a friend of mine who is a highly-educated Atheist and former devout Muslim: “Christians are generally a lot nastier than their book asks them to be, whereas Muslims are often a lot nicer than their book asks.” I make no judgement on this statement at all, just put it out there as something he said.

                    • ryan

                      randompersonForgive me, but though I somewhat agree with the Christian part of this statement, I very much disagree with the Muslim part.

                    • ryan

                      honestly don’t know where “randomperson” come from…

                    • angellgirl

                      You’re welcome to agree or disagree, but I know plenty of very kind people who are Muslim.

                    • vonvervengarten

                      Your highly educated friend must not keep up with world events. Just puttin’ it out there…

                    • angellgirl

                      He does. And he knows a heck of a lot of Muslims. As do I. And most are kind people.

                    • vonvervengarten

                      A nun came to our church to fund raise for her mission and raise awareness of the plight of the indigenous people in the country she worked. My daughter approached her to ask if she could spend some time as a volunteer there. No, the nun replied, you are blonde and obviously Christian, it would be too dangerous for you to come.

                      I guess all the kind Muslims are in your neighbourhood. That’s great.

                • Jordan

                  I guess I’m gonna have to jump in on this as well. :) First, I want to start by saying that I am not posting this to come down on anyone for their beliefs at all, but am merely posting this as a discussion (aka, not an argument haha). But so far as the ideas of morality goes, I don’t think ibnt meant to say that atheists are immoral people as a whole, or at least I hope that he did not. Don’t get me wrong: they absolutely can be, but Christians absolutely can be as well sadly. Whether or not they were true Christians or not is a whole other topic for another day. However, I believe this does not harm my point, but rather it helps it out that much more. I’ll try and break it up into different points here.

                  1) If taking an honest and logical look at this question, the idea of evolution and morality has trouble working together. Here is why: both objective as well as subjective morality cannot fit together when staying true to a evolutionary standpoint. Or put another way, there is no foundation for the idea of morality in the realm of evolution. Many have tried doing this, but ultimately end up failing to do so. When considering the idea that we have evolved over millions of years on this planet and are currently top of the food chain, the simple fact remains that we are just another part of the animal kingdom. No matter our superior intellect or achievements, we’re just animals; mammals to be exact. But it is obvious that there is quite a stark contrast when comparing us to the rest of the animal kingdom. One of the biggest being survival of the fittest. For instance, (a very simple and funny example) a lion is never pulled over by the cops for killing a zebra. That’s pretty down right absurd to even think about. Or a fox stealing the eggs from the would be bird parents. We don’t try to do anything to stop this, cause hey, that’s the way of the road here. However, the same could not be said for that of a human being. I’ll break this into two separate thoughts to cover my bases (or attempt to do so at least haha).

                  Subjective – Many think that it is morally wrong to hunt endangered species or inflicting unjustified pain upon animals in general. I could probably think up a better example, but go with me here cause it’s late. There are many on two sides of the argument. Some believe they are just animals and it doesn’t matter/ Others believe that they are precious creatures and do not deserve such harsh treatment. However, without a moral guide (that being God), one cannot challenge or even disagree with the other person. After all, we are just animals. Though our minds have evolved and grown, survival of the fittest wins out in our favor. I can disagree all I want, but what actually proves one point being right or the other wrong? Where do I get my justification? My feelings on the subject? Well their feelings are saying just the opposite again. How do I find which is right? It is not our government (I’ll get into that later). One will find it incredibly difficult to come up with a solid answer without breaking the boundary of evolution.

                  Objective – A larger point in this theory, if subjective morality does not exist without God, the objective morality certainly cannot either. Now, I will choose one good example to run with. Please forgive me for the intensity of my example, but this proven best when compared to a worst case scenario: The torture and rape of babies for fun. Again, I sincerely apologize, but I will continue. I challenge you to find one place on earth where this is practiced and enjoyed by a people group. If so, quite frankly I think we would have heard about them by now and done something about it. But, if evolution is true, where do you get your justification as to why this is wrong? We’ll make it that much harder. This was a baby that was found to have a defect and as such the tribe would not allow it to live (survival of the fittest). Yet, I would think that everyone reading this post completely agrees that this is sick and twisted. This is an objective morality. Without an outside source dictating what morality is, however, we will find that you can’t disagree with this person and honestly defend that position.

                  Objection 1) Our minds have evolved and we have higher understanding.

                  Though I don’t disagree that we have higher minds that that of animals, the thing that gives the idea of evolution trouble is that despite our minds giving us an illusion of right and wrong, why should we be dictated by this idea? Yes, it may be better for me to help others and be nice, but what about when it comes to a me first scenario? -There’s only one spot left on a life boat between me a woman with her baby. Do I let her go, or trip her to make sure I have a way to live?- Though we may succumb to the wrong choice, we can all agree that it is in fact the wrong choice, and conversely right to let her go and sacrifice myself. Again, we would find it difficult to prove this beyond ourselves. Thought the “herd mentality” may come to mind, it is not a foil-proof counter to this argument at all (as a simple example being used with the boat). We can all agree that though it is better for us to work together, but it makes it that much easier to spot the jerk that fires all of his workers before cashing out on his business.

                  2) Different regions have different moralities

                  Though I will not argue that every nation has the exact same morality (be pretty hard and wrong on my part), however this is more difficult when considering the idea of objective morality. Again, raping babies is not okay anywhere you go. And even deeper into this subject, GOVERNMENTS DO NOT DICTATE MORALITY (sorry haha). They may try to influence the people, but ultimately cannot change morality. Just because Nazi Germany believed that the eradication of Jews was necessary, it did not make it right. Just because other nations treat the opposite sex with disregard, it does not make it right. I can’t help but picture many people in the midst of these acts being hit by their own mistakes and feeling horrible guilt afterwards.

                  Final Point

                  1)Objective and Subjective morality cannot exist apart from God
                  2) Objective and subjective morality does exist
                  3) Therefore, God exists
                  (This entire post does not prove a Christian God in particular, but that there is a God needed for morality to take place. However there are a number of other discussions and historical records that point to a Christian God)

                  In closing, just because we do have objective morality, that does not mean that people actually follow that morality. It’s the ultimate catch 22 with this idea of morality. Morality, though present in our lives, do not dictate our actions, but can influence our lives and actions. And even more so, constant rejections of morality can drown out that little voice telling us that it is wrong. That, is where the beauty of Christianity comes in. Through Christ’s death on the cross, we are forgiven of our wrong doings; something that we cannot do ourselves. This is a seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY deep subject that people have written books about, but am more than happy to answer questions.

                  With that, it is crazy late, and I have gotten on a role more so than I was expecting haha. Again, I do not at all want to come down as condemning or criticizing, but seen as more of a logical discussion on the subject. I recommend On Guard by William Lane Craig for a more detailed look on this subject, but I am more than willing to answer any questions that I may have missed in my post. That being said, I am in the third year of my master’s program and am very busy, so I may be delayed in my response. Hope this helps though!!

                • Paulita Selene

                  I tell atheists I feel love for them..I get nasty ugly responses. I tell them there is a power out there that loves them, a supreme Being that created us all. What I get back is evolution from them, big bang theories and on and on. All of them believe they are right in their beliefs. There is no God. They tend to make fun of grammar, spelling and IQ a lot..I love all people and pray for the worst of them, both victim and killer, especially the killer. I pray they find love and peace in their hearts..Even the forgiveness of Jesus. I look at the be headings and pray my rear off for those people..I look at aborted babies and pray for their mothers, I see wrong and I pray for peace and always love..I have never ever claimed to be a perfect Christian..It is unattainable for us in this life..I am a rotten sinner just like you and all the Christians reading this..We know we are forgiven for our sins, us Christians do anyway. We have strength when we do right by Him..And that is to spread that anyone can be saved through him..

                  • nerdygingerkid

                    I believe in the big bang theory. I just know who made it happen! :)

                • ibnt

                  >> Your implication that atheists lack morality is truly disappointing

                  I’m sorry that your philosophical reasoning is up there with your literacy skills. On atheism, there is NO SUCH THING as good or evil. (Read Lucretius, Hume, Nietzsche, Russell, Gray, Dawkins, Ruse, or a 1001 other philosophers and thinkers). On naturalism, the world simply *is* and your choices are just personal preferences. Read the Arthur Leff essay I pointed you to (he’s an atheist, btw).

            • Minuetinj


              I am truly sorry for whatever or whomever has wounded you. As a Christian and a human being I regret that messengers of belief haven’t loved you well.. That’s all I can say. Peace.

            • arthur

              Just thought I’d reply once, it has to be to all of you.

              I once was an unbeliever. This atheism was just another divide between the HUMAN RACE. I just thought I’d do to you when your kind does to me on a daily basis. Which is comes in and disvalues everything I believe in, tells me I’m nothing but matter. Whatever. Just to see the reactions. Next time you turn around to lecture me, remember this. And for my records, when you denigrate me, what outcome do you ask for? I’m just curious.

              Oh and for the record. Notice how many votes that post got, in the end, you can have your atheism, but I’ll still be right. When I give the homeless man outside Tim Hortons change for coffee in the morning, your “goodness” had no part of it.

              “How weak is humanity which rejects and limits it’s deity.” ~Anonymous

              I still wish you all a great life, however you may choose to lead it.

              • Steveerey

                *brilliant* post.

            • logical

              Faith: Confidence or trust in a person or thing ……. Everyone has faith in something. The chair your sitting in for example. Did you inspect it before you sat down? Or did you just have faith that it would hold you up? You have faith in science, apparently, and the Christians have faith in God. You yourself can’t say that God is not real and that there s a 100% chance that he isn’t. If you do, then you’re saying that you know absolutely everything. Isn’t saying that there might be a God far more logical than saying there absolutely isn’t one, since it is impossible for us to know for sure. And which requires more faith? Saying that everything came from nothing, or that everything was created? Think about it. And if one values logic and truth, they will delve into the evidence and see it for themselves. Really, if looked at through logical study and thinking, believing in a creator is far more logical than believing in nothing. And by what you have said, it seems as though your decisions on God are based off of your negative emotional experience rather than logic. God bless.

              • logical

                @tykian:disqus Oh, and also, your view on “our kind” aka Christians is warped. No Christian I know disvalues agnostics or tells them that they’re going to go to Hell. They show them love, despite how idiotic the nonbelievers think they are. Sure there are hypocrites out there that are snobby and judgmental, but there are also the true and genuine Christians that you are disregarding and devaluing. And when I pray for you, I pray for your happiness and joy. What did you think I would pray for? And in actuality, most divisions showing up in the human race are not due to Christianity (the most persecuted religion in the world), but are due to simple differences in world views. Also, the divisions could be due to everyone using the race card or hater card whenever someone disagrees with them. Notice that I said “could” because I don’t know for sure; it’s just my view. Oh, and how, in any logical sense, does the number of votes you get depict whether you are right or wrong? Care to explain? Once again, God bless.

            • anon

              Blessings fall on the just and unjust.


              Also, “their kind” does not perform the same behavior that you just did on a regular basis. Having a religion does not stop a human from being human first. You know this, but you choose to ignore it because it feels better to blame something or someone other than yourself for the current state you are in. You choose to be one-sided and narrow-minded about the issue of a deity existing, because it doesn’t make sense that bad things happen to people who are “good.” No one can help you if you don’t allow someone to help. You choose to reject any and all help from someone who claims to believe in a deity because you choose to believe that if one is bad, they all are bad. How about people who feel wronged by atheists? Following your logic, if one has been a jerk, all of them should be a jerk too.

              In the end, it’s 50/50 with all religious groups, or those who old a certain world view. Any race, religion, or gender orientation has the good, bad, and ugly. In judging others, it’s only fair to judge yourself too. You have performed just as many wrongs as anyone else out there, regardless of world view or lifestyle. You are no better or worse. You’re blind, narrow-minded, and your pride gets in the way of growing into a better person. You can choose to get out of the rut you’re in, or you can choose to open your mind to other perspectives in life. Note that I’m not even talking about a deity. I’m talking about you. All you’re doing is living in hate and fear of things you don’t understand. You choose to act out through anger. Even Star Wars taught that it leads to a dark path. So… what are you going to do with yourself? Continue to bash a bunch of people you don’t agree with? Continue to be an online troll? Or will you get off of your backside and do something different with your life?

            • A regular guy

              Actually, Tykian, when you choose to do something good for someone it is God who put you in that person’s path and led you to commit your good deed whether you believe in him or not.

            • Rachel

              what Christian here has told you that you’re going to hell? And I’m sure when people say they’ll pray for you the outcome they want is nothing but good for you. Why would they pray to a loving God asking for bad things to be brought upon you? None of these people have that intention.

            • vonvervengarten

              Tykian, when you give the homeless man outside Tim Hortons money, it was after he had prayed to God for something to eat. :) If you did once believe, how is it that mean and nasty people were able to wrench you away from your faith? I would never let another worldly soul interfere in my relationship with God.
              God still has great plans for you Tykian. Perhaps the homeless folks outside Tim Hortons are the benefactors of that.

              Obviously the world is a better place with you here in it.

            • Sharon Burress

              Tykian, you have been hurt and are lashing out at God maybe? If you had a testimony of God before and lost it, that is my guess, anyway. I could be way off there. Maybe you are just young and unable to withstand the ridicule of the world that it holds for believers. All young people, at one time or other and in one way or other eventually have doubts about their faith while they transition from relying on their parents’ faith to developing their own. Some are extremely slow to develop their own. A few never do. When you are strong enough, you will see that developing one’s faith is the only sensible thing for a mortal to do. What if it is all true? Then what have you lost by refusing to believe? Worlds without end doesn’t come close to describing it.

            • Andrew

              Religion is just defined as the belief in spirits. The word ‘religion’ does not in itself describe any sort of institution, or any sort of institutionalized belief. It can be, and usually is, a very personal thing; not something that the human race as a whole is even aware of, let alone being torn apart by.

            • Ashley-Veronika Zappe

              Tykian, I don’t know if you’ll get this reply, but I hope if you do you’ll consider it.

              I want to point out that the article is about a person of faith being compassionate, but your response is an atheist being accusatory and divisive. It’s very difficult to make the case that “religion just divides people” in the very context of faith uniting and atheism dividing. At the very least, you prove it can go both ways. But you don’t make a case for religion being divisive here.

              Also, I am very sorry that religious people have hurt you. If you feel you must take it out on someone, please take it out on me.

          • Majora Luna

            See this is the exact problem with religion. The notion that humans are somehow worthless without grovelling to a genocidal maniac in the sky. How does that make sense? Have you noticed that it’s often weak individuals who cling to religion the strongest? Children are abused daily with threats of hell. How does this lend to healthy psychological development?

            No, religion and faith are just archaic tools used by those in power to subjugate the masses. You are a perfect example of how it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. The fool says in his heart, there is no god. The wise man says it aloud.

            So, to summarize, you’re a gullible, blind, naive idiot. If you ever muster the courage to question your backwards, unfounded mythology, the rest of us here in the 21st century (or well, 60th roughly if you start from the beginning of recorded history) will welcome you with open arms.

            Until then, if you choose your baseless faith above anything else, have fun with all the rightfully deserved scorn and ridicule you will receive for refusal to use that clump of meat in your skull you call a brain.

        • Gray

          You come to a Christian site, and post an evil and devisive statement, and it is religion which is evil and devisive? How much more hypocritical can you get?

        • northernlamb

          Well, no matter how you feel, God still loves you. Have a better day and (John 14:27)

        • Voda

          Well that escalated quickly.

        • Unitarian Universalist

          “When they should really be finding that unity and harmony within each other. Religion is just another device, an evil device, and it’s purpose is too separate us.
          You, too, are now the one who is lost. It is not that I do not need “Him”. It is that even if he does exist, he created me to some day walk on my own strength”

          Love that ^ not words of hate or evil, words of peace – thank you

        • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

          Tykian, you missed the point. Scroll past the replies to your ego, including mine, and see how the next post captured the essence of the article, and has garnered more than 3 times your number of “/”.

        • Leonard Brown

          Tykian beware your arrogance and self-sufficiency hasn’t blinded you to the true dichotomy of human nature. Your subtle yet tangible contempt and vitriol suggests you have no appreciation for what Christians understand the more they become acquainted with Christ–that we are all in need of a Savior.

        • Ginny Barkley Roberts

          I’m very sorry that you have never experienced the wonderful, healing love of God. I don’t know if you have never listened to the Good News, or if you have listened and rejected it but I would rather be thought of as a fool and know that I am loved and forgiven than to have the good regard of people who are so unhappy that they make it their personal mission to try to make Christians believe, like you, that if people just work hard enough they can be “good” and get along. If you were really so sure that this is a “fake god”, you would not find it necessary to attack every expression of faith. I have noticed that agnostics generally are will to let others beliefs alone, probably because they are not so arrogant as to believe they have all the answers.

          • Ginny Barkley Roberts

            Sorry! Agnostics generally are willing to let others’ beliefs alone…

        • Motherof2inWA

          So very sad… Not the story but you… One day your knee shall bow as you confess Jesus… and you WILL then KNOW what you have missed…

        • anon

          If you don’t believe in any deity, who are you to say who is correct or incorrect? Also, why are you directing your animosity towards someone you claim is fake? By saying “him” and “god,” you’re still somehow acknowledging that something exists. It also shouldn’t bother you that someone believes in something. I’ve had friends who were atheist, agnostic, and wiccan. All of them respecting Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and so on, so long as they respected others as well.

          Regardless of your beliefs, respect people in general for who they are. You can respect someone without sharing their beliefs. Coming on here and yelling at others only suggests that you have animosity towards this “god” you don’t believe in. Did someone offend you once, and that person claimed to be a Christian? Don’t judge a whole people group by one person. I could easily say that all atheists are bigots who only care about their own beliefs, shoving their world view down my throat without listening to mine. But I choose not to. I see them as people who hold on to hate and resentment due to some traumatic incident in the past. You can claim that isn’t true, but it doesn’t take religion for me to exercise psychology. Even a true atheist would agree with me. In fact, one has in the past.

        • John D Braun

          @ Tykian. If you understood the core of Christianity, you’d know that the #1 thing Jesus taught is to love your neighbor as yourself. The problem is, most Christians never come close to that commission that Jesus gave. Even so, make sure you’re not judging God by what other human being say he is.

        • Clint Wesley Boland

          Tykian, would you kindly tell me how you came to the conclusion that God does not exist, and what kind of God you don’t believe in?

        • Bertha Rey Valle

          Tykian, She is not talking about religión. She is talking about a relationship with our awesome Lord and Savior. I pray you will get to know Him one day too!

        • Chris

          Does everything said in a religious context need a footnote with a link to a dissertation-length defense of the faith? I am among the first to admit the many faults of modern religion, but this is reactionary and insecure.

          I’ll admit, as a Christian inclusivist, Grace’s comment makes me cringe a bit, but it’s not worth a rant, because this life is about so much more than making sure everyone is right according to me. Show love to her rather than try to beat her into submission.

        • Bobby Lewis

          She is not right or wrong for attributing goodness to God because God alone is good. Therefore any goodness we do, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it, is from God (James 1:16-17). Trying to pay for someone’s coffee, helping someone to see the error of their way or hooking up the homeless with some dough are all good things. If left to our own devices we would care less. Again, in choosing to acknowledge the source of all good things we in turn acknowledge our need of God and avoid being deluded by pride (another human device used to separate).

          God is not religion. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God. Just like with anything else it has been perverted and abused. Operating in this world system of separation, competition, dog-eat-dog or what have you it keeps us from becoming better human beings and sets us all against Him. Even to the point that we think we don’t need Him. Yet it is that system that has pervaded our culture as well as made its way into our religion. Thus creating a plethora of religious experiences without true and lasting change.

          Realizing you’re an atheist, you might not have an appreciation for what I’m about to suggest, let alone what I’ve said already, but here it goes…

          “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28
          In the context of these verses (vs.23-33 you can see man’s feeble attempt at worshiping God. Paul sets up a couple arguments that I think apply to your comment. It’s worth the read. When or if you read it I encourage you to read it out loud so you can hear the words come out of your mouth.

          There is only one more thing I’d like to speak to that was spurred by your comments. The thing about being lost is the joy in hope of being found. In the parable of the Prodigal Son (website’s namesake Luke 15:1-24) a man in his pride and arrogance separated himself from his family taking his inheritance with him only to squander it all. Shortly after he found himself willing to dine with pigs. It’s at that moment he realizes his father’s servants are better off than he is and determines to head back home. Upon arriving, he is willing to receive the lowly position of a servant, yet without being able to get one word out he is instead received by his father running to him hugging & kissing his neck. He is then robed, given a signet ring and thrown a BBQ. God never intended for us to scratch and fight our we to get to Him with all of our efforts and ambition, in a sense becoming human do-ings. He wants us just to be. More to the point, like a loving Father he wants us to just be with Him. That’s what we were created for. (Jeremiah 9:23-24)

          That my friend is the gospel. That is why Jesus was here. So, what was lost can be found and a lot of the time we all just need to acknowledge our need of God. It’s not a crutch or a weakness. A house is nothing without its foundation and frame. May I encourage all of us to examine the foundation of our own houses and frame them with the Truth.

          “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle.” ~Brennan Manning

        • Bobby Lewis

          She is not right or wrong for attributing goodness to God because God alone is good. Therefore any goodness we do, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it, is from God (James 1:16-17). Trying to pay for someones coffee, helping someone to see the error of their way or hooking up the homeless with some dough are all good things. If left to our own devices we would care less. Again, in choosing to acknowledge the source of all good things we in turn acknowledge our need of God and avoid being deluded by pride (another human device used to separate).

          God is not religion. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God. Just like with anything else it has been perverted and abused. Operating in this world system of separation, competition, dog-eat-dog or what-have-you; it all keeps us from becoming better human beings and sets us all against Him. Even to the point that we think we don’t need Him. Yet it is that system that has pervaded our culture as well as made its way into our religion. Thus creating a plethora of religious experiences without true and lasting change.

          IN realizing you’re an atheist, you might not have an appreciation for what I’m about to suggest, let alone what I’ve said already, but here it goes…

          “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28
          In the context of these verses (vs.23-33 you can see man’s feeble attempt at worshiping God. Paul sets up a couple arguments that I think apply to your comment. It’s worth the read. When or if you read it I encourage you to read it out loud so you can hear the words come out of your mouth. Truly eye opening, at least for me…I digress.

