Living A Good Story

What does it look like to live a good story? This is the question that’s been plaguing us since we started sharing stories a few months ago.

The vision of Prodigal Magazine has always been to help people tell their stories because we believe in the power of stories to change lives. Stories connect us to each other, they reveal meaning in suffering, and they help us to see God’s continuous and active presence in our lives.

Here’s the catch.

The more stories we read, the more we realize that the power of stories isn’t just in God’s presence in them, but in our own presence, our own willingness to participate in the writing. Our stories don’t just happen to us. We are co-creators, joining with our Heavenly Father in the divine task of writing the story of our lives.

  • Which leads us to the question we’re answering today.
  • What does it look like to live a good story?
  • Am I living a good story?
  • Why does it matter?

We’ve asked some of our favorite bloggers to join us as we tackle these tough questions, and we hope you’ll join us too. Read their thoughts, drop a comment for the ones that resonate with you, and finally, write your own post and submit it below.


Allison Vesterfelt — Let’s Just Go Home

@allyvest: Wife to @dvest, writer and editor-in-chief of @Prodigal. I believe that there’s more to life than meets the eye and I’m not afraid to prove it.

Ben Reed — Don’t Waste Your Pain

@benreed: Christ follower, husband, father, writer, pastor of small groups @GcomChurch. Communications director for the Small Group Network.

Bethany Suckrow — Live A Good Story

@writesnrights: Writer, artist, blogger. Author : Staff writer for @Prodigal. Wife of @MatthewJasonBnd.

Caitlin Muir — Why I Wonder

@scribblinghappy: I help people tell stories online. I tell a few of my own. Life is never boring.

Darrell Vesterfelt — Don’t Let Insecurity Steal Your Story

@dvest: President of @Prodigal & Team Pastor at @myshoreline. Both allow me to help people tell and live good stories. My wife (@allyvest) is hot!!

Ed Cyzewski — Living A Good Story By Telling No One About It

@EdCyzewski: Author of a Path to Publishing and Coffeehouse Theology. My imperfect thoughts on following Jesus are at

Emily Freeman — Learning To Live A Good Story

@emilypfreeman: Author of Grace for the Good Girl & Graceful (Revell). My husband & I have twin girls & a boy. I like to take pretty pictures. I blog at

Krisi Johnson — Camping in The Cassotot River Valley, Arkansas

@krisirj: Krisi is a twenty-something writer for Prodigal Magazine from Texas, spending the summer in Portland.

Lindsey Nobles — Living A Good Story

@LindseyNobles: Director of Community for @Project7, Native Texan Who Likes to Hop Around, Blogger, Love Books, Movies, Music, Food, Friends, Family and Faith

Matt Appling — Telling A Dead Man’s Story

@MattTCoNP: I’m a pastor, a teacher, and I blog at The Church of No People. All of which is very interesting.

Matt Knisely — Faith Storyteller

@MattKnisely: Creative Director for @Active & @ActiveNetwork, Visual Storyteller, Photographer, Emmy Award winner, Author & Lover of people.

Nicole Cottrell — You’re Not The Movie Star

@ModernReject: A hopeful romantic, baby wrangler, writer on a mission, wife to my hero. Most importantly, follower of the One. I’m the Modern Reject…

Preston Yancey — The Quiet Life Of Maybe

@prestonyancey: Blogger; painter; author of the forthcoming ‘Tables in the Wilderness’, a book about God found, lost, and found again, published by @rhizomepub.

Sammy Adebiyi — Man Vs Chick Flick

@SammyAdebiyi: Young Adult Pastor, Crazy Nigerian, Husband, Father and Blogger hoping to play a small role in the grand story of God. [How much does God weigh?]

Sarah Markley — More Than Wood and Paint

@sarahmarkley: Blogger, Freelance Writer and Speaker. Contact me at

Tony J. Alicea — How I Decided To Live A Good Story

@tonyjalicea: Communications Director at @harbourchurch. Storyteller/staff writer for @prodigal. Passionate to help people discover their identity and walk in their destiny.


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