Our Tribe

Darrell Vesterfelt, President & CEO

Darrell is a the president of Prodigal Magazine and is the founder of Launch Pad, a full service platform building firm for writers of all kinds, who believes in the power of stories to change the world. His life’s passion is to help people to tell their story so they can see and understand the truth of God at work in their lives. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife Allison.

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Allison Vesterfelt, Editor-in-chief

Allison is a writer and thinker who is becoming brave enough to live and tell the truth. She loves her job as the Editor-in-Chief of Prodigal Magazine, where she gets to help people live and tell good stories. She has one foot in Portland, OR, and one in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her forthcoming book, Packing Light is due to release in September 2013. She is married to Darrell.

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Bethany Suckrow, Editor: I Am A Prodigal

Full-time writer by day, artist and blogger by night, Bethany Suckrow authors the blog She Writes and Rights, where she shares both prose and poetry related to life, faith, storytelling and creativity. She has just begun her first foray into selling her artwork through an Etsy shop, The Ripe Word. She and her musician husband Matt live in the Chicago suburbs.

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 Christy McFerren, Lead Developer

Christy is a blogger, freelance writer, designer and speaker covering the topics of faith, technology, and business ideas that create cultural revolution. She lives in Austin, TX, with her husband Dan. Together they run a tiny creative studio called Thoughtful Revolution. They are passionate about humbly bringing change and inviting people to ask the questions Jesus came to answer.

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Krisi Johnson, Community Director

Krisi is a middle class twenty-something who graduated with a dream of flying to Europe and never looking back. Her plane forgot to stop and landed in Saginaw, TX where she is paying rent for her childhood bedroom and working in sales at a glass company. She used to assume that all adventures required a passport…

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