          There is only one more thing I’d like to speak to that was spurred by your comments. The thing about being lost is the joy in hope of being found. In the parable of the Prodigal Son (website’s namesake Luke 15:1-24) a man in his pride and arrogance separated himself from his family taking his inheritance with him only to squander it all. Shortly after he found himself willing to dine with pigs. It’s at that moment he realizes his father’s servants are better off than he is and determines to head back home. Upon arriving, he is willing to receive the lowly position of a servant, yet without being able to get one word out he is instead received by his father running to him hugging & kissing his neck. He is then robed, given a signet ring and thrown a BBQ. God never intended for us to scratch and fight our we to get to Him with all of our efforts and ambition, in a sense becoming human do-ings. He wants us just to be. More to the point, like a loving Father he wants us to just be with Him. That’s what we were created for. (Jeremiah 9:23-24)

          That my friend is the gospel. That is why Jesus was here. So, what was lost can be found and a lot of the time we all just need to acknowledge our need of God. It’s not a crutch or a weakness. A house is nothing without its foundation and frame. May I encourage all of us to examine the foundation of our own houses and frame them with the Truth.

          “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle.” ~Brennan Manning

        • Virginia

          That is the most distasteful thing I’ve ever heard. you should be ashamed of yourself. No matter what anyone’s religion or beliefs are, they don’t deserve to be downgraded and judged like that. If you seriously believe that what you said has anything to do with “unity and harmony,” I’m sickened at the thought of where your soul is headed.

        • rose

          Don’t you feel any goose bumps for what you’ve said? Someday, you will also need to call on our God. Will pray for you

        • Bobgspinball

          “It is that even if he does exist, he created me to some day walk on my own strength.” So…..You do have a tiny light of hope in that statement. These are your words, not mine. Yes, he gave you a free will.

        • Ciara Raven Blaze

          come on, don’t be a troll. just don’t. whether or not God exists isn’t the issue here and you’re making it an issue and basically painting yourself as a troll. stop. you don’t have to believe to appreciate this story.

        • NAMASTE

          Tykian you have 2 paths in life LOVE OR FEAR. I can tell your living in fear,try living in love for 30 days and see how you feel. Google — I AM THAT I AM — NAMASTE

        • Teena Karr

          Tykian I am so sorry you feel this way but pleased that you put HIM with a capital letter! He is real He is worthy to be praised & honored, but just think if He isn’t real you have nothing to loose… But if He is you have everything to gain or lose whichever you choose!!! I pray you find the answers before your life comes to an end… :)

        • Earle Fail

          Let people have their beliefs, If it amounts to good, leave it alone.. If you don’t believe, does that mean you can’t allow others their beliefs and opinions..Be a good neighbor, and practice the harmony you preach about..

        • Kelley Howard

          Really? This is a new one…. I agree, we as people should unify and find harmony in each other, through GOD and we do in church, outside of church, etc. That is what God wants us to do! BUT he is our MAIN source of unity and harmony. Religion is not evil and it doesn’t have to separate us, it just does. And your one of them who are not on the “side” you need to be on. What I don’t understand about people like you, you come on a website designed for people who look up to GOD and you comment negatively about it. JUST like JO said, I will pray for you too because it seems as though you have too much time on your hands to be bashing a God centered blog. God created you for a purpose and that is not to rely on your own strength, and I pray that its not to harshly done, but There will be a point in your life that you will come to realize that you ARE NOT GOD and you are going to need to rely on him for strength. You are not too strong, you are not perfect and your are not a saint. None of us are. I think that it is sad that the world has people like you. BUT all I can say and end with now is only GOD can judge you when that day comes and I pray that you will be saved before then.

        • BP

          Fake God? I pray that He becomes as real to you as He is to me.

        • Sharon Burress

          Maybe, if you are sincere and keep your mind and heart open, you will, with time, find out the error of your thinking. Yes, God does want you to be strong, but the secret we are here to discover, is that we are stronger when we lean on HIM. We are eternal. We have always existed. Our Heavenly Father has given us spiritual bodies to embody the pure intelligences we were. He has provided this earth and mortal parents for our physical bodies whereon and with which we can discover mastery over matter and experience temptation and learn self mastery. But if we don’t use that time to also discover how to get back to our Heavenly Parents, then we will fall far short of our potential. He wants to share everything He has with us. By ignoring His existence, we pass on that gift. That is a lot to pass up. Just saying…..
          You do not know everything yet. Keep looking and keep your mind and heart open and you will discover your true worth, as a son of God.

        • Tami Collup Scheinman

          What does it matter what placebo effect gets you on the road to being a more balanced, happy, contributory person. I understand people who don’t quite believe in God, but I don’t get the angry deniers. What do you care?

        • the realist

          lemme guess progressive liberal parents?

        • Praying for YOU

          How can you reference evil ( just another device, an evil device) when you specifically indicate no frame of reference (attributing goodness in this world to your fake god)????

        • Karen

          Even Einstein as a young boy got to his atheist professor…look it up. There is a One True G-d that created ALL things. I pray for you to know and believe in the Great I Am and have a personal relationship with him, you are nothing on your own. You can not stop me from praying for you-prayer is powerful and G-d does keep his promises to his faithful and through prayer you will between now and the day of your judgement be given opportunities to accept and believe in the “One True G-d” and if you do not ever accept and believe then there’s always the option you are now living in and that’s to enter into and accept eternal hell. I do pray for you. You are right, G-d hates religion & the religious and says so. He is not the author or founder of ANY religion. I have to shake my head and question myself why are there so many different kinds of churches on basically every corner and different kinds of religion that all claim to be ” the one true religion” hmmmmm somebody is incorrect. It’s all about your own personal relationship with G-d the father,G-d the son , G-d the holy spirit, and in all three we are complete. I do not claim to be a Christian either for many,many reasons but I am and do believe in the G-d of Abraham,Issac,Jacob- Elohim and no I am not Judaism either.

        • k2

          I feel sad for you. Tykian

        • tkd

          nice harmony in your hate laden response… it is ironic that your behavior is similarly ugly as the woman in suv…also ironic that there must hurtful inside behind the ugliness on the outside you display.

        • Kamerie

          Religion is not helpful, but acknowledging the goodness that happens because of God is. There need be a separation between the ore and the gold. Both in a person or within humanity. Where the ore goes is a matter of discussion, but the ore is also God’s creation whom He desires to save. And what He desires, He does.

        • Jeanne

          Tykian, doesn’t appear to me that you might be available or open for any of what I would have to say at this point, so I would invite you to read the Gospel of John in the Bible. Just read it! I pray that someone will pay it forward because they have a heart for God and love people, harmony, and desire nothing more than to live in unity and peace with everyone! God bless you!

        • Doula Faith

          Your comment is proof that the mantra of humanism is more powerful than the evidence of reality that is staring u in the face. If u repeat something enough a person will believe what they have heard rather than what is the Truth.

        • JJ Helna

          Tykian, your soul seeks it’s maker. You will never have happiness until you are complete. God lives, He is real, He loves you!

        • Lois B

          Tykian my thoughts exactly. Good, kind people do not understand how divisive their various gods are to humanity as a whole. It’s important to keep in mind though that religious people have been crippled in a way, the powerless “child of god” concept prevents them from fully self-actualizing. I know, I am a recovering Baptist. It wasn’t until I became atheist (an entirely accidental transformation that came about as the direct result of five years of intense Bible study and prayer, I might add) that I realized how incredibly important our every action in this world really is. There is no God to patch things up, no imaginary best friend to sway our hearts from evil. That is a scary thought to someone who has been made to believe that without their god there is no good in the world. It’s a massive hurdle that many never want to approach. I would have liked for the author’s message to be one of how the actions of each human being, regardless of beliefs or non beliefs and of their own accord, can be used to lift each other up. But I understand very well why the author is unable to connect those dots.

          The notion that you, a non religious person, are somehow sad, angry, perhaps even being influenced by invisible evil forces is a knee-jerk reaction of the indoctrinated. A script that is very difficult to break free of. Don’t let it phase you.

        • Sofie

          Wooowwwww, preach on semi-Atheist/agnostic/undecided preacher person. Nothing like hijacking an article by someone who is a believer in God and spewing your own “religion” onto the rest of the people who are trying to learn from a decent story, and yes, the way you’re handling your non-belief/kinda belief in God is very religious, almost fanatic sounding.

          This was an amazing story, and some people believe in God and some believe in nothing, but that’s not your business to preach YOUR faith on an article like this, this is not a debate article. It’s a story by a faithful person. I’m not Christian, but people like you annoy the heck out of me. You complain about people who attribute things to “false Gods” or whatever, and yet you can’t read one article without PREACHING your Atheist/agnostic/logicistruthzomg religion. So I hope you felt good pooping on other people’s beliefs. SHEESH.

          Overall, this was a great article, and like I said, I’m not Christian but this is something EVERYONE can learn from. If you want to attribute it to logic, fine, to God, go you. Just STOP WITH THE JUDGING! You are NO BETTER THAN THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT! UGH! You even SOUND like the people who try and shove pamphlets at me, I’m just waiting for the day when people start passing out logic pamphlets, telling me how I’m lost and gonna live in ignorance, oh wait, people like you ALREADY DO THAT ON EVERY REMOTELY RELIGIOUS ARTICLE EVER!

          I’m sorry, I probably should have learned from this article but I am PMSing and this stuff just BURNS ME UP!

        • Matt

          fake god? perhaps to you. you can always insult christians, jews, buddhists, or even hindus about their faith. i’d also like to see you insult a muslim. something tells me they won’t just ignore you, all the while shouting “alahu akbar” or somethin’ to that effect

        • ParanoidAndroid

          I’m not Christian. But I think people like you are just as close-minded as indoctrinated [insert religious affiliation here] are. The very nature of the existence of an omnipotent god is impossible to prove. Such a claim is not scientific, obviously.

          No scientific proof for the existence of god exists. On the other hand, no proof for the lack thereof exists either. The very nature of an all-seeing, all-knowing god would debunk any attempt to understand WHY god would have created humanity as imperfect (I read your comment further down below). In the end, who really cares whether you attribute your “good” deed to god or to something else? It’s a personal matter. What is a more public matter is that you’re doing something good for someone else – regardless of what compels you to do this. For some people it IS the “knowledge” of the existence of a god who will reward them. If that’s the case, then so be it.

          Because frankly, the sentiment expressed in this story – that’s what humanity should be about. I don’t care if you’re atheist, christian, Muslim, whatever – everyone should attempt to emulate the morality of this story.

        • Ben Benny

          Your cynicism made me feel sorry for you, Tykian. The article was awe inspiring. G-d is the cosmos, it is the universe or multiverse. It is you, and it is me.

          Take a moment to reflect upon this: “As I drove away, I began to cry. Not because I had been called so many terrible names, but because God had answered my very recent prayer—which was that He would allow me to see people as He sees them, not as I see them.”

          Like all roads lead to Rome, all roads can also lead to G-d.


        • delahaya

          You mean like the scientific atheist communists of the 20th century? No thanks, I’ll pass.

        • Sue Tornai

          I am so sorry you feel this way. I did too for a long time. One day from the depths of my despair, the name I cried was “Jesus.” He responded with His amazing love. He wants to lavish His love on you too. He never intended for you to walk alone.

        • Kristen Bagley

          I appreciate your honesty.

        • Jerry Wescott

          Interesting that you would bother to comment on this then … Perhaps you are still trying to convince yourself that there is no God in the face of all the evidence of creation..?
          “1. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
          2. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
          3. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.”
          ~ from Psalm 19

        • Crasher

          Hypocrite. You talk about finding unity and harmony, yet you went out of your way to give a comment on this page that would do nothing but cause discord. THAT is the definition of hypocrite. You state that you have found your own strength, yet all you do is tear others down. That is the sign of a weak, sad individual.

        • wesleypaul11

          Tykian, Get to know God. He loves you. There is no unity without Him.

        • John Paul Ramos

          Why argue this person on their faith? If it’s positivity that’s being spread, who cares what they attribute it to? She wasn’t trying to force her faith on the aggressor. All she did was be nice to her in response to negativity.

      • Sarah

        It’s radical, but I’ll say it – you’re wrong. God’s gift of salvation is not “free”. It is given to us, but God paid a heavy price for it. Jesus paid for it, and He paid for it not just through death on the cross, but through changing his form to a man. Even we are not meant to just live as though salvation was given to us “free of charge”.

        Romans 6:1-9 says it. We have to die to our flesh, die to ourselves – that is our price. If we keep living as though salvation is free, then we are not being “living sacrifices”, because we would be living as though we don’t have to do anything on our part (Romans 12:1). And Paul says that being a living sacrifice is our reasonable service.

        God’s gift of salvation is not meant to be free. If we believe, yes, we will be saved, but it doesn’t stop there. While you’re correct in saying that it cannot be earned, salvation must not be taken for granted. There needs to be a balance in that.

        It’s true that for people who feel they are “too good”, they think they don’t need God because they’re doing well enough on their own. That, I believe, is more of them needing to see that what they do in their own strength can never compare to the greatness of living with and in Christ. We are only human, and can only do “so much good”. With God, it’s so much more, and we are able to do exceedingly more. This is where grace comes in, because grace is divine, supernatural enablement.

      • nerdygingerkid

        I’m going to pick at (and by that I mean create a huge monologue that I hope helps) what you wrote, because I think I have a piece of insight to that. You know, speaking as a nineteen year old Christian who screws up A LOT.

        I don’t think Christian’s are refusing free salvation. I think the problem is, they feel they’ve screwed up so bad, that they don’t deserve it. They feel really down, and are doing everything they can to feel like they deserve their salvation. For me, I know I feel really guilty when I do things, especially when they amount so big, that I can’t remember what they all are when I kneel for confession in church, right before communion. It’s very difficult to feel like you’ve earned God’s free salvation, when all you feel like is a screw up. Especially being me. I’m very absent-minded, and a tad bit impulsive (or, maybe instinctual? I like to act on what would appear to be “survival mode.” Or “panic mode”.) It’s really hard to see that God doesn’t really mind that I’ve screwed up. He still loves me. Like when you screw up so bad, your parents have every reason to hate you…but they don’t.

        Just thought I’d give some insight. Thank you!

    • Daniel

      Or she did accept the gift. The gift wasn’t the bought coffee, the gift was grace, empathy, and perspective. If she was touched enough to say thanks, she definitely accepted the gift into her heart.

      • Alexia

        And she even apologized. and said she felt better already. I agree with Daniel.

      • Paulie

        Reading through the comments, I thought “wow, no one really got the REAL message in the tale” until I saw this – I agree Daniel, the TRUE gift was as you so eloquently said it – given from the heart and take to it. A lovely thought no matter which path a person follows. :)

    • kat karsecs

      I believe she was right in not accepting the author’s gift–she had just done something way out of line. But much much more importantly, the offer of the gift woke her up to what she had done, and she felt contrition, gave an apology, had a change of heart and probably learned something extremely important about herself and that the world is not always such a hard frustrating place, that sometimes even when one is a monster to others, sometimes they understand and forgive us. The author’s offer to pay a couple of dollars in money, the riches of the world, was a sop, really–the woman paid for her own drink, as was her responsibility, and took the infinitely much more important responsibility for her actions, for her soul, and for her humanity. Compared to that, a couple of Man’s dollars mean completely zero.

    • Kelley Howard

      I noticed that too, like you said, like she didn’t deserve it.
      and to most she didn’t, but we don’t know her story

    • Librakat7

      No, actually I think she realized how stupid she was being, and just didn’t want the person to pay for it; since she was the one to blame. Just that simple, not complicated. She realized her mistake, WHICH WAS A GOOD THING!!( as Martha Stewart would say) LOL

  • Lucie

    Glad that this lady’s day did indeed have a bright spot in it, because of you. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have acted with nearly as much grace…but perhaps God deliberately put you in each other’s path as a response to that very prayer.

    • Pepper

      Love this STORY…Kindness when needed.***

  • PegDewar

    So true! God bless you for having the faith to listen to His voice!

  • Caryn Jenkins Christensen

    Don’t you love it when God takes us up on our prayers? He does want us to see hurting people through compassionate eyes. Because when we do, we are less likely to judge their actions and instead look deeper for the reason behind their actions. Oh. And you can pay for my coffee any day…and I promise not to sling expletives at you to warrant that! Bless you. This was a beautifully written post.

  • HisFireFly

    so happy He answered your prayer. it is the kind of prayer He loves to hear I believe!

  • Sylvia Perez

    I truly enjoyed reading this message, it was so very touching and just made me think of how I don’t want to be viewed by God or anyone else. Thank you for writing this!

  • Lindsey Whitney

    Thanks so much for sharing this. So often anger does stem out of that deep place of hurt. I’m so glad you had the ability to look at it the way you did. You’re right.. things were probably spiraling out of control for that woman. I hope she has a better day too.

  • Laura J. Davis

    Wonderful! Thank you.

    • SampsoncurlBlindbutrestored

      1 Peter: 2 Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. 2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3 now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.

  • Mark Allman

    Great choice you made there!!

  • Beatdown

    You lost me at wild shihtzus and crazy bichon. You should have gotten out and smashed her windows with your tire iron. If she had sick kids why is she at Starbucks? Forgot the dry cleaning? Again why is she at Starbucks. People don’t have a right to flip out and they need to be taught a lesson… With violence.

    • Johnny307

      Wow, maybe someone will be put in your path of ugliness to enlighten you. But, if their not I pray it’s not in front of me that you respond that way because you’ll be on your way to the trauma center or the morgue.

  • Debbie Roppolo

    What a wonderful example of how we’re supposed to act toward ugliness. It’s so very simple to react with anger, harder to respond with compassion and love. Good for you! May you always be blessed.

  • Christina Tarabochia

    Must share! This is what I’m praying for lately–to not get to busy to notice people and be there for them. Thanks! (On a side note, my high school Freshman daughter REALLY wants to go to GCU)

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful story.

  • Kim

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • Rebecca Roach Gonzales

    Thanks so much for this post, Susan! Made me cry too! Reminded me of the grace of God towards me.

  • Kathe

    Do you have a mother in law who was a teacher in Vallejo at one time? I had a Mrs. Basham for 2nd grade at Dan Mini School. Not a very common name and in Northern CA… Just curious

  • Patriot

    He or she with the biggest chunk of steel wins. Suburbans are pretty big chunks of steel.

    • all4One

      The “chunk of steel” that was the Suburban couldn’t hold a candle to the “chunk of steel” that was that Suburban woman’s heart. And yet God’s love broke through the heart of steel.

  • Ginny L. Yttrup

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Your words made me consider my own actions and gave me a glimpse of how I might impart grace in new ways.

  • pastordt

    This is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful depictions of living the gospel I’ve ever read. Thanks so much for telling this story. Thanks even more for living it. Just lovely. (Where are you in CA? I’m in Santa Barbara . . .)

  • evelyncm

    That is a very sweet story, and one that every one of us who is a Christian should read -
    turn the other cheek – and return good for evil. Thank you for telling us about this event.

  • Brook


  • scribbleprints

    This reminds me of a day I regret. Long story but I was in a hurry and really wanted to get something to eat before I had to be somewhere…had tried one place and the line was too long and pulled into Starbucks thinking I could at least grab a bagel there, and then saw that the line inside there was long too. So I got back in the car and started to pull out when someone honked behind me. I had almost run into a car behind me. The women driving it smiled the nicest smile, but I was so mad and frustrated already it didn’t even register and I gave her a horrid look as I honked my horn long back at her. As soon as I did it I realized what a jerk I was being. Hopefully she had the grace you did and it didn’t ruin her day. Really wish I could have apologized to her.

  • T Ellis

    Oh how God’s timing is incredible!!! Thank You for sharing!! Earlier this week I watched a young man (early 20′s) count out his change to buy gas. The amount he came up with, caused him to shake his head and left the store viewing the floor. I looked at the cash in my hand ($9) and felt the urge to add $5 more to his tank. With the pre-pay rules for gas, and the long line of customers ahead of me, I assumed he would be gone before my checkout time. As it happened, the young woman got out of the car, unhappy like, walked into the store and retrieved a fountain soda. Understanding the hurry they were in (how the speedy walk talks) I allowed her to step in front of me. She too, counted change in her wallet to pay for the soda. And out the door she went. I asked the clerk to please add $5 to pump #1 and I paid for my things. I was outside just in time to get her attention and with hesitation she walked to me. I told her they had $5 more in gas IF they had the time to pump it. She looked at me in disbelief and walked side ways back to the car. He was positioned in the driver’s seat and she spoke and pointed in my direction. He ‘bounced’ out of the car looking my way with fast moving lips. She smiled at me, threw both hands in the air and smiled at him as he returned one to her. I felt so incredible!!
    I wonder if that was the first smile they shared that morning. I hope it one of many!!!
    America Praise God!!

  • Lorna

    That was beautiful! I can only hope that I can see people as God sees them on a regular basis! Definitely something to strive toward. Thank you!

  • Inhisimage70

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter was bullied as a 2nd grader (i still cant believe it starts so young). I had boiling rage for that little girl, her Momma and the staff that was failing at redirecting her and were not even attempting to correct her behavior. But instead were focused on teaching my daughter to ‘cope’ and pick different people to be around… We tried to leave our school district but the only acceptable alternative had a waiting list.

    Two years later that same little girl came looking for my daughter at a football game because no one else would play with her. Sh knew my tender hearted ever loving daughter would forgive her and welcome her into our space in the stands. She looked at me knowing I wouldn’t approve but asking anyway with those beautiful large pleading eyes and I was instantly convicted.

    Today we went above and beyond to ensure that little girl would be able to participate in our Girls On Track (Middle School Division of GOTR) program. My heart is filled with compassion and grace toward her as my daughter has grown, is happy and well adjusted while this little girl has grown sadder and more withdrawn.

    My prayer is that God will use the lessons in this group, the interaction and the unconditional love of the coaches and participants to transform this little girls life and rescue her precious heart…. Only God!

    • Freida Potter

      On one hand, it’s a lovely gesture on the part of your daughter. On the other hand, I’m all for forgiving the bully… but also for not particularly encouraging a kid to befriend the kid who bullied her. Particularly if said child is approaching your kid because nobody else will play with her, rather than because she feels terrible for how she behaved two years back and sincerely wanted to ask your daughter’s forgiveness.

      • SickofStupidPeople

        its called turning the other cheek- taking the high road, etc. As a former law enforcement officer, I found treating people with respect, even the drunk and disorderly or criminal, will actually help more than treating them with abuse.

        • Meadow

          You don’t have to treat a person with abuse to not want them in your life after they’ve abused you. I applaud the young girl for giving her a second chance, and hopefully the second girl learned how to treat people, but I also would have completely understood her not wanting to associate with her former abuser, too. You can protect yourself without harming other people.

      • briarpatch7171

        In the adult world, the motive thing can be evaluated, but children just operated on their present emotions without particularly and consciously choosing actions based on logic and protocol.
        There was something, apparently, in the daughter’s overall reactions over time that allowed the sad little bully to try to enter the circle of love.

