A Broken Hallelujah

Dear Friend,

This month Prodigal Magazine and SheLoves Magazine are partnering together to bring you this link-up.

Today we long to open the gates wide to brokenness. To create space for all of us–women and men of all ages–to share our stories of hardship and redemption.

Perhaps it’s a journey through abuse, or bullying, or maybe it’s drugs or alcohol, depression or homelessness, cutting or an eating disorder, but whatever it is, we want to put our arms around the pain and embrace it, and invite healing and light into our darkest places. As we do this, we hope that together we can find more freedom. We don’t want to just dwell on the pain; we want to shine a light on the God in the story and the redemption in it all.

Will you join us? Will you lead the way? At both Prodigal Magazine and SheLoves Magazine, we believe in being real. Leonard Cohen wrote those beautiful lyrics in his song “Anthem” that speak of what we are wanting to do here:

  • Ring the bells that still can ring
  • Forget your perfect offering
  • There is a crack in everything
  • That’s how the light gets in.

So often we know our cracks; we’re familiar with the brokenness. On this journey, by writing through our stories, we hope to let in more of the light and find more of the Hallelujah.

Will you share your discovery of this kind of “broken hallelujah” with us by writing your story, detailing your journey of faith through the hard times?

At the bottom of this link-up we will also provide a list of resources/institutions, as well as some contact names, for those of us who need further help and support.

We will also be doing a giveaway of Emily Wierenga’s book, Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder.

Please read some of the stories below, and then friend, will you share yours with us?

Thank you.

Darrell Vesterfelt and Idelette McVicker


Some Featured Writers:

Allison Vesterfelt (@allyvest)

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Christy McFerren (@ChristyMcFerren)

Overcoming Depression

Emily Wierenga (@Emily_Wierenga)

A Broken Hallelujah (on Prodigal Magazine)

Holly Grantham (@HollyAGrantham)

My Broken Hallelujah (on SheLoves Magazine)

Renee Fisher (@devotionaldiva)

Dating Made Me Throw Up In My Mouth A Little

Sonny Lemmons (@sonnylemmons)



Would you share your story with us? Enter your name and your link below. (please note it may take a couple minutes for your link to appear.)

**We have set up a page of resources for you to engage with if you are in the midst of brokenness and need someone to reach out to. We love you and are with you. Check out the page of resources.