        I wish I could be more childlike, rather than using all the psycho-knowledge we gather as we get older and wiser (?).

        Children are so much quicker to forgive and forget. Lord help me.

      • Inhisimage70

        I’m with you and in this readers digest version I didn’t tell it all. I didn’t share how many times the little girl tried before I gave in or how I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to let God have his way. That little girl is damaged and here we are four yrs later and the girls are in sixth grade and my daughter and she are still friends (not close) but in school and in after school activities they get along. There is no more bullying from her or any other. The rest of the world is still rejecting that little girl but she and her family see Jesus in my daughter and the sight of her puts a smile on that little girls face.

    • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

      When children begin to recognize that they are separate from another person, and that the other person is different (around the age of 3 years) their attitudes toward ‘the other’ are shaped by ‘the other’ themselves. Is this new awareness marked by love, acceptance, curiosity? Or is it marked by anger, suspicion, pain? The way we treat our toddlers teaches them how to treat the world around them later on.

  • cocopuff

    I sort of got stuck on the line about a Starbucks coffee a day. Really?

    • norgeparade

      Why is that a hang-up for you?

    • BEVY


    • Gregory Walker Levitsky

      So… you have no addictions or guilty pleasures at all? Don’t watch too much TV or spend too much time online? Smoke or drink? Play games or gamble? Watch porn? Gossip? Buy trashy magazines? I envy you your well-balanced life.

  • Caroline

    What a great example of how we have a choice in our interpretation of any experience, which ultimately affects our happiness and provokes the courage and kindness needed to affect lasting positive change.

  • Daniel J Bridges Sr

    sOMETIMES PEOPLE ARE SO SELF ABSORBED THAT THEY WON’T EVEN ALLOW YOU TO ANYTHING nice FOR OR TO THEM So you smile give a friendly full handed gesture (because any less digits may cause them to re-ignite) & even though they don’t want it you feel PITY for their despair & anger For you it is a beautiful day rain or shine For the attendant who witnesses the events it is a breath of fresh air WOW Someone trying to make a stranger feel better for no other reason than THEY COULD!

    • SickofStupidPeople

      i think you missed an important piece. she didn’t accept the offer of paying for her drink because she felt bad about how she acted in the first place. The offer and refusal were both a lesson in treating each other with kindness and love. Something we should all do because we are here together, regardless of what we expect after we depart.

  • kellytlewis

    Peace…….Amen……So Be It

  • Melissa

    I once worked with a guy who was just a real jerk. No other way to describe it. He took pleasure at embarassing his subordinates, and was just mean. I decided to pray for him. I could not understand him and I really wanted to. I was amazed that God showed me this man’s fear and hurt…and gave me deep compassion for him. I was finally able to let go of his behaviors and relax around him. He didn’t change all that much, but I was so grateful for that peace — peace I couldn’t give myself but knew was a beautiful gift because I was willing to pray for him. Love that.

  • Jeffrey

    Beautiful story! She sounds like my x-wife. its harder to do with the ones closest to you, but this reminded me how important it is to be this way – to show true compassion daily. what an example of showing Christ like compassion to another! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Joy

    I love this! I have been on both sides of the coin. (well except the swearing, hahah I don’t swear) But I have outwardly shown a lot of ugliness before. This totally makes you think.

  • Ruth

    I think you will like this short youtube video. it shows a guy who is annoyed by everyone around him. but then he is given a pair of special glasses that allow him to see people’s problems. it gives him a different perspective on life.:

  • KellyKAFIR

    Why is a Christian going to Starbucks??? The CEO has said if you support traditional marriage, they don’t want your money!

    • Dale Fout

      I agree!

    • Jill
    • yesterdaysnews

      Really???? THAT’S what you took from this post??

    • gigi

      That not what he said. I am all for traditional marriage but some of the Christian media misquoted him. Google the actual statement that the CEO made. I, as a Christian, get angry when we are misrepresented in the media. We need to remember the Biblical command of treating others the way we want to be treated. I must add though that you missed the entire point of this post. Let go of the Starbucks issue. Imagine she was at McDonald’s if that minor detail hangs you up.

    • susantuma

      I think a Christan was at Starbucks for the same reason that Jesus was at parties with prostitutes. It’s the sick that need a doctor, and the lost who need finding. Would she have encountered that woman otherwise?

    • Angie McReynolds Coleman

      Please don’t turn this into something political.

    • Julie Stefek

      Unbelievably sad.

    • Ashley

      He didn’t say that. Also, even if he HAD said it, it’s not very Christian to judge a person for where they get their coffee. Let God sort other people out, you sort yourself.

  • realityhurts

    Really? REALLY?? Oh damn.. never mind…

  • Jenn

    Great story. I try to be nice to those I encounter on a daily basis even when they aren’t so nice in return. Funny how a smile, wave, saying “hi” to a stranger can get you dirty or very confused looks. My favorite is when I see someone behind me in the checkout line and they have just a handful of items and I offer to let them go ahead of me and they act like I just told them I have a unicorn in my back yard.

  • Denise J. Hughes

    I love this, Susan. It’s beautifully written, but more than that, it speaks to the heart of stone (inside us) that only God can change to a heart of flesh — to love others the way He does.

  • Bonnie Leon

    I wasn’t there, but as I read, I found tears stinging my eyes too. And then I was smiling and praying for just such opportunities.

    Grace and peace to you.

  • Zee Kleshchar

    So often I choose to see people with my own eyes instead of looking at them the way God does… Thanks for the reminder…

    Great post.

  • Charles Vincent

    My grandmother always use to tell me you catch more flys with honey than you do with vinegar, perhaps this story illustrates that saying.

  • Kris Camealy

    Thank you for sharing this story. I too have prayed many times to see as God sees, and the revelation of this prayer has been nothing short of life changing.
    Bless you, Susan.

  • Eileen

    This is beautiful. I love how God opened your eyes to an opportunity to bless instead of lash out in retaliation.

  • SRC

    This is a beautiful story. Made me cry. We all need to be reminded of these things from time to time. Thank you.

  • Rosemary

    What a very beautiful post. Love it. That is such a good lesson. thank you for sharing it.

  • Beloved

    I already love you Susan, and wish we could share a bible study or a book club. I want to know you.

  • karzoopa

    This was an awesome post and so timely! Thanks so much for sharing this! I pray for this too and I know I don’t ask God to do this enough in my life! But a great reminder for me to remember! God bless!!

  • Sheila Dailie

    Beautifully written, but more importantly, a beautiful prayer….”that He would allow me to see people as He sees them, not as I see them”. –

    Thanks for sharing this snippet of your life.

  • dale carroll-coleman

    Love, love, love this. I found myself unable to see the lines on the paper when you wrote of paying for her order. How lovely and Christ like of you….you changed her day. You really did. Thank you and I will think of this often. May I be as generous. Blinking away the tears here with my home brewed SB.

  • joeyoungblood

    Very reminiscent of David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”

  • Sue

    Love it! It’s not always easy to wish someone a better day, the easy way would have to just ignore her and let her continue on her miserable day. So glad you were able to make her day a better one. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kimberly


  • Harrison

    As an agnostic, I believe it was a choice on your part as a human being to be nice to another human being. I believe it is the persons individual choice at that moment what he or she will do or how they will act. You acted in a very human positive way. No slight to those who believe in God, Buddah, Allah or any other god they need…..I just feel it is inherent as people tp have basic empathy if we look hard enough.

    • SickofStupidPeople

      What you meant to say was that you believe it would have been your choice to act nice to another human being. Why did you feel it necessary to determine what the motivation was for the author. If the author believes it was her religious beliefs that caused her to be nice, why can’t you let her have that belief. Why do you feel it necessary to tell someone else why they did something because of how you believe? You say “not to slight those that believe…” but you start off by doing just that.

      • Far from perfect

        How do you presume to know what he meant to say?

      • Ashley

        There is nothing wrong with believing that people have good in them, whether or not they believe in a god. He said nothing against believers.

      • jeanbean14

        Harrison is an agnostic. That’s why. The author knows that her actions were a result of God’s answer to her prayer, and she said so. She didn’t accuse others of being incapable of kindness if they’re not Christians. She just told her own story. People who don’t have a relationship with the creator of the universe cannot understand what it is to talk to God and get an immediate answer. They consider the wisdom of God to be foolishness. They try to enlighten others by explaining the psychology of choosing to be kind, as if Christians don’t understand that, lol . It would be so nice if a Christian could explain what it is to have a relationship with Christ, but it will never be understood by a non-believer. A person has to feel the need for God before he will reveal himself to them.

    • Don Rogers

      What you believe is irrelevant. What she believes is the only thing that matters here.

      Your opinion, I’m sorry to say, is meaningless. You should know your place.

  • TXmagCA

    Thank you for doing that. I’ve done the same thing in other situations. I’m not a Christian so want others to know you can have these epiphanies about people and our interconnectedness without believing in god or participating in a religion, just having an open heart and realizing that we are really all one, in a sense. I first got that epiphany when I volunteered with mentally challenged kids and families when I was 13. I realized that we are all in different places and mindsets and we all have our personal struggles that sometimes overwhelm us. Some of us have lower thresholds for being overwhelmed. Basically we all want the same things: love; respect; food; shelter; opportunity; someone to believe in us. Because of the experiences when volunteering during my teenage years with that population I’ve continued volunteering for everything from people to animals and became a BSN/RN. Daily I am reminded that we are all basically the same no matter what our income levels or backgrounds. We’re just doing the best that we can. An act like yours brings them back to knowing that they are not alone, that there is compassion. I bet she cried harder for two reasons after you touched her heart. All that said, I have had my black cloud days that rained on others’ parades. Luckily I have a wonderful family and husband that lets it ride until my sun comes out again.

    • SickofStupidPeople

      you maddening desire to post a wall of text about not being a Christian is the only thing that distracts from your comments. I don’t care that you are or are not a believer in a higher power. But at the same time, I don;t care what you think about others that are. Having to justify your doing the right thing because that;s just the way you are, a decent human being, and not a believer of a God is actually quite disrespectful of the 99% of other who do the right thing and believe they do it because they believe in a God. Todd’s comments were right on and simply put- too bad you felt you needed to justify your non-belief in such a manner. You shouldn’t feel you have to justify to anyone that you are an atheist but still a good person. By doing that you seem to be attacking those that are religious. Shame on you. As an added note- your military service and volunteerism had absolutely nothing to do with this article or the comments but again, you wanted to put yourself onto some sort of pedestal to somehow justify being an atheist- something you need not do. I know of a lot of atheists and not one who feel isolated or hated. You should seek some help.

      • Far from perfect

        Dear Sickof…

        “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matthew 7:1 KJV. I did not find TxmagCA’s comment “maddening”., but rather respectful of the tone of the majority of the people who read this magazine – most of whom I assume, are Christians.

        • jeanbean14

          People who don’t believe in God love to quote that little snippet of scripture when they are judging a Christian. I find it kind of funny. I always want to pull an Inigo Montoya and say, “…I do not think it means what you think it means.” Christians do it, too, the ones who have not bothered to read the entire paragraph and see what Matthew was actually talking about.

          • Far from perfect

            Who doesn’t believe in God?

      • Ashley

        You seem really angry. Maybe you need someone to buy your coffee or show you compassion in some other way. It’s OK for others to share their experiences in a comment section, it happens in nearly every comment section, everywhere. It’s not new, and it’s generally well received.

  • martha

    loved this post! thank you for sharing…

  • Todd R. Lockwood

    There’s a lot of love in these comments, but I don’t believe that God had too much to do with Susan’s actions or that Christians have an exclusive on this kind of behavior. Anyone can learn to do the right thing. God’s approval is not required.

    • TxmagCA

      Thank you for this comment. I follow this Momastery and Hands Free that both allude to their Christian belief structure because I can relate to how the writer and the commenters struggle to keep their eyes and hearts open to do the right thing. I find this blog inspirational and uplifting, offering insight and reminders for me. However, sometimes the comments made by others make me feel isolated and hated because of my non-belief or different opinions about love and marriage, or even my tolerance of others. I see the judgment and hate of some and the self-righteousness that cause so much strife on our planet.
      Travelling the world and not just Texas, being a nurse, community volunteering and I think also being from a military family and having been in the military myself, has helped me to see that there are lots of different people and ways, not just in the US, but in the world. There is no one way. We are several generations of atheists and feel we have contributed greatly to the quality of life of the country and planet yet many think that we are evil just because we are different. I am proud to send off a college freshman that is extraordinarily honorable and decent and high achieving. He is an indicator that after many generations our non-belief is reliably a good force for all. If there is a god that sends us to some kind of hell despite being good people, then there is a philosophical and value disconnect that would rip the fabric of the heavens apart, I feel sure. So we will continue to “not believe” but rather just do the right thing. Actually, I guess we do believe, we believe in decency and love.

      • Todd R. Lockwood

        Bravo. “Doing” has a lot more significance than “believing.” What Susan did in her wonderful pay-it-forward moment was this: She flatly refused to take ownership of the other woman’s “FB” tirade, even when she knew it was directed squarely at her. That’s psychological strength, not spiritual strength. Then Susan took it a step further by sending love to someone who should be her new worst enemy. Knowing when to do this requires wisdom, not necessarily spirituality.

        • hollie wood

          Some would say, including myself, that spiritual strength gives psychological strength. And that wisdom comes from true spirituality. A lot of people confuse spirituality with religion. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual.

  • Rudy

    Glad the person behind her ,got to change her attitude/

  • Rayne

    your story moved me to tears. Thanks for documenting your path in such humble relatable terms. I can’t wait to share it with friends.

  • LeonMoyer

    Everyone wants to be a Christian, but they don’t want to obey the Bible1
    The Bible says to give your alms in secret, not on the internet! (Matt. 6:4). She got her reward now, not laid up in Heaven, by making it public and giving herself a warm, fuzzy feeling common to all humanity–not the way of the Bible!
    Further, was she a Christian ten years ago when she says: “Dear God. I was looking at myself ten years ago. Same car, same ponytail. Same frustration.” and same swear words? Christians who have the power of the Holy Spi
    rit directing their lives obey the Bible per Ephesians 4:
    29 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

    • margieo

      He who is without sin may cast the first stone.

      • LeonMoyer

        Matt. 5:48 “Be ye therefore PERFECT as your Father in Heaven is perfect”
        Romans: 12:2 …”that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and PERFECT will of God…”
        This is why the true believer will rebuke and reprove others with all longsuffer and doctrine. Second Tim. 4:2. Only those whose lives are full of sin and hypocrisy want to not have stones cast toward them, but true love requires the rebuking of sinful conduct so that the sinner might possibly repent a long shot today for sure!

      • LeonMoyer

        First Cor. 2:15 “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.”

    • jeanbean14

      You missed the point of the story.

    • ELACEE

      “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.” Matthew 18:5

      I’m all about not letting the left hand know what the right hand does when it comes to alms. Having said that, self-congratulation is clearly not the intent of the writer. Even if it was, it would be wrong — by your own standards — to call her out publicly.

      This story clearly demonstrates God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives. It demonstrates how God delights to answer prayer when we pray according to His will. The lost will see Jesus when we act in ways that are not natural to man, but are natural to Jesus Christ. We all fall short, Leon. I thank God I stand under grace on Jesus’ name rather than under the law in shame because as much as I love the Lord, I mess up every day. I rejoice in knowing that He who began a good work in me will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus, and “there is now no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6b and Romans 8:1)

      Personally, I love a good story. Not only is this a good story, it’s a great story. Better still, it’s a great true story. Thank you, Susan, for telling it.

      • LeonMoyer

        No, it wasn’t wrong to call her out publicly because she made a public comment, just as you have done and it is not wrong to point out your lack of logic and false Biblical doctrines publicly. Indeed, this is true love as God intends, to rebuke those who are in error and sin, so that others do not follow after false teaching and false teachers. If you mean you “mess up” every day by sinning, then you are admitting the Holy Spirit is not living in your life and controling your life. When a person becomes “born again” then all things become new–the old life passes away. Second Cor. 5:17, Romans 12: 1,2 etc. Have you come out from among the world and are you living a life that is separate and different from the unregnerate people?

        • ELACEE

          “Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:12

          I feel sorry for you. I am so thankful that I have found freedom from trying to measure up under the law and from voices of condemnation and shame. I hope that you know true freedom one day.

    • Gray

      How do you know she didn’t come to the LORD 3, 5 7 or even 9 years ago?

  • Laura

    I had a similar experience at Starbuck drive thru as well. You can enter drive thru 2 ways. I didn’t want to block entrance so was waiting until I could get in. Truck behind me was waiting too, or so I thought. He went around me and pulled in behind car in drive thru blocking entrance. I did not curse at him or anything but was upset. I finally was able to pull in after him. I got to the window and i fussed to barista (who i know from being an addict) she said, “hang on, he bought your drink and said he was sorry. He didnt know you were waiting”. :) ,

    • jeanbean14


    • jeanbean14

      Lol! I thought you meant you knew the Starbucks server because you were both drug addicts, or had been, hahaha! Silly me, then I realized you meant you go there a lot for coffee. ;)

  • atl30309

    She was probably a Republican.

  • Guest

    wow. Just…. wow

  • Susan Basham

    Everyone, thank you so much – I’m humbled by your comments, and although time doesn’t permit me to respond to each one of you, know that it means a lot to me that you value my words. I believe words are life changing–those we write and those we speak– and should be handled with care. This story is close to my heart because I had prayed a very specific prayer, and it was answered. I struggle with a sharp tongue and quick wit, (I’m a writer!) so yes, it even surprised me! God has never failed to show up when I’ve invited Him–and never ceases to amaze me. Wow! I look forward to writing more articles for Prodigal and hope you’ll read. Stop on by my website — I’m doing a series on autoimmune/thyroid that winds up the series with a post published later today. All the best, Susan

  • Jacqueline Stonas

    wiped a tear just reading that. What a blessed thing you did.

  • Carrie McColl

    how Zen of the writer to be able to recognize this woman’s frustration and have compassion :) I have done similar things because it just seemed right at the time… so much anger in the world. Kindness for kindness sake… beautiful.

  • justme

    I love this.

  • Jeff Belyea

    Drove past a homeless man with a sign asking for help one morning. A few seconds later I doubled back to give him a couple of dollars. When I again reached the spot where I turned around, I felt tears. I thanked God for giving me the heart of compassion.

  • Michelle

    What a great story. I had a very similar experience. Lady cuts us off in the Starbucks drive thru. She actually got out of her car and called my husband names. She got back in her car and proceeded to the speaker. My husband drove me around and I went in and paid for her breakfast. She wanted to refuse but it was already paid for. I too told the barista to tell the girl to have a better day. God always works in mysterious ways.

    • LeonMoyer

      So, can I meet you at Starbucks tomorrow morning, I know lots of nasty words and could use a free breakfast! lol

  • James

    There can be thin line between taking a breath and choosing an elevated act of kindness versus raging in response to rage. I wish I could remember to conjure up that state of consciousness consistently every day when I’m confronting the day’s frustrations.

  • samita

    thank you for sharing. I loved this tale. I left the US for Mexico 18 years ago and I tend to take the kindness and graciousness of the people here for granted……but the story you shared validated my choice of where to live…..a place where people are always polite, always extra helpful, respectful, friendly and are more compassionate…they really do whistle while they work and are so grateful for every small consideration. You sound like a very compassionate person and I laud you for that…..god bless!

  • Dedeia

    In one very hot day in South Florida, I was driving my old Ford Taurus wagon with no AC. It was so hot an humid that I had all 4 windows open to let the air circulate. I was at a light in one of the two left turn lanes. On the inside lane next to me was this beautiful black lady, in a pearl Mercedes Benz, windows all up and I’m sure the ac was cranking up. I looked at her with envy and even a bit of a racist attitude. Her her looked like she had just left a salon, straight and in place. As we sat there, I said to God: “Please, Lord, don’t let me feel this envy… please don’t”… As the light turned green and we both made the turn and the cars started to speed away side by side, my hair who was long and quite silky, started to flow freely outside the window. And I started laughing hard. I got the reply from God, right there and them… There she was, in her pearl MB and her stiff hair, probably wishing she could have hair like mine…. Bottom line is: Pay attention at you and at others and you will be amazed of what you’ll discover and how grateful you will be for what you have and what you are, and where you are at. :)

  • someguy5555

    I don’t have any invisible friends and I still occasionally feel compelled to be compassionate and decent towards my fellow man. Odd.

    • jeanbean14

      But today you just felt like being an asshole to a Christian, huh?

      • someguy5555

        My apologies. I should take very seriously people who have exclusive access to the truth and believe in talking snakes. :)

  • Kristy N.

    I unfortunately had an experience where I was the woman in the Suburban.

    I was driving downtown Minneapolis on one of the first warm days of Spring after a very long Winter. While I was at a stoplight, a very unkempt man in overalls and no shirt came strolling up to my car. ‘Please let him pass me.’ Not a chance. He knocked on my window, and as I begrudgingly rolled it down, I had already made up my mind that I wasn’t giving him and of my broke college kid cash or change. Showing his toothless grin, he opened his mouth and said, “I like your braid. It looks very pretty. You have yourself a nice day!” and wandered off.

    I sat there stunned and my stomach dropped. I don’t think I have ever been more humbled any other time in my life. God, let me never miss another opportunity to see you in an “unlikely” place.

    • jeanbean14

      Your story choked me up.

  • Marisol-BeautyFound

    Wow, today I has a very similar experience. This is what compassion looks like and we are blessed each time we are given the grace to experience it. Thank you for sharing these words.

  • The Wumpus

    So beautiful. I know of a friend who when she was dealing with a very mean bitter woman, she asked God for help, and she was surprised at how moved she was with compassion for the woman. She reacted with kindness and gentleness, and the woman began to break down and cry. Mean people are people who hurt. It is easier to be a jerk back, but with the help of The Holy Spirit, we can react with love and patience. God is amazing!

  • Guest

    Oh, whatever, I would have tore that bitch apart. She’s fucking going to hell that stupid fucking BITCH CUNT WHORE!

  • Helen

    Ur dogs need dog seatbelts. Airbags crush dogs.

    • kirsten zielinski

      yes…she does need to crate her dogs.. people don’t realize how dangerous it is to have loose dogs in a car. if in an accident they can be killed or injure a person or be thrown from a car. if you are stopped by the police they can be shot (happens all the time..little dog or not..the police can be real dicks about that) if they get out and bark at them.. too many bad things can happen.

  • Elaine

    Oh my yes, I am working in an election office way up here in Nova Scotia (check Google). An election office is like a magnet for every pissed off, angry, frustrated individual who has not had satisfaction from whatever gods are supposed to grant it to him or her. My job is to put on my teflon raincoat and listen. Just take it, and find the humanity, the truth in whatever story they have to tell. The best days are when they feel someone has heard them. Just heard them, and understood. I work at having the good days.

  • Maria D.

    Ouch! I wouldn’t have been able to accept that grace either. Not after acting like that :(
    I don’t think such an amazing act of grace was a waste. I believe that when people recieve love and grace from others, it makes it easier for them to picture God being that way towards them too.
    The cranky lady probably went home and bawled her eyes out (at least thats what I would’ve done), and that seems to be when God can reach a heart the most, when we’re broken.
    Wish I could say I’ve been that loving to people who snap at me. But this story inspires me and reminds me how much the world needs us to show God’s love and compassion. Beautiful:)

  • for sale

    I would leave a comment, but my thoughts and identity are now a monetized commodity. If you want my thoughts, you must pay me for them.

  • giftgirlie

    Clearly a beautiful soul full of grace, love and heart touched another! And this folks, is a lesson for everyone of us! Karma tag…you’re it!

  • blarga blah

    I’m an atheist but I really liked this post anyway, because it exemplifies true kindness.

  • Roxywa

    Well said, Daniel!
    The level of venom some people express stuns me. The drive-thru line 2 McDonald’s was very long and there was no parking near the door so I decided to drive thru the parking lot and find parking in the back. The drive-thru line was too close to the parked cars narrowing the driving lane but I decided to try to squeeze thru. There was a long oversized work truck sticking out and I scraped his big heavy-duty steel bumper with the passenger side of my rear bumper on my Rodeo. Realizing what I was doing I was going to pull forward and get out and look at the damage. The driver had been inside and was returning. What he saw was his truck moving as I rubbed past it trying not to hit the drive thru cars. He started yelling and screaming at me that I was trying to hit and run. THEN the people in the cars in the drive thru “attacked” and started cursing me and yelling at me saying that they saw me trying to run. People started hollering “get her tag number” etc. I mean really ganging up on me. At first I was in shock at the venom in their voices and was fairly speechless! Meanwhile the driver of the truck is continuing his tirade and talking about calling the police. When he asked if I always do this kind of thing, I finally found my voice and asked if he was always this mean and if he’s always such a jerk. I held back as much as I could! The thing is, there was not a single mark on his bumper – at all. And my truck had about a 1″ x 5″ dirty rub mark. I gave him my insurance info and DL# & told him to go ahead and call the police and left. I figured they’d laugh at him anyway. The whole time all this is happening I’m wondering what is going on in this guy’s life to cause him to be this way. Took me several days to get over the hurt I felt that day.

  • bob

    Your story should be a sermon to many of us who sometimes forget who we are supposed to be. The bible says “salt and light” and to love on people just like Jesus did, no matter what….

  • Marsha

    Daniel, couldn’t of said it better, you were right on she did except the gift of grace

  • Ruth

    I loved your story, and it reminded me of a drive-thru experience I had several years ago while moving to a new town.

    Pulling up to the window after ordering, I was greeted with a big hand reaching into my car window waiting to take my money, while the employee chatted with his coworker. I placed my dollars into “the hand” and it retracted inside just before the window closed. Next the window reopened and out came “the hand” stretching into my face again to give me my change. Again, the window closed.

    By this time I was annoyed, thinking how the younger generation has no manners and no clue how to treat customers.

    However, my 11-year-old daughter was with me and I wanted to be a good role model for her, not only though my behavior, but his too, lest she ever treat a customer that way.

    Right then the window reopened and “the hand” came toward me again, this time holding a white bag filled with my order. I glimpsed the profile of the hand’s owner this time as he continued his chat, as if I wasn’t even there. I knew the window would close quickly, so I needed to act fast; as I took the bag I said, in a very friendly tone and a big smile:

    “Okay, thank you…do you want me to have a nice day?”

    He stopped, and for the first time I saw his (surprised) face as he smiled, shook his head in embarrassment, and fell all over himself to finally greet me, and apologize. It was a lesson for all concerned.

  • henrymaxm

    Great story, the end shocked me.

  • zephaniah davis

    Have a very close look at the artwork and marketing images starbuks use…do some reasearch on them like i have and to be quite frank; you may not want to drink from them again….

  • gini

    This is such a beautiful and meaning story. We see this everyday and our first urge is the outrage and hurt from the person dishing it out. This reminds me that I should always ask to see people as God see’s them, a thankful reminder……

  • silligirl50

    I love this post > it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing, I needed to see this this morning! Wishing y’all a blessed day!

  • Lyndi

    I had a similar experience about a month ago. I didn’t handle it as well as you did. The woman accusing me made me cry and I felt angry for being accused of something I didn’t do. It took about 45 minutes for me to remember to pray for her. The Lord was gracious to me in that when I prayed, I saw her in a new light and was no longer angry or hurt. Bless you for being ready for the situation when it occurred!

  • Scott Riggan

    Beautiful story. Thanks Susan.

  • Shannon

    Thank you for this post! I am tremendously grateful to read this, today. Empathy is so very powerful when “in action.” I just know your post is touching hundreds of thousands of people across the Internet — allowing us all to re-consider the other person… to refrain from judging them… to love them just as we love ourselves. <3

  • Minister Slugger

    Great Post!!! Something we all can learn from if we humble ourselves and see the BIGGER picture. God Bless…

  • Reel Stuff

    You were able to recognize in her what you have had in you. You could empathize with her. She, likewise was able to recognize in you, what she obviously has in her. If she is not a person who also knows God and humility, she would not have apologized to you and accepted your grace.
    Perhaps the God in you spoke to the God in her. Maybe God used you to remind her of what she knows. In which case I agree with you. God used you to help her remember how she should have responded to you.
    It always feels good when we find that God has used us to help someone. Both of you were blessed that day. What a wonderful feeling. Don’t you agree?

  • Chris

    I see this a lot among liberals who are angry for no good reason other than they realize the HOPE AND CHANGE they voted for doesn’t exist. Not only were they duped once but they were duped twice. I would be very embarrassed to admit voting for Obama TWICE!!
    Meanwhile the rest of us just adapt our lives to deal with this administration and life goes on but sadly many do not have that luxury as they lost their jobs or have been pushed into poverty instead of the HOPE AND CHANGE they thought they would be getting.
    Lets hope in 2014 and 2016 they wake up and vote GOP so we can once again have the great economy we did under GOP 1995-2007.

    • Becky Newman Brown

      Really?!? WHY does everything have to be about the POTUS? I’m sure you have plenty to say, but why not stick to commenting on articles that actually have something to do with politics?

  • Reel Stuff

    To those of you who condemn the outraged woman: I am not so sure that we need to “judge” the lady demonstrating the inappropriate behavior. To try and understand her behavior and counter it with kindness is surely an altruistic thing to do. But without looking down on her or judging her.
    I am certain that each of us have had days when our response to someone was “over-reaction”. Usually brought on by some prior event, it causes us to carry-over that emotion. If we can give without judging; ahhhhh, that is the best demonstration of humility. This is such “good-stuff”

    • Maria D.

      I was about to say the same thing. I was noticing some judgmental remarks about “these people who have tempers”. The lady that yelled wasn’t a bad person. If she was, she wouldn’t have felt bad and said to the cashier “Tell her I’m sorry”.
      For people that can’t relate to a temper, well, there are numerous other short-comings equal to that. Some are just more obvious than others.
      I’m going to be honest and say, for now, I can relate more to the woman who wasn’t nice:(
      I don’t yell at people or call names but I guess a sharp look can be just as offensive.
      But I can afford to be honest and admit that because I know myself, and that by God’s grace I’ll become more kind and patient over time.

  • lizzie

    What a beautiful story

  • eagle

    great post, God bless us all….:)

  • Susan Knight

    I remind myself daily that we never know what has led to a specific situation, and to treat everything with an open heart. On social media we see so many people taking pictures of others that park badly or dress differently or just general bad behaviour. We have no idea what lead to that moment.. I may not succeed every time but do try to leave the judgement where it belongs, and that isn’t with me.

  • Kevin Haggerty

    I’m humbled by this article. Mainly because I don’t think I’d have reacted the same. The old adage “hurt people…hurt people” is so true, and there’s always a story behind why some people are mean and act ugly. I appreciate you posting this, and will try to remember the lesson.

  • conniemhill

    Love your heart. It is amazing when we ask to see people how God sees people He does just that. You rocked keeping your love on!

  • Malaika

    I have and I’m a better person for it. It’s all about perspective and once I was able to see through those new found glasses I just hoped to be able to continue to do so. What a great article!!

  • Nathan Giles

    Such a shame your god only operates in white middle class areas there are millions of starving kids in Africa but fuck them right!! your god only looks after you !! by the way out of interest which god is it you worship? you make me sick you short sighted hypocrites cherry-picking verses to justify your selfish unfounded beliefs you should truly be ashamed of yourselves if he created me he created me an atheist and you obviously an idiot

    • Gray

      Wrong. I have sent food and food production capibilities to Africa. Many other at my churcha have as well. Not to mention that Parson Sam Childers has put his life on the line many times to provide food, water, shelter and freedom from slavery to hundreds of children.

      • Nathan Giles

        you mean mean the slavery your god condones and the children he ordered slaughtered?

    • deimos19
      • Nathan Giles

        Well as a UK tax payer our taxes feed and home the poor we have social housing and free healthcare as well as wage top ups for the poorest .I regularly donate to charity and have no need to promote my charitable activity on line. I help anyone who needs it and not just through a fear of hell but because I feel if I am able to help another human why shouldn’t I? I admire your efforts to help the hungry and if I lived near you I would come and help you gladly.My main point of anger is the fact that you Christians believe that god would show you “people as He sees them, not as I see them.” instead of feeding the hungry, protecting the innocent and taking general care of his flock .This omnipotent God of yours (if he existed) would in any civilized court in the world be charged with child neglect ,letting his children run round with no food or shelter ignoring his sick children letting them die in agony .

        To make my position known I do not hate any individual Christian Jew Muslin Sikh or Hindu but rather the ideas they follow. Also I find some of the things some religious people do heart-warming and life affirming.I just fail to see how you can base your life on a book written by bronze age Arabs pertaining to tribal disputes which is full of factual errors and contradicts its self constantly

  • Robin

    Thank you! I needed this.

  • SimplyJesus

    This is walking out the Gospel in everyday life by identifying with Christ. Love it!

  • mel king

    Years ago I accidentally cut off another driver, neither car was dented but it was a little close. He was so angry he forced me off the road to confront me and as this big shaggy fiery red haired big bearded man came barreling toward me I felt as though God was saying “he’s been frightened reassure him that everything’s okay” I immediately praised him for having quick reflexes and avoiding an accident and quoted my boyfriend’s grandmother who always said “everybody makes the occasional mistake behind the wheel so any miss is as good as a mile”

    The most amazing thing happened- he deflated, looked half as big as he looked before and whimpered about how much the last dent cost him to repair. I sympathized with him some more and then a cop showed up. He tried to puff himself up and complain to the cop so I quietly mentioned I had cut him off but we hadn’t even bumped fenders so the cop told him to just drive away. I knew I should have been very frightened but felt God was with me every moment.

  • Daniel Segura

    Reminds me of a song by Brandon Heath…

  • Redfrog

    Loved your story! I just recently started a new job in a phone customer service position where I will inevitable be working with people who are upset and having to deal with a difficult/confusing situation. I hope to be able to see each person the way that He sees them! It was very encouraging to me to see the outcome of the lady and how one simple act of understand and kindness can truly turn a persons day around! Thanks you!

  • Grandma Gini

    Thankfully, the God who made us all can accept those who insist He doesn’t exist and patiently, lovingly continue to love them, leaving the way open for them to change their self-centered minds and
    accept His free gift of redemption and forgiveness. I have experienced the type of situation described in the above incident and it is always humbling to see others as God sees them rather than from my own selfish viewpoint.

  • Danaj

    Man, I would totally flip off more people if I thought they would buy me Starbucks :)

  • countrymommy1991

    i know i saw the world for the first time when i was 8 year old. My grandmother and I were out to lunch at a Wendy’s. I had bought my lunch out of allowence which i had saved for several weeks. so i was armed with over $50. my lunch costed maybe $5. anyway. i saw this man just sitting next to our table. clothes looked dirty and i thought he smelled funny. i leaned over to my grandma and asked her why he looked like that. she told me the man was homeless and all he had the money for was a cup of coffee. being 8 years old i thought. aww no one wants to help this man. i walked up to the counter and order some more food. took the tray to the our table and walked over to the man and asked him to come sit with us. he did. i gave him the tray of food and told him ( i went to church all the time so i knew the bible really well) I said to him.” god doesn’t want you to hurt any more” we sat there and ate and we talked. before my grandma and i left. i gave the man a hug and gave him what was left over of my money which was almost $40. i said god loves you and thing will get better. after we left the only thing my grandmother said to me was. you really are a sweet child. i never knew what she meant by that and i really wish i knew what happend to that man. but it hurts me to know kids would never do what i did when i was a kid. but i’m glad i did it.

  • Lori

    I had to go to the LA County Clerks office to get a copy of Joshua’s birth certificate. I could not find it and was blaming some unnamed person!! (sorry Bob) Well, needless to say after the lovley traffic filled drive there and one look at the massive line I was not saying “Here I am God use me.” In fact I am not pleased to say it was more like “UGH, this place is a cross betweem the DMV and the welfare office” At one of the windows a lady was yelling and cussing out a clerk. People all around were making their own loud comments about and to her. It was total chaos and confusion in that moment, I was even looking forward to being back on the freeway.

    As the sceen at the counter contienued to become more loud and lively the woman was escorted down to a security guard and a supervisor. A couple behind me commented on what a loser **** this out of controll woman was and how they never would have allowed such trash in their bussiness! It was at that moment that in my heart I said “Lord how rude of this couple to judge this woman so harshly” His reply to me was “Really, you have been doing that in your heart from the moment you walked in here. They just spoke it out.” I almost started to cry right there. It was like my window got cleaned and I could see more clearly. I could also hear the womans conversation now and figured out that she had spend her day and her last $20.00 trying to get her birth certificate, only to find out that she had misunderstood what she should have done and now was out of options.

    The three employees and the woman continued to argue and fight until the supervisor said ” You need to calm down and get out of this place or we will have to call the cops.” It was at that moment that The Lord moved me from where I was over to the women. I said to her “Excuse me” She yelled back at me, “What the hell do you want?” I think that she thought that I worked there. I simply said “The Lord wants me to pay for your birh ceritificate.” Confused she said “What did you just say?” Feeling more and more confident I said ” I believe that God would want to pay for your birth certificate because He loves you and doesn’t want this trouble for you.” Instantly she said to me “I am a good person.” She started sobbing. I put my arms around her and told her that I knew that she was a good person and that the weight of the world was on her and this was just the last straw. I told her that this $17.00 couldn’t solve all of her problems but it was The Lords way of saying “Trust me. I am with you. I see your life and I want to help you.”

    Finally she looked up and tried to re blame the employees, who I had almost forgotten about. I asked her if she had ever made a mistake in her life and told her that I had made many really big ones. She cried again and said that her whole life was full of mistakes. We talked about forgivness and grace all the while the clerks mouth’s were hanging open. I told her that the grace that God was giving her now was for the employees as well and that she would have to extend it to get really free. She atarted saying how sorry that she was and how she did not like to act like this. We talked for a few more minutes and I noticed that one of the supervisors was crying. I thanked them and asked if they would need anything else. They said “No, everything will be fine now.”

    As I turned around to walk away it was then that I noticed the whole place had gotten so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. They were all watching what had just happened and I can only imagine what The Lord was doing in the hearts of the people there. I felt like I was in a whole different building now. My drive home was a lovely traffic filled drive again. My stress was gone now and all that I could think about was how far from being like Jesus that I am and how much I want my first response to be “Lord here I am use me!” I believe that if our eyes and hearts are open we just might be the miracle that a desperate and sometimes angry person needs. I also know that when Jesus enters a building the whole atmosphere changes. Chaos turns to order, confusion turns to peace and people are moved by His loving kindness and presence. What would happen to the world if we got this moment by moment in our everyday life?


  • Christie Jarvis

    Beautiful. I pray that not only will I see people the way Jesus does but also they will see Jesus in me.

  • Religionsucks

    Forgive the figure of speach but FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. I thought this was a great article UNTILL you thanked the non-existant sky wizard for your own good human nature. Can all you religious people not see how much better your lives would be if you didn’t have to constantly thank your imaginary friend for all your own accomplishments! GET A GRIP IT’S 2013.

    • earthshoes

      For future reference, if you don’t appreciate the ending, you should probably avoid reading articles in magazines (ezines) entitled “Prodigal”.

      We know what year it is, we have a grip on it, and our faith is in tact because of it. May you find your way as well.

  • paul

    this is one of the most heart warming posts ever I do also pray that GOD would let me see people as he see’s them not as I see them , I know my judgment is always cloudy with a chance of mistake’s .
    Thank GOD for this post ..

  • Dobie

    nice story. we’ve all been on both ‘ends of the stick’. god always answers but its up to us how we use our free well. i guess ca doesn’t have laws that protect animals/dogs. in nj it’s against the law not to have them crated or seat belted in. i guess the author was using her free will not to listen when god asked her to protect his animals.

  • Mary

    Thank you for this. I’ve had a situation at work with another person that I haven’t been able to “fix”, so maybe I’m just meant to learn from it and move on.

  • Paulita Selene

    Yes, When my 19 year old son was killed in a motorcycle accident and 3 months later my father died from cancer. I found God then instead of turning even further away. What I realized was in every horrible memory of my past God was really there with me..That sin had it’s ugly horns in me and the others hurting me. He was there to comfort me and I didn’t see..It took losing my only child and my Father to see ME in a different light and change for the better..Now I am the one handing that old guy money to eat, helping folks in wheel chairs, offering help and a shoulder..Thank you Jesus for making me a better and more loving person through you..Thank you for helping me to see me and giving me the strength to break that grip of sin. YOU ROCK!!!! AMEN!!

  • Jennifer Dawn

    Beautiful story! Yes, she certainly reacted badly, but I love the grace you granted her. It is a true example of the grace that God shows us each and every day.

    In answer to your question, I have had experiences that made me see people in a new way.

    A year ago, my dad was dying of cancer. My life was filled with doctors, hospitals, and watching him quickly deteriorate. I was loosing my dad quickly to a brutal cancer–pancreatic–and there was nothing that could be done but pray. The patriarch in my family’s life was suffering and slipping away and we were all in turmoil. My sweet daughter would walk up beside her Papa’s bed and just hold his hand…without a word. Even at 4 years old, she knew what was happening. We hadn’t been very vocal about how bad it was to friends and family. It wasn’t until my sister’s wedding that people saw for themselves how sick her was. In fact, Daddy was too sick to leave the hospital, so my sister and brother-in-law made the beautiful decision to take them wedding to him. The hospital staff, friends, and family all helped to make my sister’s dream wedding come true. One in which she could have daddy give her away to the man of her dreams surrounded by all of the people we loved. Moments before her debut down the aisle, I watched with tear filled eyes as my dad struggled to get up from the wheelchair and about lost my composure when he collapsed back into it. Of course, everyone insisted that he could be pushed along beside her in the wheelchair. My dad gasped out, “No, I WILL walk my daughter down that aisle.” He mustered every bit of strength he could, stood up, and began the trek down the cobble stone path of the hospital’s arboretum. His destination was the end of the aisle where the man waited who would care for my sister when he no longer could. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. It was a beautiful picture of a father’s sacrifice and love. That was our miracle! It wasn’t the earthly healing for my dad that we had all prayed for. Our miracle was that people’s lives were forever changed that day by what they witnessed. God turned our tragedy into something beautiful in a way that only he can.

    During the time when my dad was sick, and I would leave the hospital to grab something to eat, I would look around the store or restaurant and wonder what are the people around me were going through. I would be driving back to see my dad and look at the car next to me and think, “I am going through one of the darkest times of my life. They have no idea, so could they be going through something just as dark?” My sister put it into ones one night when she said…”It makes you wonder what others are going through if this is what we are facing.”

    Daddy died 4 days after my sister’s wedding. I was with him when he died. My dad is no longer with me, but what has remained is…

    His legacy. The memories. His love. And the fact that I still find myself looking at others and wondering, “What are they going through in their life?”

    When someone behaves badly…I find myself being more patient, understanding, and graceful about their behavior.

    They could be going through their own tragedy today…

  • enigmaticaluna

    I like this story, because it’s something that happen quite often with people, when two argue and only one is the screamer and the one to use low remarks against the other, it’s only one voice in the air, the screamer eventually will hear her/himself and silence, because it’s not a fight if one of the two refuse to be so.
    The fact that the author saw the heart and distress and provably the life of this woman through her own experience 10 yrs earlier, bring in her heart ( the author ) in understanding as in intent to reach out, to tell that woman that she was not alone… the act of kindness give the woman a picture of herself as if she was looking in the mirror, she didn’t like what she saw reason why she didn’t believe she deserved. It’s in act of compassion, but at the same time a message of love.
    Atheist don’t believe that is God ( so they said ) but they expend to much time arguing and hating people for their faith, to believe what they said, because no one would talk or breath what they don’t know nor believe. They like to demand for Christians to “respect” their none stand or believe, but yet, they have no problem to attack Christians business, religious icons, buildings, and people, they feed by hate and bigotry, like islam does, at the end of the day, it’s the faith we have that strength our spirit and allow us to forgive those that goes after us, insult us or attack us… none the less while they believe they have gain on their hateful behavior, they always lost, because their hearts if full of anger, unhappiness, boring, they have nothing to go for, no direction…and yet, they try to said that do good is up to the person not the faith that this person might carry on itself.
    My daughter was abuse by my ex… we got hurt for very long time, the fact that I’m a Christian allow us to forgive him, today he’s involve with the lives of my grand kids, my daughter children, they love him and he has change through this children, but we live through hell with him… might I said that he is atheist? one can understand that most of the crimes existing today in this world are perpetrated by people that don’t have real connection with God, call itself a Christian means nothing if they don’t follow Jesus teachings, I prefer to call myself A BELIEVER. I have said to him and anyone who deny God, He had your number and He will come to you whenever you less expect… no doubt about it, He love the sinner, and He save them… but He don’t like the sin reason why He cleansed… Have a great Sunday.

    May God be with you all

  • The Loving Life Coach

    Beautiful sentiment… Delighted to find another Sister, spreading love and seeing things from a higher and more joy-filled perspective. We are One. <3

  • EmmaHamer

    Great story. But what the h*ll does God have to do with it? You showed human compassion. You slowed down long enough in your own hectic life, to recognize someone else’s despair and anger. And you wanted to do something, to “make it a little bit better” for that person. Good for you. You are a decent human being. Please leave deity out of the equation – an atheist, or agnostic, or humanist, is equally capable of human compassion. You don’t need to be a God-believer to do good in the world.

    • Don Rogers

      ” Please leave deity out of the equation – an atheist, or agnostic, or humanist, is equally capable of human compassion.”

      Obviously, you’re showing that you are not.

      • A Person

        Not true! Emma Hamer is allowed an opinion, and this comment doesn’t mean she is not capable of showing human compassion. I just wonder why it matters the reason why someone shows loving kindness – I just think it matters whether they do or don’t. Whether they do it for the benefit of a deity or not, the person on the receiving end got help that day. Means to an end, people. Means to an end. And Don, you’re being mean in your comment. Are you capable of showing human compassion? I bet you are, but it didn’t seem evident in your this moment of your life.

  • Carl Weiss

    Just heard a sermon at church about “Dying to Self”. She did it, by God’s grace I am sure of that! Great expression of loving God!!

  • DogMomGuitarGirl

    Yes…. I did have an experience that made me see someone in a different way…. and by the grace of God… I was able to help them. You see, I am an animal lover and write/record songs to bring awareness to animal abuse in the hopes of having all abuse end permanently. I have one of my songs called “It’s Gotta Stop: The Animal Abuse Song” posted on youtube. One day I had read a post by a viewer named “Nazi Germany” stating something to the effect of why bother to help animals… they’re all gonna die anyway….”….. I could tell that this person was young and was missing the point…. it’s not about animals dying natural deaths… it’s about cruelty and abuse and the needless pain and suffering of innocent animals. So I wrote a private message to him stating that I think he misunderstood and explained that we all can make a difference for what we believe in… even if we are one person. My difference is bringing awareness through my music (which I know it has done through my emails and posts from children learning about animal abuse prevention from my song being used in their schools!)….. I don’t have money but have a gift I can use to contribute in other ways. This boy had replied back to me by apologizing for being a fool and that he felt it was too late… I wrote back and said it’s NEVER too late to do the right thing… and there’s room for forgiveness…. he had replied by saying he will do his best to make a difference on this matter in Germany! I was so touched…. instead of me ridiculing him for his original comment and ignorance, I tried to reach him in a positive way…. and that I did. I am so grateful I was able to do this…. and that he was able to see himself in a different/better way.

  • CrazyLadyx5

    AMAZING! Sometimes when we are having a bad day we just need a bit of kindness and you showed it!

  • Tonya L. Feicho

    It is wonderful when we remember to truly look at the person on the inside and not the outside. We have all had those days where we would like to reverse what we have done to others. God is truly awesome especially when we let him take the driver’s seat and direct our day, attitude, and whole life!! May your attitude bring the young lady comfort and remind her that the man upstairs can do all things!!

  • Donna Carroll

    This was a very touching post and thank you so much for sharing it!! Yes the Lord has for sure showed me things about others differently and also about my own self!!! Thanks again

  • Juls

    I think I am going to ignore the attention getting tactics by one individual on this post. I feel sorry for you that you have to draw attention to yourself instead just talking about what a lesson there is to be learned from interacting with others and how we can help each other out by just understanding that people have things going on and we all need to be cared for by the community.

  • Don

    Tykian, I feel sad for you because you don’t know the grace of Christ Jesus. If everyone would live their lives as he did, this would be such a wonderful world. God Bless You!

  • andrea

    Wow you were so blessed to keep your composure and take it a step further and have compassion and give to this person.

    I experienced a similar situation recently. Long story short, a neighbor inappropriately attacked me without caused. I was cussed at and told some nasty things.

    I tried my best to be the bigger person. I was so shocked and upset. I tried to reason with this person but they were too far gone to hear anything I had to say. I basically had to just walk away from the situation. I held a grudge; still feel uncomfortable around this person even though I know I need to forgive. But it’s just so hard. I pray I can grow in this area!

  • ccrlygrl123

    I am grateful for your gift as well. Not only did you bestow an act of kindness and compassion on someone who needed it at Starbucks, but by sharing it here, publicly, you have offered up the same gifts to those of us who see ourselves on either side of this story. I wish you, the woman from the story, anyone who reads this, and especially anyone who doesn’t, much love and blessings. I believe you have changed that woman and I feel like the luckiest girl to know about it. Truly. Much, much love.

  • kiwifruit

    A few years ago I bought something at an art show from a woman who was rather curt, not very friendly as you find artists at a show usually are. Five years later I saw her again at another art show . This time she was very friendly and chatty. I told her I had bought something from her at a show in Tampa sometime back. She thought for a moment and remembered, that was five years ago when her husband had died. I was stunned. I felt horrible, griping that this artist could’ve been a little nicer, not realizing what pain she was in. She had just lost her husband. Taught me a BIG lesson. You never know what people are going through . Stop being so self centered and concerned how others make ME feel.

  • Rae

    Did none of us learn a single thing from this post? Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe @Tykian wants to be seen through God’s eyes and not through our frail sinful human eyes? Almost no one here even took notice that this person is hurting, angry, and confused! The point of this article was that we need to look at others the way Jesus would see them – as a fallen human being who needs grace, and above all, forgiveness. Instead of telling this person what a hypocrite they are or how rude they are to strike up this type of conversation, maybe we should be thanking God that he/she is on a Christian website and that obviously they read the article because they commented on it. Pray for this person rather than belittle them. And sir/ma’am whoever you are, it is obvious the Holy Spirit isn’t done with you yet…

  • Mr. Bill

    Good grief, people! I enjoyed the story Susan shared with the internet, but was amazed and saddened by the ‘pos’ and ‘neg’ comments that followed. Get off of your own ‘I, me, my’ soapbox and let someone share a happy moment from their life.

    • Jun

      There ARE people sharing happy moments from their lives. Didn’t you read those comments? There will always be ‘pos’ and ‘neg’ comments on any story or post no matter what story it is or what website it is on. You aren’t required to read the posts if you don’t want to, so overlook the ones you don’t like because there’s nothing you can do about them and be happy for the ones you like. It seems like you keep posting complaints over and over again about everyone else’s posts. I want to read happy things too, not complaints.

      • Jun

        ^meaning everyone seems to be posting complaints

  • carly tenney

    Enjoyed this story. Have to say, however, that as bad as my day can get…and believe me, it can get VERY bad, I would never, ever curse out a stranger. Too many people using the most disgusting language. Just makes them sound very uneducated.

  • carly tenney

    Enjoyed this story. Have to say, however, that as bad as my day can get…and believe me, it can get VERY bad, I would never, ever curse out a stranger. Too many people using the most disgusting language. Just makes them sound very uneducated.

    • Jj

      Some don’t know any better, and some were raised hearing those things. I hate cursing as well, but still, when they do there is always a window of opportunity to show God’s love to those people. Ex: the story, Ex: my life to some extent

  • deimos19

    After someone at our church was rude and mean to me months ago, I apologized to him for whatever I did that made him treat me that way and when I told our Priest, he smiled and said, “you just heaped burning coals on his head.” not my intention, but he is now a lot nicer.

  • Kristy

    I had a similar situation, in a Chick-fil-a parking lot. It was total chaos! I was in line for the drive thru, but said line was blocking a lady with 2 tuckered out kids in her parking spot. So, I stopped to let her out before I pulled up into “my” space into the line. She pulled out quickly and drove off, but I didn’t notice a lady had pulled up beside me and line jumped me!! I got so upset!! (It was already a really bad day in a really bad couple of years in my life!!) I got mad and instead of feeling like a victim. I got out of my Yukon (with my 2 cranky kids in the back seat) and knocked on that impatient imbeciles window and said, “You know, I was in line, letting another car back out!! And you, totally line jumped me! Grow up and pay attention! It’s a crazy parking lot and you’re not the only person on the planet that needs food!”….It felt good because, as a thoughtful person, I was fed up with the general rudeness and hurry of most people, so I spoke up. By the time I got to the window, to my surprise, the lady paid for my meal. Which brought me to immediate tears AND restored my faith in humanity And God.

    You see, the moment before I jumped out of my Yukon- I had yelled at God and said, Do you even SEE me AT all? I’m working so hard everyday and I feel so very alone!

    Thank you to whomever did me that kindness!! It meant so much more than you will ever know!

  • Eileen

    Awesome – I work at Starbucks – and this is the best story- never heard of someone paying for an order in front them. It makes my day when I can brighten someone’s else’s day. I love your response and that you did not react. I will remember this story- hopefully apply it as well.

  • Amy

    Thank you for this. :)

  • I am I

    I have seen where comments have been deleted, seemingly because they did not agree with your handling of this situation and this one might be deleted too but so be it. I respect how you decided to handle this, however I dont agree that it was the correct way. You simply enabled her and allowed her to continue to treat people however she pleases because she was having a bad day! Really!!?? Will she remember your kindness the next time shes having a bad day and feels “slighted” over a “spot in line”? I doubt it. Oh she might for a day or 2 but in the long run, she will not. Humans retain very little of the good done in their life and hold crisp, clear memories of the bad. Im sorry just because your day is not going well, does not justify treating others like dirt! Your reaction was not memorable and thus will hold little sway when she decides to have her next tirade. However we do all have to answer for our own wrongs in this life and she will as well

  • Mrguy

    This poor woman couldn’t receive the free gift because of her shame and her pride. It much like the free gift God gave us through His son Jesus Christ. The gift from God is eternal life and it cannot be earned and is definitely not deserved. Christ gave His life for our sins by dying on the cross as a ransom for our sins. All we have to do is accept that free gift. Many of us our ashamed of our past and can’t grasp the fact that the gift is free. Without this gift from God we cannot enter into the presence of God for the requirement for entrance into heaven is perfection and the only we we can achieve that is by acceptance of Christ Jesus. Put pride aside, Christ can forgive any and all sins. Accept that free gift today before its too late. Go to for more details.

  • Luis

    phenomenal post

  • jessicapoff

    I should have learn my lesson by now to never read comments left by others because it can really steal your joy. With that said, very great post hete. I too am a Christian but I can honestly say I am not anywhere close to what the writter displayed. I pray one day I can show this much grace if ever a situation like this occurs. Praise God for people like Susan Basham. Wish the world had more Godly folks like her.

  • Janice

    That was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brian Jones

    “Husband is mad because…”

    Why does a hypothetical husband have to bear some brunt for blame in this woman’s behavior? It sounds more like the writer is projecting, in which case I’m sorry you may have a schmuck for a husband…
    But not all of us are going to send our wives into a caffeine-frenzied tirade of expletives because our wives forgot the dry cleaning… I drop off and pick up my own dry cleaning anyway.

    • A Person

      HAHAHA Brian, this is funny and also true! And anyway, it could have been the lady’s wife that sent her into a caffeine-frenzied tirade of expletives because she forgot her dry cleaning! Nice reminder for us not to place people-groups into a box.

  • justmetalkin

    I think most have missed the point of the above article…to see others as God sees them. We are all imperfect and have at one time or another denied God. Either before our salvation experience or in not doing His will. The comments on here that make you want to “defend” or “attack”, maybe instead you should just “love” on that person. That is what we are called to do, and remember scripture tells us that we will not be understood or acceptable by “the world” since they didn’t understand or accept Jesus. Blessings to all.

  • A Person

    @tykian:disqus: I think I get it, you’re trying to teach Christian people a lesson on treating people the way they want to be treated. To stop with all the judgement of the way you choose to live your life and what you choose to believe or not believe, be it that either of us or ‘right’ or ‘wrong’? Am I correct?

    The only thing I’ll say that I feel like hasn’t been said over and over and over again, is that no one can control another person’s action. So getting ruffled feathers over them is sort-of a useless waste of energy. Of course, not getting feathers ruffled takes practice and self-discipline, but it changes the way we use our time and guarantees us to be more beneficial to man-kind instead of unintentionally hurtful. So, the unifying force of humanity can really be love and compassion; atheist love and compassion, spiritual/agnostic love and compassion, christian, buddhist, whatever else love and compassion. Hope that all made sense.

    Author, thank you for your kindness and empathy. May it come back to you when you need it.

  • Kevin Watson

    wonderful post. thank you for sharing.

  • Dave Moore

    Beautiful just beautiful!

  • Jenny

    Susan, I am currently a barista for the big green apron. I can honestly tell you that I have come in contact with multiple people like you have described above. I also have come in contact with people not so compassionate as yourself. I learned very early on that the best way to handle people with bad attitudes is to kill them with kindness. Not just for my own sanity, but because you never know what is going on that is causing so much pain. A simple gesture (paying for their $5 coffee) can turn their entire day around. I just want to say thank you for taking the high road and for seeing through God’s eyes. Just think, she may have been considering a lot of unhealthy things to do that day to get rid of the pain.

  • Hannah

    Honestly, why is it ok to be distracted by a dog in the car? If you cared about your dog you would figure out a way to restrain it so it doesn’t go flying through a windshield if you get in a crash. We can’t drive while holding cell phones (rightfully so) so why can you drive with a dog loose in the car? Now tell me that’s not dangerous…

  • Emmylou Sagusay Henderson

    I would’ve done the same way if that scenario happens to me but 10-15 yrs back, I would fire back in a heartbeat! I believe it takes age and wisdom to be in a more enlightened mind. God bless you. :)

  • jen

    This happened to me also. Crazy thing is that it was at Starbucks also. A lady tried to get infront of me and amd was screaming every name in the book at me. When I got to the window I told the lady that knows my order by my van that I would like to pay for this other persons order. She looked at me and said you are a better person than me. I asked that she tell the lady to smile and have a good day. Hopefully it helped!!

  • David

    I would like to think that I could have been as calm and as compassionate as Susan was. I know I couldn’t before, but now maybe I could. I’m not going to pray for the opportunity because God does have a sense of humor….

  • Jim Canady

    Susan, thanks for the post, I really needed that, I have a bad habit reacting to quickly, not even considering what others may be going through!


  • Chuck

    I’m glad this happened to you. I’m even more glad that you shared the experience with the rest of us. Feeling grateful and provoked to love and good works. Thanks, Ms. Basham

  • Brad Merrill

    I really enjoyed this post, but I’m going to have to disagree with the religious aspect. Is there something wrong with being a kind human being without attributing it to “God”? I’m not here to try to alter your beliefs—I’m sure I never could, and it’s certainly not my place to do so—but Susan, I think you deserve every bit of credit for your good deeds, and you need not pass it along to God or any other entity. Those were your actions, and I commend you for not allowing frustration to get the best of you. Cheers.

  • Jonathan Lederman

    I liked your story. I host an Internet Radio Show on on Monday at 7 PM EDT.I would like to have you on as a guest. I can be reached via email at

  • Leticia Ochoa Adams

    Great post! God Bless you. Your comment box cracks me up. LOL

  • Joel

    I was enjoying your post until you dragged your invisible sky fairy into it at the end.

  • seanooski

    God need not be involved or excluded for the spirit of Christ to prevail. Lovely story.

  • CAmille

    I had a similar experience with an older gentleman at McDonalds. My kids were laughing, enjoying each other and their noise disturbed him. He yelled at me, was angry, told me how awful I was (and much more). I smiled, thanked him for his words and opinion, but that I felt I was a good parent and was happy that my children were happy with eachother. He had to come back for more. I think he was upset most that he didn’t get the rise out of me that he had hoped. As he walked away, I felt sad that his life was so miserable that instead of being able to smile and enjoy the happy sounds of children, he chose to let it ruin his day. I prayed for him!

  • dsblanchard

    I have the same heart cry, Susan. This post was so very timely for me. Thank you.

  • Daniella

    God or no God. What does it matter if one believes in God or not? we still should treat them with respect.
    If that was their way of getting though the day, of looking at things.. SO BE IT.
    AND, if it’s not, SO BE IT.
    They seriously didn’t jot down their religion down someones throat, they just STATED how they got through the day.
    I wish people could seriously coexist.


  • Coach Rebecca Moore

    Pastor Bill Johnson likes to tell about the time once in Redding, CA a car started the pay it backwards move at a busy Starbucks drive thru and it lasted over 3 hours unbroken. What a witness to the employees and the people who could receive. I have been a receiver and a giver at Starbucks… it’s always more enjoyable to give, but I can receive.

  • Katie Brotten

    Love this. Thank you!

  • Sadness Verdos

    Just goes to show we all have our bad days. I suffer more than a lot do in my short life and mad at the world more than I’d like to admit. It’s good to know that on those days where I might be yelling at someone that maybe I’ll meet my angel on earth one of these days. Whoever reads this, please pray for me. I have no-one and I’m feeling let’s just say ‘desperate and despair”. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

    • Sadness Verdos

      please don’t reply to this post because I don’t want to take away from the article and comment for that. just pray…. thanks

  • caractacus

    Great story. God is so gracious to us and always faithful. To the commenter talking about our fake God. I pray God shows himself to you in a real way. Touching your heart, because you are going to find out that Christ is the way no matter which way you chose. I pray you fInd out by his love for you.

  • Alan Tibbetts

    That’s a heqartwarming story. What is not heartwarming are some of the responses.

    Being an Atheist is okay.
    Being an Atheist who mocks religion and
    spirituality as stupid and unreal is not okay.

    Being a Christian is okay.
    Being a Christian who is homophobic, misogynistic, racist or otherwise
    hateful in the name of Christianity is not okay.

    Being a Reindeer is okay.
    Being a Reindeer who bullies and excludes another Reindeer because he
    has a shiny red nose is not okay.

  • it doesn’t matter

    you saw her that way because you have a BA is behavior scinces. you have been trained to think poeple act according to what they feel. Nothing to do with God. sorry.

  • Truthy McHonest

    This post was ruined by the God talk. No need to give credit to an invisible fairy tale when humans do something good.

    • logical

      Your worldview, not truth. You don’t know for sure if there is or isn’t a God because it is impossible for us to be absolutely sure. If you say you are absolutely sure God isn’t real, then you are saying you know absolutely everything. Your post has nothing to do with truth or honesty, but only your worldview.

      • Truthy McHonest

        Actually I can say with 100% accuracy that if there is a being that started the Universe, he or she does not pull the strings or award good vs. evil. And all bibles are nonsense. It’s time you and your kind grow up and get an education. You’re all just children who can’t let go of Santa stories. Or more accurately, are unable to learn.

        • logical

          :) actually the bible is and has been proven the most accurate history book in the history of the world (and if you want to exclude the metaphysical, the physical history record is spot on). And your own lack of knowledge shows through with your “100% accuracy” and with how you address Christians by calling us “children who can’t let go of Santa stories. Or more accurately, are unable to learn”. Please tell me on what grounds, made of logic and reasons rather than insult and opinion, can you give me to say that you can say it with 100% accuracy.

          • logical

            And honestly, conversing with you feels as though I’m speaking to a teenager. Or maybe it seems as though I’m conversing with a “hater” as people say. What you say IS only a worldview, just as how educated naturalists would call Christianity just another worldview.

          • Truthy McHonest

            “actually the bible is and has been proven the most accurate history book in the history of the world” is one of the dumbest sentences I have ever heard? Where is this proof? Where did you go to school, because you seem incredibly uneducated.

  • Opposite

    Thanks for deleteing my messages, BITCH

    • lp777

      What the hell is wrong with you?? Miss your meds today?

  • Opposite

    So, I posted asking for prayers and it was deleted, but others are able to argue with each other and practically post that f word and not get deleted. Honestly, what kind of board is this that I can’t even ask for prayers? It doesn’t make any sense.

    • Opposite

      sorry, not “board” but comment section.

  • Karen S

    I was crying about half way into the story!!! I also try to do the same for people that are upset and mad at something and it gets taking out on myself of my kids! I am just now at the age of 45 attending GCU… Thank you for sharing your story and God bless you!!!!

  • Susan Basham

    Good morning, Readers! I am humbled at the continued readership of my story — thank you! Please also note that I don’t delete any comments — this is done by the moderators of the magazine and is completely out of my control (I’m just a writer!) I look forward to writing more stories for Prodigal, and hope you’ll read and comment in the same amazing ways you have here…..blessings, Susan

  • beeps

    Nice story, good message. Make it better by proofing thoroughly. I believe you meant “nappy” ponytail.


    adjective ˈna-tē

    : very neat and clean

  • Opposite

    fuck you

  • Opposite

    so tell me, why can people swear on here but not be able to ask for others on a Christian page, to not be able to ask for prayers? I’d just like to know. Guess there aren’t many angels looking out for us afterall. Please answer this simple question or else ban me from posting cause I’ll keep asking and like that woman in the article, I’m on of those who is having one of those days only maybe worse. If anyone sees this before it’s deleted again please pray for me and that I get the help I need. I’ve been asking for a lot of help lately and get turned away at every corner. Thanks

    • I will pray for you, and I hope your day gets better, but claiming you’re a Christian then posting curses just because something happened to your pray-for-me post is an extremely negative/hypocritical way to represent Christianity and most people would just completely ignore your posts because of it.

    • Beloved of God

      Just want you to know that God loves you. You are His beloved. He gave His only Son to die a horrible death on the cross to show us how very much He cares. He said “I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins I will remember NO MORE. He gave us the gifts of abundant grace and righteousness (right standing with Him) and no condemnation. I pray that today you will know personally for yourself how very much God loves you unconditionally and that He is with you to help you through the trials of life because He cares.

      • me again

        thanks I really needed to hear that and even printed that out to remind myself on the days where I tend to forget that even a stranger as you could offer some kind words after I’ve been so rude. you’ve touched my heart. thanks, I truly appreciate it.

        • Beloved of God

          God loves you more than you will ever know. Sometimes we all get discouraged when we repeatedly get knocked down by the trials of life. The more I’ve sought God through His Word during the challenges in my life , the more He has carried me and proved how very much He cares. He will never leave you. He will never forsake you. He is ever faithful even when we fail Him. Everyday receive God’s unconditional love, His waterfall of grace and His gift of knowing that you are right with Him no matter how you’ve missed it. God I thank You that I am Your beloved, God, I thank You for your grace and mercy and I thank You for Your gift, gift, gift of righteous.

    • Chapman Monroe

      You need to look deep inside yourself. You are immature and vulgar. One minute, you ask for prayer, the next you say F. U. and B____. With such an interior ugliness, are you surprised that your prayers are not answered? Are you even a Christian?

  • Trish

    This is a good story. I learned to see others as they are and not what I perceive them to be a while ago. Or at least to always be open to the fact that I don’t know what any given stranger is going through. I am not perfect, however. I still succumb to my own perceived perceptions on things on occasion. But I try very hard not to. Now I don’t attribute this ability to a God, however. What I have learned about not judging others comes from a lifetime on my own path, and seeing how family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, bullies, enemies, my Gods, and, but most importantly, my ancestors, walked their paths. Faith is important regardless. Whether that faith is in a God or Gods, your ancestors, yourself, or in others it is undeniably important. Part of seeing others as individuals with their own joys, trials and tribulations, is acknowledging that they also have their own values, morals and faith. Certainly it was not prudent for an Atheist(s) to comment on how bad the author’s God is or that she is lost. I do not believe that is right for anyone to so judge. Faith (religion) is personal. However, I’m sure Atheists got to this article the same way I did, via a shared FB post or tweet. And a little bit of what we learned in this story can certainly be applied to such posters. The web, as with the world, is for everyone.

  • Guiseppe847

    Why would anyone who says they pray be frequenting an establishment that openly endorses a lifestyle that God calls an abomination?

  • KimberlyAmici

    That put tears in my eyes. I pray that I can be that person that sets aside pride and empathizes with someone in need. thanks for sharing and reminding us that people that aren’t so nice might just be having a really bad day.

  • BoogieMan

    Starbucks taste like crap

  • B. Bivings

    I don’t understand that, that “moment” had anything to do with religion. I’m not anti Christ or anything but some times you just gotta understand where all not in the same circle/vibe or understanding of people. Society makes jerks, there not just created. I read it as 2 people not understanding one another point of view for that “Moment”. Yeah it sucks at time and you wanted to be forgiving for a sin, so you decided to attempt to pay for it.

    Ok you got rejected, So what. To make matters worse you decided to cry later and write this Blog? your response to the BARISTA Quote :
    takers, huh?”

    Seems like your trying to be sarcastically funny. Enough time to crack a small joke but not enough time to realize if you were in line correctly.

    This could be a financial situation, to were money and time is not to be played with. Not to say she was the better of the two but to point out she might of been stressed.

    Did you not choose to judge her by her appearance?
    “I looked at her again, and this time I saw someone different, someone
    who wrenched my heart. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her hair was pulled
    back in a natty ponytail.”

    In this day and age you need to pray yes, but also pay attention and considerate of others. Money offerings can be insulting depending on the circumstance.

    IF money could forgive our sins, then remind me to put more in the collection plate.

    • wow. you are horrible at reading comprehension. she didn’t pay for the lady to try and atone for a sin. she wanted to do something nice for her. situations like this happen a lot in my hometown.

  • Patrick A. Barrett

    I think you left out the part where you followed her home, strangled her, and then fed tiny pieces of her to your dogs.

  • Anne Peterson

    When my dad lay in a hospital bed dying of cancer I didn’t even want to go and see him. The anger and hurt I had towards him was overwhelming. But my sister reminded me I would regret it if I didn’t go. I complied. And when he saw me he said, “Annie, you came! But why do you look so mad?”

    I could have chosen a number of things to respond. But what came out was, “It was not my fault she died.” He had accused me of my mom’s death. What I didn’t know then was that he had accused all of my siblings because of his own guilt.

    While there in that hospital room he apologized for not being a good father. God softened my heart and I heard myself tell him, “You did the best you could.” Then I reached over and kissed his cheek. That day I saw him in a new way. The next day he died.

  • Adams

    You have no idea how badly I needed to read this. As tears are rolling down my face, I am trying to be brave and love those around me who are so cruel. Thank you for reminding me that no one is perfect…especially not myself.

  • Alice

    I didn’t have time to read all of the comments. But here’s this. I was raised in church and fell into agnosticism in college. For fifteen years, I struggled. Took my children to church, raised them there, all the while not knowing what I believed. One day, when I knew I needed forgiveness, I knew where to go. I went to God and have never left. No matter how hard my journey has been, miracles have happened that I’ve never understood. I’ve always been taken care of, which has made me feel loved, no matter my circumstances or”sins.” Thanks be to God, I have a loving Father.

  • Carrie

    Amazing!! I needed to read this today, the timing couldn’t have been better. Thank you for treating that poor, frazzled woman much more nicely than she treated you. I can identify with her completely…while I have yet to scream and curse at anyone, I’ve come dangerously close a few times and done plenty of ranting and raving in the car out of their hearing! Sometimes we just need an act of kindness to remind us there is still good in the world!

  • Jessica

    I had an opportunity to help with a random girl’s school uniforms a couple years back… It was what looked like a young mother and grandmother purchasing school uniform-type clothes for a girl of about 10 or so (who was not there) in line a Sears. They were deciding on what they could afford at the moment and what had to be put on layaway. All I was getting was a pack of underwear and they were taking up some time which I initially would have been irritated about. However, while waiting, I realized it was the middle of September and the girl was probably in need of those uniforms now. This particular mall was not in the greatest neighborhood and I got the distinct impression that was a single, young mother and her mother who were likely on a tighter budget than I’d been on in years. When they left, I covered the difference on the layaway items.

    • Jessica

      Oh, and I’m not a Christian (though I know a few great ones!). I’m a spiritually-minded pagan.

  • Sally

    Absolutely loved your story and it challenges me to be a doer of the Word & be more sensitive! Interesting conversations below! One thing I am totally thankful for that many non Christians don’t understand is the incredible peace that we have which really surpasses our understanding. (Philippians 4:7) .

  • Peg Demetris

    Susan! Your on the right path :) This happened to me a few years ago. I hope you don’t mind me sharing Learning Temperance

  • Warren Lee

    That’s a good loving response, but there some folks so filled with spite that such a gracious act still goes un- or under-appreciated.

  • WiseEagle

    watch what you pray foe- you might get it–then what?

  • Guest

    This is so inspiring, thank you for sharing!

  • moonglow48

    Awesome story! I want to hang onto that last part about the answered prayer of seeing people as God sees them. :) I am truly sorry those in the comment area seemed to miss that. Sometimes its better and wiser to not read the comments.

    I drove away, I began to cry. Not because I had been called so many
    terrible names, but because God had answered my very recent prayer—which
    was that He would allow me to see people as He sees them, not as I see
    them. – See more at:

  • willie

    This story….. has nothing to do with god…

    • Scott

      “but because God had answered my very recent prayer—which was that He would allow me to see people as He sees them, not as I see them.”

      -actually it was God at work in her.

  • Emily

    Just goes to show we all have our bad days. I’m having one of those and then some. Please pray that I find my angel on earth like that woman in the article did. Thanks

  • Monica

    I’m disheartened to see that this post has been turned into a heated debate about religion rather than about kindness and understanding. I think this was such a lovely story that the real message does not deserve to be ignored. It makes me want to re-evaluate all of the times things like this have ever happened to me. I always try to be a polite and kind person, so it’s hard to accept when people can be so rude and hurtful for no reason sometimes. But you’re right. Everyone has a story. Hopefully, she learned something from this, too. And hopefully, despite the religious controversy a single paragraph seemed to stir up, many of your readers learned something, too.

  • Jen

    To answer the question at the end of the article…I had an experience once. I was upset because I felt I had been misjudged by someone very close to me. This person went so far as to discontinue communication with me for several years. I could only imagine how she might be slaughtering my reputation with mutual friends and family. Something very painful that I had experienced before. I found myself thinking about it and getting more and more frustrated that she wouldn’t stop to see all the other aspects about me, the good things about me. It seemed like she could only focus on this one decision I made, that she disagreed with. I knew that she knew good things about me, but wouldn’t acknowledge those things. It was very difficult for me as she was my sister. At that time, I was practicing putting my trust in the Lord, to give Him some of the burdens that were difficult for me to carry. Instead of getting on my knees, I simply turned my thoughts to Him in my mind and asked Him to take the things that I couldn’t change and help me to get past it. I felt a sense of relief and my thoughts turned from frustration to contemplation. I felt like I needed to think out an old event in MY life and go through my feelings about it step by step. Years earlier, my spouse introduced me to a co-worker of his, and I felt comfortable meeting her until I saw how she interacted with him. I saw red flag after red flag in this short meeting. I cautioned my husband and told him that I was uncomfortable with this particular friendship that he had. He listened to me and cut off his growing close ties with her, which I was very grateful for. In it, I felt like he showed a tremendous amount of respect for me and our marriage, while being willing at the same time, to admit his faults in the acquaintance. As I hashed out this event and how it played out, I felt a question enter my mind. It was something like, “If you were to describe your husband’s old acquaintance to someone, what would you say?” SO, in my mind I began making a list of all her faults, I knew she was a friendly person as I had seen her interact with other employees. They seemed to like her, and so she must have been genuine in some respects. But, as I went through my feelings about her in my mind, I imagined myself not even considering telling others about what her good qualities might have been. I guess, by now, you can see part of what I learned. I was doing the same thing in my mind to this other woman, based on one event, of some things she did that I disagreed with, I was doing the same thing to this woman in my mind that my sister was openly doing to me. It was at that point that the Holy Ghost taught me the lesson I needed to learn, to understand my sister better, and to understand the woman that I was, of myself, personally condemning. I realized how justified my sister must’ve felt in judging me the way that she did, though her judgment was still unjust and not entirely accurate, I was able to make peace with it. And at the same time, I was finally able to feel compassion towards the woman I was feeling a grudge for, and make allowances for her. Because even though she did something that I disagreed with, there was probably a lot more good about her than what I saw in our short meeting years earlier. I was able to make peace with those feelings as well. In both situations, through the Lord’s help, I was able to see these too women differently, and see some of myself in both of them.

  • god

    Trivial indeed

  • Laurie Murdock

    I have to say, this writer’s kindness was so intense, it kind of made me feel a little sick. I would never be able to do what she did. I admit it. I get very upset when people yell at me. Especially if it is undeserved. I don’t bash back — that is my form of kindness. I’m not sure how I feel about the level of kindness that was afforded here. If someone had ever done this for me (probably won’t happen because I would never engage in this type of angry display), I think I would feel absolutely humiliated, not necessarily grateful.

  • JJWM

    Psssst! Cooking does require math. Shhhh!

  • Dale Ackermann

    Great article until you made it about your religion and patted yourself on the back.

    • Dale Ackermann

      Oops, I apologize. I came to this from another site and thought I was still on it. Since it’s a religious website…have at it. Excuse my ignorance…

  • Lisa Nieman

    Awesome story. Fighting back tears.

  • chrisabraham

    All I can say is god bless you for your compassion and empathy — and, that her behavior is still unacceptable. Having kids does not allow you to be a total jerk. Pushing a pram does not part the red sea or an isle at the market or a busy sidewalk.

    Everyone naturally loves kids and admires moms; however, there are a lot of people who are tired of their **** because they just behave badly — very badly. As badly as you’ve conveyed.

    We’re all tired, we’re all frustrated, and children are no longer a good enough excuse because it seems as if everyone’s having or has children.

    Anyway, I am glad you are able to give her a wide berth and remember yourself in her rudegirl self but she’s surely not making friends or influencing people (in a positive way).

    And, she might very well be putting herself and her children in harm’s way at that.

    What if some unhinged person responded violently to her tirade?

    What if she texts herself into an altercation or a tree?

    If that happened, it would be 50%-100% her fault.

  • Donna Coleman

    This is such an awesome story, and really made my day. I really pray that God helps me see others as He sees them. I too, have been one of those hurting people in the past, and continue to be some days, when I forget to allow God to take hold of the pain that I feel, and take it from me. Thank you so much for helping me to remember!
    Donna Coleman
    Chelsea, Alabama

  • John

    Had me up until the religious stuff. Good story anyway though =]

  • Shannon O’Hara-Webster

    If it is a story that inspires and encourages someone to do good, what difference does it make if it’s religious? If you don’t like religious content, don’t read literature that has a link to a religious site on it. Pretty simple.

  • Richard Maloney


  • samhille

    On harp & violin, the gentle music comes pouring forth. . .now the narrator. . .like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives. . .more music :-)

  • Squishy

    OK. I was with this post all the way until the mention of God. Now, please don’t attack me here. I am not looking for a fight. I respect people’s beliefs.. but why can’t this woman just congratulate herself on her keen powers of observation, and actions of kindness, without turning over that responsibility to a Deity? Maybe without ever praying, she would have seen and done the same things, because her awareness was simply present in her desire to be kind. Why isn’t that enough?

    • blessedx4inTX

      Just curious…why are you commenting on the use of the word God on an obviously Christian site? Were this on a mainstream news site, I can understand, but “prodigal magazine”? just confused as to why you’d object.

  • Ane Mulligan

    I’m praising God because of the answered prayer. May we all pray that.

  • Cindyjo77

    My only comment is to say thank you for being so open to God…for allowing His compassion to flow through you. We are His hands and feet, and in this case eyes and ears. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Just hate seeing how people are threatened and want to pick you apart for being compassionate and thoughtful in the some of the posts that I’ve read below. I’ve found myself being on the receiving end (I hadn’t cussed anyone out or anything) and I can’t tell you how loved it made me feel. God saw me where I was and put the right person in the right place to help me. Thanks again for being HIs instrument that day!

  • Carol Howell

    What a wonderful story. I write a blog about dementia each week, and I would love to use your story for next week’s. Please let me know if that is acceptable to you. You can read more at Blessings! Carol Howell

  • Opposite


    • Chapman Monroe

      You are a sick and mentally disturbed woman. You need to seek a mental health professional. This is far more dangerous than simple depression. You are on the edge.

      • Chapman Monroe – my response

        Well thanks for letting me know how sick I am. I already knew that. I’m so sorry for being very rude ect… I’ve been trying to get help for the major depression I’m going through. I have attempted suicide numerous times this past year and no hospital (been to 3 different ones in my city) will help me, my doctor and nurse know about how I really awful I’ve been feeling. I’ve tried everything I know about…more than what I told you. I know I need help and again I am sorry and beg for your forgiveness and to please, please pray for me. Thank-you. Like one of the other posts I read “you never know what someone is going through” So, next time don’t be so rude back to me. How do you think it affected me? It certainly didn’t help me one bit. Next time treat someone how the authout

  • Fuck You

    quick aren’t u, why don’t we just have a discussion and be done with it, I’m here….waiting ,,,,until u delete me again. Thanks hope you’re having a wonderful wonderful day

  • Me again

    All I can say is that I’m sincerely apologize to each and every one of you for all my posts. I thought my original post of asking for pray was deleted and I will leave this forum and not come back. I’m am a Christian who is going through an horrendous depression, upcoming brain surgery ect… and doing this all alone. I know I can’t say anything more than I’m sorry. I won’t be back and please just delete all of my posts. I’m really, really sorry I have offeneded all of you and our Lord. :(

    • E. Gervais

      I hear and see you’re pain. I’m sorry that you’re hurting this much as I’m sure it goes much deeper than what I’ve read. I think I have a pretty good idea of where you’re at and I know how scary it must be. I will be lifting you up daily in my prayers. Remember even if you feel alone, God is always there, with every tear you shed he his there. Besides that, you’re not alone. I care about you. I wish I could give you a great big hug. God’s blessings on your day. I hope you read this before leaving this message board. You’re not alone.

  • Tami Collup Scheinman

    Very nice. I haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’ve only recently graduated from: “Excuse me?? Why are you ruining MY day? I did nothing to you!” To: “Hey. If you want to be a terrible person, I don’t have to follow you down.” It’s as far as I’ve gotten, so thanks for the demonstration of how to go a bit deeper.

  • marta

    I love the times God can use us like this. To let us see the other person as He sees them, it is really humbling.

  • Rochel Leah

    I am a middle school teacher working in a Leader in Me school where we use the 7 habits of highly effective people. This is an excellent example of the habit called seek first to understand and then be understood. I will be using your story as a lesson in my class. Thanks for sharing. You have made many people’s days better with this story.

  • ReShonda Tate Billingsley

    Susan, I shared this on my page because I absolutely love how you handled this. And your insight into a situation that wouldve probably set most of us off was profound. Bravo!

  • Kimberly Zweygardt

    I once worked with a very annoying PA. She’d only come to rural Kansas to get loan forgiveness for practicing in an under served area. I grew up in rural Kansas and had chosen to leave Houston to come home. Her comments about people only living there because they “couldn’t make it elsewhere” in the world and her bemoaning there was no one in the whole town to “have intelligent conversation with” made me defensive and angry. It drove me so crazy that I began to pray for her and yes, one of the prayers was to see her as He saw her because I was having trouble with the whole “love one another” thing. The next day she stopped me in the hall to chat and next thing I knew I’d heard about her difficult upbringing and the people who had hurt her–and my heart filled with compassion for her. It’s a wonderfully dangerous prayer. Thanks for sharing.

  • Denah Sheree Cochran

    I find that Jesus Has his hand in each of our decisions, sometimes he is guiding it, and sometimes he is waiting to catch us when we fall. Bless you for being the beautiful human you are.

  • pooh

    i’m agnostic but it was a nice story regardless.

  • Camppointrookie

    Love this post! In study group we just read about St. Francis de Sales. He was known for his Christian pamphlets, But he had an anger problem. He dedicated all of his time for a period to overcome this. He would have handled the same way.

  • jenniferhandke

    Loved the article. It brought a smile to my day. However, reading the comments is another story. Why do people have to start arguments? Why can’t people just enjoy a good story and take from it what they personally need at that moment?

  • the realist

    wow…at first i wasnt really interested since i dont really like starbucks not because im a crazy boy-cotter but because they are a rip off! However after reading this im kinda glad i did.

  • mlm

    Thank you for sharing

  • Ian

    Beautiful post, Susan. When I’m tempted to be critical I try as much as possible to think “everyone needs healing” and that changes my thinking completely and I’m soon praying for the other person.

  • Lily

    Amazing how much time and energy people will spend bickering back and forth in a “comments” section. Christians and other friends, time is a gift. Can we find something more constructive to do with our time?

  • luvrnth8tr

    Really nice post, Susan. It is rather incredible that when you do such an unexpected thing that flies in the face of conventional wisdom (repay evil with good), that it stuns the one doing the evil, and turns into a religious debate between Christians, Atheists, Naturalists, Agnostics, etc. There is entirely too much hate in this world, and your act of kindness in the midst of it should inspire all who read it to do the same for others, no matter what the reasoning behind it, or what they believe. Your final question, ” Have you ever had an experience that made you see someone in a new way?” should cause us all to look through the outer appearances of those we judge (we all do, no matter what we believe), to what may behind the mask they are wearing. Even if your ideas of what caused this woman’s bad day to that point weren’t true, your motives for cancelling the debt of her infractions toward you were beautiful and true. All too often people jump on the chance to tear someone’s head off, when really they’re mad at something else in their lives. I wonder how many cashiers, waitresses, and others in service positions have to put up with angry people that cannot see fit to treat others as if they would want to be treated. And yes, I am seeing people in new ways every day…we just need to look past the hard outer shell.

  • Donna Jones

    Love your heart. Love your prayer. Love your post. Thanks for inspiring us all to see others through the eyes of Christ.

  • Name

    There’s a difference between judging someone and coming to a judgment based on one’s actions, or as the Bible puts it, based on one’s fruits. When the Word commands not to judge or else you’ll be judged, it’s specifically saying to not pass judgment on someone. It is absolutely Biblical to come to a conclusion, or judge (make a judgment), based on one’s actions and words because both are a direct reflection of what lies in one’s heart. Tonight, I pray to my Lord and friend YHWH for your hearts, for those who agree and for those who disagree with the author of this article. I ask specifically that your hearts will be pierced by a love you have not yet known. I pray the same for myself.

    Not but blessings for you all,

  • Maggie Parker

    I’m sorry for going totally off topic, because I really do love this story, it’s wonderful. It’s just… I’m a middle child, out of 3, and this stuck out to me:
    “And she was driving that big ole’ gas hog of a Suburban, my own car of choice when I had three kids at home and a carpool.

    Dear God. I was looking at myself ten years ago. Same car, same ponytail. Same frustration.

    We’ve all been there. Dog vomits on the sofa. Both kids have strep throat.”

    If one has “three” kids at home, and “both” have strep throat… how many children do they have?

  • Schoopley

    Wow this was gayer than tits. People consider stupid shit like this to be a “miracle”, and yet when I bring in logic and facts, i’m the one who gets called stupid for being an atheist.

  • Yogurt

    I judge people all the time! but I also have my good side of the heart, hopefully someday I can help someone like she did and be able to understand them the way God wants me too.

  • Trish Bradshaw

    I beleive she was too embarrassed to let the lady pay for her coffee because the way she had talked to her, I would be too

  • Alpha

    You’re all funny trying to prove your point about God one way or another.
    God bless you all ppl, at least you all have faith in something.

  • Patience

    This is a powerful message no matter how any one believes. There is so much fear and hate in this World today as is seen by hateful comments. One act of kindness can change a persons life but so can a hateful act. You post your anger for all to see, you’re showing how frightened you might actually be. I always smile when I see someone spewing hate because just as a storm is strongest before the calm, you are on the precipice of change in your own lives but just don’t see it yet. Your anger at God and the World shows fear and the louder you spew the more transparent you become to those you attack. God is working in your lives and you don’t have to believe or except that, those praying will do that for you. One day you will be as powerful with your words “for God” as your are now against. I am so sorry for what ever happened in your lives to make you so angry and hateful, to a true believer your words only make them feel sorry for your pain and the desire to pray for you. Now if you feel the need to attack me please do, please show the depth of your pain so we will pray harder for you. It will never cease to amaze me how someone can spit in the face of another for a simple act of kindness,for wanting them to feel the peace and joy God offers but then it must be that they just can’t trust anyone so they have lost the ability to trust in God, For Now…

  • jimsauce


  • Wayne Craig

    This is truly amazing and shows how God wants to live in us and through us for his glory! I just had a similar situation but without all the language and negative circumstances. I had lost a $5 bill at work and went after work to a local grocery store to pick up 2 things I needed. After I gave the cashier the change I went to look in my pocket for my $5 bill and it was gone, I said to the cashier to give me a second I think I lost my $5 bill. As I did that a lady on line behind me, out of nowhere says here I have a 5 ! Wow God’s grace was amazing and I was totally blown away! God wants us to listen to his people’s cry for him and to step in faith with time, talents and money to show a hurting world, that he is not far from them and that he may be known through his people. This article brought some tears and convicted me. Please pray that we all have eyes to see and ears to hear his calling of this hurting world!

  • Samiam

    Please do your best to try to understand this
    It’s obvious there are some really smart people posting here along with folks who struggle with complex ideas.

    Can we all agree that everything we know ( and can prove), plus all that we think we know, (but can’t prove) is just a tiny fraction of all that can be known about the subject?

    We are all doing the best we can with what we have to work with – for example folks who need to use curse words do so because they have a limited vocabulary and need filler words when they can’t think of the proper words to use.

    I don’t have all the words to use either, so please understand I’m doing the best I am able.

    As I understand and believe …”God is love.” God loves everyone, unconditionally – this includes the worst of the worst people along with the best of the best and everyone in between.

    I think the author responded in a loving way and tried to show love to the other driver.

    The other driver should have accepted the gesture, undeserved as it might have been, but instead chose to reject the gift for whatever reason perhaps feeling guilty or unworthy or undeserving.

    The illustration is a great example of all we are taught about all these things. We should all stop being so selfish and have mercy on ourselves and each other.

  • Linda

    Thanks for being part of the solution to life’s issues instead of adding to the problems…you probably saved her from having a serious accident or altercation that day – because you helped her calm down. Kudos! Thanks for the example of grace under fire!

  • Bobby S

    I get the entire having empathy thing, but you can be extremely frustrated with life and still not be a jerk. I try to have empathy but I think recognizing that some behavior is unacceptable is a good thing. Of course, you can also have empathy for the person doing something unacceptable, but I think the emphasis still needs to be on why what they’re doing is bad, not on why they do it.

  • MyMattieDog

    Oh MY! This was such a nice article until I read the ranting and raving about GOD. It would behoove us to take the message. To look for the REAL person inside: the pain, frustration, embarrasment, fear, and anguish that rears it’s ugly head as anger. Anger is NEVER the first emotion but a cover-up, a protection. So be gentle with people, patient, and know that you will never understand their path, you’re on your own, but be mindful and strive to go in peace, and share that peace with others.

  • Jessica

    Absolutely love this :)

  • mocha10

    It is not what happens in life that makes us successful. Stuff happens to everyone! It is what we do about it that determines who we are and who we become. Brovo Susan Basham! God works in all of us if we simply choose to listen. Many Blessings to all.

  • mocha10

    To Tykain: Who are you to tell someone else they are WRONG? We are who we are, designed in His image. Each one of us is unique! As long as I don’t force my will upon you then I have the right to believe and do what ever I choose. You have your opinion and I have mine. I will listen to yours if you will listen to mine. You don’t have to agree you just have to listen.

  • Xanadue

    Majora Luna – I hope you have a better day . . . . . .

  • mocha10

    to Majora Luna. You quote scripture yet you blasphemy the Christian God. To be as wise as you claim to be, you have a heart filled with hate and sickness towards humanity. My God does not teach that. My prayer for you is that your heart may heal and allow joy to enter you life.

  • DSH

    Majora Luna – Why are you so angry with religion? I am not religious, but I know that we are all individual pieces of one energy/spirit/God. I do not begrudge anyone their faith, no matter what the religion. When people say that they are praying for you, it’s the same as sending good thoughts and wishes your way. No harm in that. The world can use more good thoughts.

  • Dana

    This was a good story and it made me tear up. I have never behaved like the lady in the Suburban and can’t imagine doing so. But I may have done what the other lady did but only after a few choice words in my head for the rude one. However, I enjoyed reading this article til I got to some of the rude comments. Really people, can you just not let others feel/believe as they will, enjoy a good story of the day and then let it go? Do you have to bring it down with rude comments? If you aren’t a believer, fine. Do you really need to go on to post how the person who is a believer is wrong and pathetic? It’s just not necessary and your type of comment bullying is along the lines of the person doing all the cursing in the story…..your rudeness is just typed instead. Please reconsider the areas to spend your time on and let those of us who want to see some good, heart felt comments, do just that without having to weed thru the negativity. Thank you and have a good day.

  • Xochi E Dixon

    I love how the Lord helped you offer compassionas and grace as He affirmed your growth in Him. Your answered prayer at Starbucks is just the beginning of a lifetime of opportunities to offer grace to someone in a hurting world. “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4,NIV) I pray we will all remember “we’ve been there” or “that could be me, tomorrow” when we’re faced with a situation that calls for us to react in anger or respond in grace. Thank you for sharing your heart, Susan.

  • Charles Powell

    Susan, thank you so much for chronicling this encounter. I am present dealing with my 17 year old daughter that has a very traumatized inside that manifests itself in a very hurtful outside. Her behavior and verbiage are for the most part pugnacious and adversarial. I have her in weekly counseling and have enlisted her school for support services. I really could use some additional counsel on these issues. I am a single dad with two of my three children living with me. For the most part, I grapple constantly with a sense of being alone and isolated as it relates to peers who can understand and be supportive. If you have time, please advise.

    • obloodyhell

      Be patient, but firm. Set boundaries. And consequences for breaking those boundaries. And DO IT. Even if it hurts, inflict those consequences. Yes, it may deepen the rift some times, even to the point where she pulls even further away — but you have to show her that the world has consequences for bad actions. Be “tough, but fair” — if she invokes consequences, give her an out — something she can do to mitigate the situation — AFTER she’s enduring the consequences, mind you, that’s extra work to make up for her failure(s).

      And do your best to not respond in anger. Anger distances you from God, and makes it that much harder to Hear Him.

      But don’t let her threats dissuade you from discipline. Teens need boundaries, and it sounds as though, unfortunately, she’s got some issues to work through.

      I will also offer an observation — Teens today are so screwed by society it’s not funny.

      Familiar with Romeo and Juliet? Recall how over the top their responses seem to be? Realize that Juliet is 12 or 13… Romeo is 13 or 14. They make more sense now? Modern depictions always screw this up, and cast them as older, sometimes MUCH older (LOL… Leslie Howard!!).

      Despite these ages, at the start of the play, the Capulets are talking about how they need to find Juliet a husband before she becomes an old maid. And, during the play, Romeo and his homeboys are running around fighting with their family’s enemies and, yes, actually killing each other.

      Teens have, for millenia, had FAR more self-responsibility than we give them in modern society. The human race would not have survived to its current state if we actually had to mollycoddle our children until they were 21 years of age. In societies previous to the last century, children were far more self-responsible from early ages (“street urchins”) and many of them managed to eek out an existence despite being not even teenaged. No, this is not an argument for that being a Good Thing, but it is essential to grasp that, until modern times, TEENS WERE MOSTLY ADULTS. They were self-responsible in ways that modern teens can’t begin to hope for. Yes, if they were part of a family, that family gave them structure and responsibilities, but not all were part of a family — many wound up without parents due to this or that natural or social calamity. And yet they survived.

      And modern teens have no clue about the history, but they SENSE this, they are wired to have more responsibility by their teens, and it CHAFES.

      I argue this is where most teen angst comes from. I can’t offer solutions, but I do suggest, as a parent — when you are making choices that involve your teen, then INVOLVE THEM.

      Don’t make those decisions and then tell them by imperial fiat what they are — talk to them about the decisions you have to make, and get their input. EVEN IF YOU PLAN TO TOTALLY IGNORE IT — ask anyway. It at least makes them FEEL like things are not being forced upon them without them having any power or sway over it.

      I’m serious — if you’ve got a job offer that will move you across the country, then TALK to them about it, BEFORE you take the job offer. Make them a part of the decision, get them to tell you what they feel, and how it will affect them. Regardless, again, if it will have any direct effect on your choice (it may surprise you, who knows? Only God), and, if nothing else, it may provide you with some way to help them deal with it… because now you’re seeing things through their eyes and not just your own.

      Think about that — realize your Teen is not you, they are not an extension of you, but an independent entity in their own right. YES: They’re going to SCREW UP. Your job as a parent is not to prevent those screwups, or to eliminate the cost of those screwups — it’s to mitigate the costs down to something they are capable to DEAL with as best you can. So sometimes a night in jail — it’s a Good Thing. It’s not gonna kill them, most likely, and it’s gonna give them time to think about what they did and the consequences. LET them mess up, just try and encourage them to mess up in the small ways FIRST and not the big ones.

  • Shawneise

    It was a so true what had happened to you.It was beautiful what you did. I try to live WWJD. The only thing sad to me,really sad was the language you said she used and you used when you were her age too. I must be a different kind of person,even as a mom who had 4 kids to home,I would have never used that language and I had reason to at times with my husband,. I am far from perfect,but I couldn’t imagine God hearing me talk like that.

  • NickFortune

    As a Christian, I would say that was the Holy Spirit. To have such patience and tolerance after that
    abuse is very difficult, almost impossible in the natural.

  • Flaurenciaaa

    This happened to me yesterday. I didn’t yell expletives at anyone but I went home almost in tears because of someone’s kindness. I had just gotten done breastfeeding in a grungy unisex gas station bathroom after getting my oil changed when suddenly I realized I was low on gas. I went in to use my credit card for a second time & Bank of America is super strict about allowing a card to be used twice at the same gas station. Low and behold, they had frozen my account and I was being declined. I dug around in my purse while juggling Liam looking for another card or some cash with no success. The guy behind me goes, “oh how much gas, I got it!” I told him that was so kind of him but not necessary. He asked, “Are you sure?” And the amount of genuine kindness coming from him brought me to tears. “Yes I’m sure. But God Bless you for offering. Thank you.” So no expletives or temper or what have you.. but it showed me that I really need to learn how to have this much compassion for another person like this gentleman did towards me. The smallest gesture can turn someone’s entire day around.

  • Andy

    I’ve been known to yell at people slowing up the drive-thru with dogs in their laps, too.

    We’ve all been there.

  • KayF

    Thank for this article. I actually just had an instance yesterday where I saw someone in a different light. I’m in college, and one of my classes has that one guy that EVERY class has. He’s weird, different, odd… He shoots his hand up EVERY time the teacher asks a question and has a lengthy, long-winded, often-times unnecessary response. I’m a bit older than most people in the class (I’m 25, they’re mostly 19 and 20), so while they all roll their eyes and groan and make faces behind his back, I keep more of a steady composure. However, that doesn’t excuse the rude thoughts I have every time he raises his hand. But, yesterday, I suddenly felt differently. Someone had just sighed loudly and rolled their eyes at one of his answers, and I started to notice his uncomfortable demeanor and his eyes shifting around the room nervously. I remember him sharing earlier that his most recent paper is about anxiety. Then suddenly, it all clicked. This poor guy is dealing with problems of his own. Internal struggles that none of us see. He’s just trying to be a good student and make a good impression like everyone else. And here we are, all judging him, making him even more nervous and anxious. And suddenly, I felt so incredibly sorry for him, and sorry for all the mean thoughts I’d had about him. Lesson-learned. I hope I can remember this the next time I’m too quick to judge.

  • Momof3_mimiof1

    Wow. That one hit me square in the face. I’ve been the one in the suburban and I’ve been you as well. I’m going to borrow that prayer and pray that God opens my eyes a little bit wider today. Thank you.

  • Darby Kilmer Rudolph

    I just heard this story this morning, and was shocked at the similarities…except I heard it from a co-worker of mine who was the one in a fowl mood. She was at the local coffee shop and it had two lanes going and some guy next to her was trying to push his way into her lane and not allowing her to keep going forward. She actually got out of her car and started yelling. Understand, this woman has three teens, two of which are girls, and one had a hormonal flip out on her this morning. A few weeks ago, her 19 year old nephew was killed over a silly teenage argument (a punch that just hit the wrong place). And she hardly has enough money (sometimes doesn’t) to keep food on the table. She came to work and cried in my office this morning. But she was blessed that the same guy who cut her off bought her coffee.

    So…in reading this I felt your empathy, and I believe this was the best response you could have had. It’s always important to weigh the price of your response to another person’s anger…and remember that that person yelling is probably just a person who is having a really bad day, month, year, and just needs a little care shown to them.

  • Phil McCrevice

    What a huge pussy you are. Maybe God can fix that, pray for it.

  • mimi

    Loved this so much. Thank you for sharing.

  • TRG

    “Give me your eyes for just one second. Give me your eyes so I can see…”

  • Karen Vaughn-Davis

    wow it never ceases to amaze me how angry and disillusioned so many people are with God and the people who serve him. to the Believers turn to Scripture “don’t cast your pearls to swine” in other words that mean the same thing; “don’t give Holy Scripture to the Reprobate they will turn and trample on you” Some people have to suffer and be miserable to learn anything. Love them, pray for them and wish them well along their journey, because without the Creator is will be a rough journey.. so sad…

    • obloodyhell

      OTOH, always remember that the Jewish leaders criticized Jesus because he hung out with the ones they thought hopeless (Matthew 9, iirc). His response was, (again, iirc), “How else will they come to know My Father?”

      The biggest problem with Christians (excluding true hypocrites as not actually being Christians) is the ones that are moral prigs who can’t deal with the sinfulness and iniquity of others not In God.

      You have to learn to be able to hear and even tell a dirty joke — otherwise, you just come off to them as an asshole with no message for them. And if you do that, you’re failing in your purpose of bringing them to God.

      Yes, He expects much of you — to drift through that mileau while resisting the taint of it. But it’s what He needs if He is to bring us to Him. You are one of His tools, and cannot do that purpose if you cannot connect with them, to make them LISTEN in the first place with their hearts.

      Only some of them can find Him in response to personal disaster — only some will go looking for Him — others must see how a Christian sees things, and see the Right of it. And they can’t — won’t — do that if you don’t find a way to get their attention. And threatening them with fire and brimstone only sets them against you.

      • Karen Vaughn-Davis

        Prayer and the Holy Spirit is the only thing that will change them. You can reach out and share a meal and share Christ love, but if they are Satan’s children they will not receive Scripture from you ever. If they are lost and tired of suffering that’s a much different story. “through supplication, humility and being on their knees at the end of their rope will they seek out the Face of God…” Nobody wants His help until they are in dire straits. Look at all the folks who wanted to get on board Noah’s ship when they were drowning. And No if new Christians hang around with the reprobate thinking that some how their works and good deeds are going to some how change the Reprobates they risk their own salvation, it’s not about bringing glory to individuals, it’s about allowing God to do His job. And Yes God can sit down with them and share a meal, but WE aren’t God. That was Jesus point. He can fix them and reclaim them but they have to want Him. All the Glory goes to God…least we become boastful and begin playing god. The First Commandment: Have No other Gods before Him. You can’t be God for the day and decide who You can change, cause You can’t. Only God Can…

  • Karen Vaughn-Davis

    I loved the story; I know some really harsh angry unhappy people just coiled up waiting to strike; and I know some kind forgiving gracious loving believers full of God’s love. God has His Children and Satan has his. Many are called but few chosen…Wide is the Road that leadeth into Hell….

  • Audra Stewart

    Where others see somebody who’s rude and crass, I see somebody who’s shy, sensitive and afraid. Where others see somebody who’s ugly, I see the beauty that’s inside their soul. Where others see a person who’s rude and insensitive I see somebody who’s unable to trust because they’ve lost their faith and been hurt too many times. My wish is that I can always, not sometimes, see that an unkind word or action always comes from a place of grief or pain.

  • heather bell


  • Mike

    Majora- I hear you crying out. You are on the outside looking in. It is OK to admit your insecurities and faults- we are all human. The sooner that you come to find God and his word the more at peace you will be. Along with that you will have life eternal in heaven. I know you want to say that this is a fairy tale , but deep down the spirit is working on you – you are full of questions. I will pray for you and I will ask all Christians who read this do the same. May God bless you and keep you until and after you find your way to him.

    • Majora Luna

      How high are you? No, seriously, what substance have you consumed that is making you so naive and insane?

      I’m the one who’s insecure? Coming from someone preaching about heaven and god that sure means a lot. The repetition of facts and logic is not “crying out”. The mindless parroting of myth and fable speaks volumes of your own fears. which is basically called “projecting”, look it up.

      I like how you think that your specific set of classical-era mythology is any more valid than any recent or even more ancient set of fairy tales. I suppose religions reward on basis of mindless grovelling and not intelligence for a reason.

      The “peace” your religion “gives” you is an illusion. It is not peace but subjugation. Because peaceful, happy people are less likely to revolt against their oppressive leaders if they have imaginary “peace” with their sky wizard, right? You are a gullible fool.

  • obloodyhell

    The problem here is the inevitable problem of a soft response. The wolves of the world will take merciful advantage of it.

    Most times, it pays to return like for like. If people show any politeness, I return it. And if they are rude, you be rude back to them. MOST TIMES. SOME times you forgive. THIS IS the way God created the universe. Seriously. It’s inherently the best way to deal with it. Let God inspire you when to turn the other cheek… if you’re listening, you’ll hear.

    This is not a philosophical argument, it’s a provable mathematical fact. Look into the “Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma”, which models life. The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a stark, depressing fact of the world — it basically says, in any single instance, you are best off screwing other people over. BUUUT: Interestingly, when you ITERATE it — run it over and over and over again, where “you screwed me, now I can do the same to you since we’re in this situation again” — the dynamic **CHANGES**. Instead, the rule is no longer “screw them!” — it’s “tit for tat, with forgiveness”.

    Gandhi was wrong, it seems. “An Eye For An Eye” does not make the world blind. It makes it **polite**. Gandhi’s “Always be polite” is nothing but a recipe to be preyed upon by the wolves of the world, which any rational person grasps exist. They will not treat your kindness as a good thing, except for them.

    This has been mathematically demonstrated — Computer simulations have run through a lot of different behavior patterns in the IPD over many iterations. The optimal behavior is tit-for-tat — if they treat you right, you treat them right. If they screw you, screw them back… BUT — throw in occasional “forgiveness” — let bygones be bygones, SOMETIMES.

    And if you stop and think about it, that’s pretty much what God has taught us — First he gave the Jews, “An Eye For An Eye” — a basic level of rule for playing in the world. THEN he gave us the teachings of Christ, which is to show a measure of decency and forgiveness sometimes (remember, even Christ didn’t “turn the other cheek” to the moneylenders).

    So… it turns out the Best Way to play the Game of Life was expressed by God through Christ almost 2000 years before we had the capacity to scientifically prove it right.

    If that’s not a good reason for Faith in God, I’m not sure what is. No, it’s hardly proof of Him — never argue that — but…. it’s one of those “Things That Make You Go: ‘Hmmm…’”, isn’t it?

  • Donny

    Great article, and beware the trolls! The anger that radiates from you anti-Christian militants is toxic. Most especially for you. Wouldn’t it be easier to allow “delusional” Christians their beliefs and let them act out of charity in the name of God peacefully (because that benefits everyone). You may not believe in God but so many wonderful acts of kindness and selflessness are done in His name minute by minute around the world. Spare us the list of abuses by Christians in history, share the good Christianity does daily, then criticize. Don’t cheat it either. Name the places that Christians go to feed, clothe and care for the sick, poor, and unloveable. Then name a country that does more, government, group, religion, anything. What you hate is what you really need. Christ brings peace to those that truly seek it. Try asking Him sometime. You’ll get it, I promise you that.

  • Dan Waldis

    Why do people use this kind of incident to validate God’s existence (Susan) or non-existence (Tykian)? The important thing is experiencing the empathy (a change of heart), not what can be extrapolated from it.

  • Charlayne Crawford

    Loved it! Every person and living being (pets, animals etc) wants love and acceptance. Mary Kay Ashe, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics taught us that every person we meet, imagine they have a sign around their neck that says “make me feel special”.

  • Ms. De.

    This story brought a tear to my eye, I see so many people like her, I have had to step back, and ask the Lord to protect them, and keep them from harm and to keep the people safe that are around them if they are driving. Road rage is not good. Thank You Ms. De

  • Joe “The Connector” Kennedy

    Powerful story. Thank you for sharing. Still the same, I’m glad that I am not a coffee drinker – one less thing to “need” and cause ruffled feathers.

  • Joshua

    Have you ever wondered why anyone who does not believe in God, come to a sight and read articles from a site created to share stories about God. Maybe it’s, “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?” James 4:1 Maybe it’s their longing desire to come into a deep loving relationship with God found nowhere else. In any case, we are told in 2 Tim 2:23 – Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels, conflict and strife. Praise God and Pray…”for this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting”

  • equip4service

    thanks for sharing… it was insightful and grabbed my heart.

  • mrham100

    You are now and forever more my favorite person

  • Charleigh75

    Great post. This is what Christ called his people to do. Spread love and light. When others who do not believe in God post on here insults and question us, they are doing this with purpose. Please try to not fall into their trap and be a clanging cymbal. Remember, Christ said that we need to be encouraged by the haters because they hated him before us. We know what is coming! We know there will be trials. We also know that faith without works is a dead faith. If you are in Christ you are called to LOVE and MOVE, not sit idol. For those who do not believe, I love you, God Loves you and I do pray that someday you have that peace the surpasses your comprehension. I just want to leave you with this one question…What if your wrong?

  • Ballerinamom247

    Love the story – so awesome. I have been the person in the suburban – I have driven away before mortified at my behavior or while in traffic or whatever.
    Reading the comments – where did all of the Atheists come from all of a sudden? where did the hatred of people believing in God come from? We are not stupid to believe in God – we just believe, what is wrong with that?

  • Samantha Braun

    I’m having one of those experiences right now. My Granddad had COPD and asthma, was doped up on inhalers and steroids always… and was generally an ass hole for most of my teen and a good chunk of my early adulthood (I only met him when I was 10)… eventually I just left him to his own devices (I got fed up with being insulted and treated like I was lazy). Well I just got told I may have COPD, and my inability to belly-breath (ever!) or kick-ass with anything cardio may actually be asthma… I’m starting to get why he was snapping at everyone, and why he was so frustrated with himself all the time (but he shot it at everyone else). Sometimes you can’t see what’s up on the inside, from looking at the outside <3. And I'm really sorry I didn't get it until now… I guess that the powers that be have a plan, even if we don't ;)

  • Jodye Rudolph

    Have any of you asked yourselves what you will do if science proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not exist? If science proves the opposite, I can accept that. My own belief system is based on science. I believe God is a guide, not a creator. He guided creation as it happened. As the Solar Nebula formed, God guided the formation of what would be our sun and the planets. The planets formed through condensation of solid rock, not some sky wizard waving a wand and poof, a planet. Over time, Earth went from barren world to life as amino acids were brought in by bombardment. Once all the ingredients are together, life forms. Its like baking cookies. If you are missing an ingredient, your cookies will not taste very good or not come out right. Life began as a set of amino acids. No sky wizard pointed and poof, a human. As time passed, those amino acids formed into DNA and not long after, bacteria and other single celled organisms formed. from this base God guided life into the forms we see today. The Dinosaurs were whipped out in a cataclysm. What was left, small mammals and reptiles evolved through the guidance of God. We are not made in Gods image. We are what God imagines us to be. Moses did not part the water. Nature parted the water. It was a rare weather phenomenon, not God. The ten plagues were not Gods doing. Plague 1: red water is caused by rust. Plagues 2 and 3, tornadoes. Tornadoes have been proven to suck small creatures into the air so they fall like rain back to land. plague 4, the frogs were dead and the fly population exploded without their natural enemy to eat them. plague 5, the flies spread disease among livestock. plague 6, humans eat sick livestock and broke out in boils. plague 7, hail and fire is the result of a volcano. plague 8, locust population boomed. plague 9, volcano. plague 10, first born sons get the warm place by the fire and bigger cuts of meat. the meat is tainted from plague 5, not because some sky wizard had a tantrum because no one believed he was real.

    • guycmcd

      shut up…

  • Chris Shirah

    A shame the way something good always goes into a downhill spiral of off topic nonsense. It’s simple really. The article told a very nice story about one who understood another persons pain and when cursed responded with compassion but some how it went stupid in the responses. Mrs Basham I bow to the way you saw this situation and your response was truly a an act of compassion for another in pain.

    • Majora Luna

      Actually the article is basically “I only did a nice thing for this person because I was able to loosely project my own past flaws onto them and subsequently put it on the internet to get a pat on the back”.

      Now, had the author not written this story from HER point of view but instead presented it as a non-specific story in order to get a point across, the second part of what I said would not apply, but the first part still would.

      I do not know the author BUT statistically speaking I would confidently bet that she may have passed an unknown number of homeless people during her daily routines and LIKELY (not “irrefutably”. words mean things!) failed to provide them with so much as a cheap sandwich or some money to buy food/water.

      Unless of course she’s part of a church or other organization that regularly does charity-type work, then never mind. I am merely speculating on what is a common occurrence (so called christians ignoring the truly needy)

  • Steve A. Cobb

    I don’t like Starbucks, they support abortion since they pay for the study of fetus cells for supposedly only tests of human taste. Plus the company is against gun rights. Google it or continue paying for evil.

    • guycmcd

      I am using Susan’s insight to see Steve as something other than an angry, hate filled human…this is a human interest story about personal redemption…get a grip and get a life, Steve…

    • Majora Luna

      There is a concept called bodily autonomy. It is generally considered a human right. What it is, is that no one has the right to use your body for anything that you do not give continuous consent to. It is why you cannot be forced to donate blood or tissue/organs. Not even if you’re dead. Not even if you’d save/improve the lives of 20 people. No one can touch you.

      A fetus is using someone else’s body parts to survive. It is there by permission, not by right. In this sense, you and I are equal to a fetus in that we cannot force another person to lend us their body for our use without their continuous consent.

      If a pregnant mother withdraws her consent she has the right to terminate the pregnancy.

      By being “pro-life”, you are basically saying two things:

      1) A fetus has more rights to another person’s body than any living person.
      2) A mother has less rights to her own body than a corpse.

      Also, stem cells can be acquired from many non-foetal sources. To bring up unborn children in the context of stem cells is, quite plainly, stupid.

      As for gun rights, consider that the second amendment was written back when THE PEOPLE were THE MILLITARY. We have a millitary now. the second amendment’s practicality is diminished. Remember that “well-regulated millitia” part in the second amendment? A bunch of gun-happy hicks who froth at the mouth over the second amendment but cry when Separation of Church and State is enforced is anything but a “well-regulated millitia”.

      Lastly, the second amendment was written when guns took a minute between shots. and that’s if you were good. So tell me what in the holy fuck does any normal, sane person need more than like two guns for and high-capacity ammunition? do you go around purposely pissing off mexican drug cartels?

      in summary, get your head out of your ass. Starbucks is a private business and while they cannot remove people who are exercising their second amendment rights, they also have the right to politely request people leave their guns at home.


    brava, susan, hope others read this and follow your example! kaiser

  • Jon Lowell

    majora luna: i have one thing to say is that, God sent his son to die for you. simply because he love more than ANYTHING, above all else. that is all. May god shed his grace on you.

    • Majora Luna

      How is that even a sacrifice? How does one affect the other?

      Is the best that an all-powerful, all-knowing god can come up with a blood sacrifice? gee it wasn’t like mankind wasn’t doing those for thousands of years beforehand. how convenient that a being like a god behaves EXACTLY like the men who first spoke of him?

      You’re a blind, gullible, and naive.

  • sabrina James

    Thank you for this. I needed to read this today.

  • Irish

    What a great story. Your efforts to look not only opened your eyes, but hers as well. Even a small candle lights a darkened room. How easy it is for us to succumb to our daily woes and forget that others have something going on as well. Being kind is a lost art. Way to pay it forward!

  • Mary

    I find it interesting that you felt the need to share this with the world. When I do random acts of kindness, and we all get the opportunity all the time, I don’t look for recognition.

    • guycmcd

      shame on you Mary…shame shame, you don’t look for recognition, except when you can point out how holy you are…

  • JJ Helna

    Our society is full of anxiety and frustration. We are all trying to accomplish too much in too little time. Everyone has forgotten the art of slowing down and being patient. Our fast food culture spiked with too much caffeine is making us sick!

  • Michael Stephen

    in 2003 I was a self proclaimed atheist. but recently I had seen too many things that in my heart just couldnt be coincidence and couldn’t be written off with science. then, one of my friends told me about this woman from India who traveled around the world giving people hugs all day and all night, all her life. her followers called her “holy mother” or the “hugging saint” …so I went. At this point I didnt really know what I thought I knew, but I knew that people smarter than myself believed in God and had even seen holy works and that I wanted to see that TOO. So I went in with an open mind. I cannot really describe what happened to me after that. some might call it release. but I felt God. I knew God. But what was scarier was I SAW GOD almost everywhere I looked. I tried to drown it out with drugs and alcohol and my own brain…but in the end…God wins.

    • Ronni

      I know who you are talking about. I really want to go see her the next time she comes to Chicago.

    • Majora Luna

      See, here’s the problem.

      “I had seen too many things in my heart” = irrational emotional bias. Desperation.

      “I went with an open mind” = The ‘benefits’ of being stupid outweighed the benefits of sucking it up and taking accountability for my own actions so I turned my brain off and suddenly this makes sense!

      The rest of your post = gibberish.

      You’re basically a retarded child who traded integrity for comfort like a spineless coward.

  • JJM

    thank you for sharing!

  • aiva

    wow that was beautiful writing and awesome to read, chills

  • Curtis Putman

    WOW! I am speechless! This was pretty powerful!

  • Daba

    This is a beautiful story, and I think it is meaningful regardless of your religious (or non-religious) beliefs. We all need a dose of perspective and gratitude now and again, and by doing something uncommonly kind and generous is a great way to offer that gift to others, and remind ourselves of what is most important.

  • Bruce

    1 CORINTHIANS 2:1414 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

  • Lara York

    Good that she received your kindness. I had a very, very similar situation happen many years ago but I was in front of the person and did pay for their food And the guy chased me down and threw money back at me and yelled at me. I kept that $5 for a long time as a reminder to pray for him when I came across it.

  • madelikesnow

    I always ask to wear the God goggles!! Lord knows some days it’s the only way I could possibly stand to be around the human race!

  • Jayson Smithson

    God works in mysterious ways.. I love this post Susan.. very meaningful to all of us.
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  • Viktor

    We are experiencing these very same situations every day in our country. You are still blessed in the US that is more of an execption.

  • bfcanaberal

    So real and so beautiful. Thanks for posting!

  • RangerOne

    nice to read..good to have some of these experience..huh? just kidding..patience works when God is in you..

  • dcalfine

    A treacly little fantasy, by all meanings of that word, and loaded with unresolved bitterness, shallow prejudgements, and carefully crafted self justifications and self congratulation. Speaks mostly to the author’s desperate need to feel more enlightened.

  • xina

    hi, Miss Susan… yes, i recently had that experience… I am a private tutor and have tutees come to my house for homework tutorials. For my students with learning disabilities (4 out of 9), i made sure that their schedules would not overlap. One afternoon, for unknown reasons, they all came at almost the same time (4 of them, two with Aspergers Syndrome, one with ADHD and the other with tic). I was a little worried about how i would handle them, altogether. But i just made a short prayer, “Oh, Lord! Please help me!” …They started well until one started to talk with the other and when i turn to get their attention, the ones behind me would start talking, too. They were trying but could not focus with their homework. I was moving from one kid to the next just to help them move on with the work. Until i realized nothing was happening and i was turning around and around. I pulled my chair back and looked at them and smiled at each boy… for the past years, this situation would normally stress me out… but that afternoon, i felt that God was trying to show me the purpose of my life… for some reason, i saw the goodness in each child, his strength, his need… and after that short pause i made, they all started working, as if a button was pressed to keep them quiet and finish each homework… i felt overwhelming joy and peace…i felt the presence of the Lord!

  • Rikki Andrews

    Yes, I’ve been there many times, people have a tendency to live in their frustrations, thinking life is out to get the best of them. At one time it was offensive, then I learned to let them just go ahead and get on with their life, but then one day God spoke to my hear and said, “You know, it’s My kindness that leads to repentance.” Since then when I see these people I ask Him, “How do You want me to be kind to them for You?” It’s amazing how much letting Him direct me in my reaction to them [for Him] can bring a moment of peace into their stressed life. A peace that surpasses all understanding comes into play. As I drive away I continue to pray for them, and as He brings them back to remember over the next few weeks, or every time I pass the place of our encounter. Thank you for this article, and thank you for being kind to that woman. I know it touched her life in more ways then you will probably ever know.

  • Debt Blag

    The funny thing is that I really think she did accept the gift you gave her and that gift was definitely worth a lot more than whatever that coffee cost. :)

  • Noelle

    Beautiful story – thanks for sharing. A good lesson for anyone, regardless of spiritual belief. But for all the commenters: please stop feeding the trolls! (namely, Majora Luna)

    • Majora Luna

      Apparently encouraging people to think for themselves is “trolling”. Congratulations! You are part of the problem.

      Beautiful story? Hardly. More like a treacly little fantasy, by all meanings of that word, and loaded with unresolved bitterness, shallow prejudgments, and carefully crafted self justifications and self congratulation.

      Speaks mostly to the author’s desperate need to feel more enlightened.

  • Sam Dell

    Great post, and to answer your question: YES I have and I still do. I sometimes I secretly ask God to help people, random strangers. I try to understand everyone, even the people who hate us, by us I mean Muslims. I cant judge them, i mean even I got scared the other night when I watched Anderson Coopers TV show. LoL

  • Chap

    Awesome !

  • auie

    yes i have.. it’s heart breaking

  • Pamela

    So sad that all these posts take attention from the main point of the article – do not judge, until you have walked a mile in the other’s shoes. It is so hard to get to this level of spiritual & emotional development – no matter which religion you do or do not follow. But it feels so good to know that it is no longer about you vs your fellow woman or man!

  • Michael Aronson

    It was a nice story . . . until the god part.

    People have the capacity to be moral, good, and loving, regardless of religion.

  • Lamia Kadir

    I needed that, I need that everyday. Thanks for a good and necessary cry:)

  • Oz

    Oddly, I can identify – I was in a Starbucks 6 months ago and dealt with a violent attack from another patron who started demanding half of my tiny table and then started throwing his rubbish at me. I got a starbucks partner involved and it took a turn for the worse with him bringing it to a fist fight. I collected my things and left, however I’ll never set foot in that establishment again.

  • Heather Robertson Barbour

    This is a beautiful story, that I saw posted on one of my fellow Muslim friend’s page. Islam and Christianity have so much in common – and this is just one of the things. We are instructed TO REPAY HATRED WITH KINDNESS. If only more people could do this more often (myself included)…

  • Baffled

    Does no one else find it hilarious that there’s a string of name-calling going on in the comments?

    • Majora Luna

      If that is your take-away from the comments then you are exactly the kind of person who is part of the problem.

  • Susan C.

    Not one of us can escape this story. Truth be known it represents us all at some stage in our life. Or maybe, unlike this woman, we kept the bitterness and resentment inside and put on a ‘face’ and ‘show’ to the external world. Therein turning the anger inward against our own self.
    Pain expresses itself in many forms and so does love and kindness. She may not have accepted the gift. However, she may have psychologically swallowed the love and kindness into her own self. How wonderful is that. Susan C.

  • daisies2day

    This story brought tears to my eyes. God Bless you and I hope I remember this story when I encounter the same experience and remember your very kind actions and prayers. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Scott Petricig

    I can’t take the author seriously simply because she drives around with a dog in her lap. Seriously, how do people think this is OK? First of all, this is a death sentence for the dog if there is an accident. The airbag will crush that dog’s bones in no time. And the author herself admitted she was “dog-distracted”. Guess what, if you had those dogs properly restrained, in cages/carriers, there wouldn’t be a distraction!

  • Treavor

    This isn’t god doing anything. This is a human being having the compassion we’re all capable of. Regardless of any god. People need to realize that atheist, believer, or anything in between… we don’t need god to let us see people in a different light. We just need to be good people.

  • Haniyyah

    You’re amazing. I absolutely loved this post. I was just thinking how it was a shame that people can’t be nicer to one another and you’ve proved to me that people are. Thank you so much.

  • iamnotakata

    Awesome awesome post!!

  • Bogrande

    This is a good post, I feel like a lot may be learned from this event.
    I look forward to reading more of your postings, hope you have an awesome day.

  • KodaCrest

    What a beautiful story. Through reading the comments soured the experience. I’m grateful that I can’t understand the insecurity one must feel to go out of their way to bash others’ beliefs.

  • Chaya Dana Parkoff

    Absoutely beautiful Susan. I pray that prayer….that God should help me see my children the way He sees them and to love them the way He loves them…my husband…myself…my parents, inlaws, neighbors… I don’t have any dogs, but I have five children so I know the drill. Having compassion for others allows us to have compassion for ourselves. The reverse is true too of course. Yesterday I walked into a Starbucks and two police officers walked in after me. I said what I always say (and have taught my children to say) “Thank you for your service.” While I was waiting for my tea they ordered their drinks and when they went to pay, the barista said “you’re good. it’s on us!” I just loved that!

  • ershan

    how cute

  • Lin

    Majora Luna, There is something to your anger over religion that makes me want to write to you… first of all, not every Christian is Catholic, Many do not agree with the religion of the guy in the big HAT, however, the misguidance of many, and I mean many, was fortold by Christ: “Many will come in my name saying I am the Christ and shall deceive many”, There is a Rainbow in the sky sometimes after it rains, do you know what it represents? It is not only beautiful, it is a promise… If you consider that rainbow as a Bow and arrow type weapon, and the lightning is his arrows, consider the hand that wields that Bow, consider the many trees, the mountains, the birds, the meadows, the rivers, oceans … and just for a little bit consider the human body, so intricatly put together… have you ever studies anatomy and physiology? The nervous system? The electrical current that allows you to type, the exchanges of air and carbon dioxide in your lungs as you breathe…. please tell how that was all put together by chance, because if you reason it out, you will understand that it couldn’t possibly happen all on it’s own, if you’d say it’s the order of things, a natural way it occurs, who set up that “order of things” think hard now, you may come up with a real good answer, one that satisfies your “if there is a God …” and now you may complete your own inquiry “If there is a God …” with “I don’t understand why he does what he does” and then admit “I don’t really know who or what God is…” and then wonder, if I read the Word of God, and Learn about God, will I understand him?” Some Christians understand that there isn’t anything that a person can do to obtain salvation, as Christ said to Nicodemus The wind blows where ever it wishes to go, you may hear it but you do not know where it came from, nor where it is going…. so it is everyone that is born of the spirit … then he starts chatting with him about Moses and a serpent in the desert, in John 3… this is an explanation of a type and antitype, an antitype is:
    One that is foreshadowed by or identified with an earlier symbol or type, such as a figure in the New Testament who has a counterpart in the Old Testament. – Much of the old and new testament reflect one another in the type and antitype and the fact is that I do not understand what God is doing, he hasn’t really shared his whole plan with me, (I know you don’t understand the whole “plan” thing either, you are still frustrated about all of it that it is making you spout off like a person who just accidently hammered their own thumb… but some people trust what he is doing, we know that God is worthy of Praise, that we are Thankful to him, and that we need him, he gave us our mind to reason and when we are needed we as christians will act, some are currently being called to him, there is much going on and spritiually and here is a quote: “But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.” from Daniel 10- spiritual warefare is a battle, the battle is over “Death”, the fact is that Christ won, he conquered death, he rose from the dead… the battle is over eternal death – Believing in Christ, is our faith, we look to the one that has conquered the biggest enemy of all mankind, we don’t know what everything means, yet we have faith that one who has conquered this enemy (namely Death) that he will do what he says, it may not be written plainly, for why would God let his enemy (Satan – formerly Lucifer) know his plan? Would any KING tell the one who tired to overthrow the kingdome be foolish to let his enemy know his plan?- Nope!

    • Majora Luna

      Yeah someone needs to pump you full of thorazine. and smack you around a bit until you stop being dumb.

      your blind subservience is sickening. and you’re basically talking about god as if there was any truth to your ramblings other than not caring that your god is a rip-off of more ancient gods.

      Skim through my comment history (not all of my comments are giant blocks of text) on this article.

  • Alicia Hemphill

    I’d like to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to go back and read these comments from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t know Christ or God, or, worse, has been completely alienated from Him by the actions of His kids. This is a beautiful post about a woman who responded with compassion to someone who, by the world’s standards, didn’t deserve it. She saw the other woman the way God does. What about posters whose comments aren’t lovable? Where is the grace, mercy and compassion Christ requires of His followers? Adam R., well done.

  • Mim

    Wow. All the vitriol in the comments makes me sad. Can’t you all just get along? I mean, if religion works for you, great! If it doesn’t, that’s fine too! There are a lot of different paths to follow. We are all of us different, and will find the path that works for us. Time to stop bashing people or feeling sorry for them b/c they think differently that you do.

    • Mim

      sorry about the poor grammar…yikes.

  • Debra Barber


  • Laughable…

    Oh my! ROFLOL!! The ridiculous irony of the comments here is all time that people like M.L. take to bash and discredit an entity that they claim doesn’t exist!! Anyone besides me see the absolute absurdity and insanity in that???… just sayin’…. Thanks for the laugh

    • Majora Luna

      Apparently not. It is both hilarious and infuriating when deluded people accuse others of being absurd or insane. Like seriously, look in a mirror pal.

  • Columba Lisa Smith

    I missed an opportunity like this once. A woman yelled at me for having my young sons stand at the edge of the women’s bathroom. Her anger was way out of proportion. I got all quiet and smug; but later, I wished I had empathized. As a divorced woman, I know what it’s like to be so angry, but unable to direct it appropriately at the right target because of codependency or whatever. You feel so powerless. So the anger spurts out at innocent strangers. I’ve thought about that day often, and wished I could look her in the eye and let her know I understood.

  • Bob boo

    I’m a 7th grader I read this at school and it made me see people in a diff way

  • Landon Pauley

    “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. These things I command you, so that you will love one another. If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.”

    John 15:16-18

  • Rebecca

    Susan Basham, Thank you, for the reminder that often we take something personal that is not about us but about the other person. It takes a mature person to remove themselves from the immediate situation & look at it from another level or perspective. It would serve our world well if more of us to engage in observation instead of participation in pettiness & name calling.

  • Antonio Borriello

    True empathy and a sincere charity of heart. You reflected God’s light and it shone upon her dark world. This will go a long way with that women; maybe even change her a bit. May God bless you. Your service was taken well from Him.

  • Andrew Bacon

    It wasn’t god. It was you.

  • Sue Tornai

    Thank you for this article, Susan. I am sure you touched the woman’s heart. I am praying she will experience God’s amazing love. It’s the only answer for the strife, stress and anger popping out everywhere we look.

  • Denise

    Beautiful post and gesture.

  • James Cole-Rous

    After reading Susan Basham’s great story, I am glad my grand daughter is now attending Grand Canyon U. I hope she gets the same kind of training Susan got!

  • Tricia

    Once when I was driving home from my husband’s chemo appointment we had to stop so he could use the restroom. Unfortunately the gas station was kind of gross and I needed to go in and get the key. I wasn’t crying, but I certainly wanted to. My heart was so heavy with fear and exhaustion I just wanted someone, anyone, to tell me it would be alright. But the gas station worker just handed me the key. In an instant I realized that you just never know what’s going on with people. That clerk may have a spouse at home going through chemo too. Or he lost a child. Or having a generally bad day … or year. You just don’t know. My eyes were opened to always giving people the benefit of the doubt because you just don’t know. Now, sometimes I’m wrong and the people are just mean … but most of the time they appreciate your grace for them.

  • Pastorken

    Susan – thanks so much for this practical example of “blessing when cursed” I’m definitely going to use this as a sermon illustration. Blessings to you and yours!

  • S.G.

    Major Luna, You are now on my prayer list. There have been scientific studies done on the power of prayer and those studies have proven its and ability to effect change.

    I love you, and God loves you. That will not change no matter what you think or say.

    Just wanted you to know. I won’t be back, so I wont read any possible response. I will now be praying for you for a long time, that you would get the revelation of the overwhelming LOVE that God has for you.

    • Majora Luna

      If you genuinely believe your magic thinking powers and witchcraft will achieve an earthly result despite the laws of nature that govern the universe saying otherwise, then please focus your efforts on the millions of starving children worldwide who will not live to see tomorrow.


    And now….the self proclaimed wanna-be star of the show……MajoraLuna! Someone needs to find them a spotlight and stage with a huge wall to wall mirror. Then they won’t need all the attention on-line. Liked the post – with or without religion.

    • Majora Luna

      You’re more than welcome to have the spotlight if you want. You’re certainly crying hard enough about it.

  • James Lambert

    What a great story. I will definitely try to take a step back and think twice next time somebody is angry with me. Oh and Majora Luna, I hope you have a better day ;) and as a side note Majora’s mask is a great game

  • Welcome To The Internet

    Guys. Seriously quit feeding the troll. You can’t argue someone to Christ if they’re determined to deny him. Majora Luna just thrives on reaction. Trust God to do his work and quit handing her ammunition to fire back at you.

  • Ash

    I cried when I read this. May God forgive us all for our hasty judgements about people even though we are not at all aware of the real situation. Amen

  • Karen

    I’m an atheist, but your story touched me to tears. That was really gracious of you. I hope someone else someday repays you the kindness you’ve given to that woman.

  • dcpanganiban

    Like this post, truly the Lord works in mysterious ways

  • Joe Hocaluk

    This story is rife with back handed complements and elitism. Horrible. This “author” holds a B.A. in Behavior Sciences and English Literature and is quite obviously a privileged, white, elitist. This story does no more than explain an instance of a smug intellectual saying F-you with passive aggression. Read it again. I dare you.

  • Kluyasufoya

    Honestly, you cant enable this woman with kindness. If that happened to me I would have very firmly replied with “listen lady, you look almost as bad as you sound, now smarten up”

  • Jacob Gellman

    This article is so self-righteous and self-indulgent…

  • Matt Johnston

    The post itself was fantastic. Unfortunately, the trolling comments (especially from one seemingly angry and spiteful individual) depreciate the value of it.

  • Elliott Hankin

    Perhaps with all the people that try and take advantage of us its so rare that when we see someone like this we get suspicious.

  • The Barista is IN

    Well done.

  • Steph

    I loved every bit of this. THANK YOU.

  • Nicholas Monzo

    This has nothing to do with some god or anything else. You are just an awesome person, easy as that. :)